Top Reasons Why Students Fail WASSCE/NECO Examination

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– Reasons Students Fail WASSCE/NECO –

Reasons Students Fail WASSCE/NECO: Hmmm, so you’ve failed, so what! I know you are probably smirking right now and you are like, ‘what is this person saying?’. . But I think it’s high time you get up, dust yourself and note your previous mistakes, that actually led to the failure. Why do students fail examinations?


Reasons Why Students Fail WASSCE/NECO

Many factors can be attributed to why students fail the all popular WEST AFRICAN SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION/ WASSCE. Who is to blame? Is it the student, family, school, peer group?

The environment or the trending social media? It must be noted precisely that the blame does not fall

solely on the individual who fails the examination.
Noteworthy though, the student has a very big role to play in order to avoid failing yet. Why does a student fail WASSCE

Reasons Students fail WASSCE are;

I. Lack Of Early Preparation: A student is supposed to start preparation at a very early stage such as getting the necessary materials, past questions and getting acquainted with them.

Like the popular adage which says ‘the early bird catches the worm’. This illustration aptly determines the extent of a person’s success in a particular sphere.

2. Examination Time: Examination time is a very crucial time as this is another important factor that makes students fail exams like examination fever. Oops! Resemble you abi? Na da time your malaria go start because of lack of preparation or sometimes out of outright fear of the unknown. Keep calm at that point; it is just like every other exam you’ve written although may be a bit more advanced.

3. Lack of reading the instruction carefully: This serves as a major hindrance to the student’s success. If you don’t read the questions and instructions carefully, there is always a probability of making a huge mistake. Take a look at this, you are asked to give the consequences of corruption but because you didn’t read the question carefully, you gave the causes of corruption. Omo, your life don bend! Therefore, heads up guys and watch out carefully.

4. Dependence on friends and examination malpractice: Yeah! This is really trending these days. Sandra, the slay mama got to the examination hall and guess what was on her mind? ‘Toyisi will tell me what to write’. Unfortunately for her, Toyisi didn’t sit close to her, she sat miles away and kept averting Sandra’s gaze. Sandra sat down chewing on the bottom of her biro till the ‘pens up’ instruction were announced.

OMG, I don enter one chance. No, wait for me. This may sound like you or someone you know. So, guys, this is one of the reasons we fail, accept it or not. I won’t lie, I used to do it.

Furthermore, remember the last time you went into the exam hall with a piece of paper on which you scribbled answers, wrote on your desk, your palms, expecting the guys to tell you what to write because you were the most popular girl in school and it all came crashing down because it did not work out. You must have been disappointed.

5. Addiction to social media: Whoa! Na the baba be dis one! Studies have shown that majority of teenagers are now addicted to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram. So many children and teenagers now have phones and some even sneak it to school. This serves as a huge distraction to them because so many of them spend hours chatting rather than studying.

6. The Teachers: Teachers also play a major role on the reasons why student fail WASSCE because, in most of these schools, you go to write exams, you notice some teachers encourage examination malpractice because they think they’re helping the students.

You’ll pass yes but the truth is you won’t retain the knowledge because you didn’t have it in you and sometimes they don’t even pass because the examination might be canceled or they may be caught and arrested.

Furthermore, in so many schools, teachers are no longer committed to teaching and impacting knowledge in students.

Most are interested in the money whereby when they are not paid, they stop going to school or even if they go, will not teach.

7. Environment: Some students live in a noisy environment and as such are not able to concentrate or study adequately.

8. Peer Influence and poor parenting: This is also an essential hindrance to some teenagers. As we said from the onset, the role of the parents in every child’s education cannot be overemphasized. The family is the first form of socialization. This sometimes stands as one of the main reasons why student fails WASSCE.

Some parents do not encourage their children to read. Some are so busy that they do not have the time to observe their children and help them when necessary, such as engaging the services of a private teacher and also knowing the levels of their achievements in schools.

So there you have it, here are some of the reasons why people fail exams. So next time, buckle your seat belt.

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CSN Team.

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  1. Boluwatife Peace Oladele says:

    Yes, true. But how about those of us who study very had and don’t engage like every of our mates in examination malpractice,but not withstanding get weak passes in some of our main subjects in WAEC, despite all the private lessons and hard work.

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