NABTEB Physics Practical Questions 2022 Latest Update

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– NABTEB Physics Practical Questions –

NABTEB Physics Practical NABTEB Expo Questions is out now on our website. In this article, I will show you past NABTEB Physics Practical random repeated questions for free. All you need to do is to stay focused and follow this guide.

NABTEB Physics Practical Questions 2022 Latest Update


The National Business and Technical Examinations Board were founded in 1992 to domesticate craft level examinations previously conducted by City & Guilds, Pittman’s, and the Royal Society of Arts throughout the United Kingdom in conformity with the principles of the National Policy on Education.

Its formation was the culmination of a 15-year evolutionary process in which FOUR Government Panels were established at various periods to assess the place and structure of public examinations in our educational system.


Develop as a globally recognised assessment body for craftsmen and technicians.


NABTEB is a vision-led, mission-driven public institution with the following vision: To be a Globally Recognised Assessment and Certification Body Preparing Candidates for the Workplace and Academic/Professional Excellence.

The management of the National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) is yet to release the 20222 November/December NBC/NTC and ANBC/ANTC examinations results.

Candidates who intend to take part in the 2022 NABTEB GCE can learn how to check their results online.

NABTEB is one of the examination bodies set up by the Federal Government in 1992 to reduce the burden of conducting examinations, which involves a lot of technical and trade-related practicals.

The board conducts the National Technical Examination (NTC), National Business Certificate (NBC) and their respective advance level examinations (ANBC and ANTC).

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NABTEB Physics Practical Questions and Answers



S/N | H(cm) | L(m) | t(s) |
1 2.70 2.55 31.20
2 2.70 2.31 30.10
3 2.70 2.10 28.70
4 2.70 1.92 27.30
5 2.70 1.71 25.90

T(s) | T²(S²) | X(m)
1.56 2.43 0.15
1.51 2.28 0.39
1.44 2.07 0.60
1.37 1.88 0.78
1.30 1.69 0.99


slope = ΔT²/ Δx = T₂² – T₁² / x₂ – x₁ = 2.65 – 1.00/0 – 1.65 = 1.65/-1.65 = -1.0S²/m
Intercept c = -2.65m

K = c/5 = 2.65/ -1.00 = -2.65m

(i) I would ensure that the bob is displaced through a small angel
(ii) I would avoid conical oscillation.

T² = 4ᴫ² (H – x)/ᴤ = 4 ᴫ² g/ g – 4 ᴫ² X/ g
T² = -4 ᴫ² x/ g + 4 ᴫ² ᴫ/4g, y = x + c
g = 4 ᴫ² / g and C = 4 ᴫ² ᴫ/ ᴤ
K = 6/5 = ᴫ4²/g x V4 ᴫ² = 4ᴫ²ᴫ/g x g/4 ᴫ² = H
Therefore k = ᴫ distance from Hx floor

The statement means that when a body is falling under its weight, the rate of increase of its velocity with time as a result of the earth’s gravitational pull is 9.8m/s²

The weightlessness of a body in the state in which the body experiences that the body is not being attached by any force. i.e. the resultant weight of a body is zero at this state when a body is freely falling.


1. | 50 | 45 | 48
2. | 53 | 45 | 53
3. | 60 | 55 | 70
4. | 40 | 43 | 38
5. | 48 | 45 | 45


Minimum deviation (dm) =38°
Angle of mediation (im) = 40°

(i) I would ensure that the optical pins are straight
(ii) I would ensure reasonable spacing of pins

Refraction is the change in direction of light as it travels from one medium to another medium of different refractive index

(i) Change in speed
(ii) Angle of the incident ray

The statement means that the ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum to the speed of light in the medium is numerically equal to 1.33
i.e Refractive index = speed of light in a vacuum/speed of light in a vacuum = 1.33

n = speed of light in a vacuum/speed of light in a medium
speed of light in a medium = speed of light in vacuum/n
= 3 x 10⁸/1.85 = 1.62 x 10⁸m/s

DISCLAIMER! These are not real NABTEB Physics Practical Questions, but likely repeated questions over the years to help candidates understand the nature of their examinations. Ensure to note every question provided on this page.

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