Passing WAEC Examination with A’s and B’s – Top Secret Revealed

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Curious and wanting to know about the revealing secret of scoring very good grades on WAEC screening examinations, right? We understand your zeal and enthusiasm towards achieving your desired aim. You will discover the secret behind WAEC grading systems and how to override their intelligence for success.

WAEC Timetable May/June 2017

Let’s go!

The CSN team have made it a point of duty for you to be properly informed the right way. We are following every step of WAEC and therefore promising you always update you on the latest information about WAEC 2021/2022 May/June Examination

In the meantime, you need to study the Rules and Regulations governing WAEC Examination for 2020/2021 May/June. This will avail you the opportunity of being on the safer side during the examination. For those who are yet to Register WAEC 2019 Examination Click Here.

Do you believe you can get “A” (Excellent) in all the subject you are writing in this 2019 WAEC Examination? I know many will be doubting it and some will be shouting loud “it is not possible”. The truth is, it is actually possible if you can pay the price or make the sacrifice because every great Achievements has an underlying sacrifices. Follow my Tips for Smashing your WAEC in one sitting with excellent and come back her for testimony.

I know in your thought, you would be thinking Hmmmm! what is he going to say or I can’t wait to hear what he have to say. Well, to clear your thought, i am only going to say few words but they have weight and often neglected by those who have not discovered the Secret to Passing Any Examination both Internal and External. Here are the tips below…

Top Secret of Passing WAEC Examination

  • Get the WAEC syllabus, study it and Make sure you read based on the syllabus. Don’t leave any stone unturned. Make sure you cover EVERY topic in the WAEC syllabus
  • Get WAEC Past Question Papers, study them and give yourself a test and see how far you can solve the questions. Remember, “No Question is New in this world” Every Question you may see coming to you already existed somewhere but because you are not versatile, you can not find it. The secret is WAEC always repeat the question, so do other examination like JAMB, NECO and GCE.

While in the Hall….

  • Make your short prayer before the question paper gets to you.
  • Go to the exam hall with two or more pen in case anyone disappoints you
  • First Write your Name, Examination Number and Center number
  • Read the instructions carefully and make sure you follow what the instructions say – Many people do Fail WAEC because of this reason.
  • Glance through the Question in few seconds and note all the questions you can answer very well.
  • Start with those ones you can answer very well. Please and Please Don’t waste your time trying to answer the ones you don’t know because you will keep on guessing the answer and you will run out of time.
  • Economize your time – Please don’t waste too much time solving one question. Be as fast as possible to finish before the stoppage time so that you can take your time to review all you have written.
  • Where you are asked to Attempt ALL question, please ensure you attempt all the question because you will have a bonus mark for attempting the question.
  • Use a diagram where necessary to illustrate or explain your point.
  • Comport yourself and be confident – please don’t let confusion come in your way through distraction from fellow students.
  • Ask a question to your teacher or supervisor or invigilator if you don’t understand anything. Never try to ask the question to your fellow student.
  • Make sure you don’t have anything implicative around you. Whether you keep it or it is there before you enter. Please remove them before your examiners start distributing question papers and answer sheet.
  • When you are through with all your question, don’t be in a hurry to pass your answer sheet and leave, rather take time to review your answers and correct any mistake.
  • Finally, ensure you submit your answer sheet yourself, Don’t pass it over to your fellow students to submit on your behalf.

These are the few tips which if you follow it religiously, you are sure to make parallel “A” in your WAEC and other exams. I guess you will think they are simple but remember, simple things like this are most likely ignored and form the bedrock of success.

Click here to Download WAEC Timetable Online

We the CSN Team wish you good luck in your exams Amen! Please if you have any question or you need help in any way, contact us with the comment box below. We will surely attend to you. Cheers

CSN Team.

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