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Top 30 Job Interview Questions and Answers in Nigeria 2022 for Freshers

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– 30 Job Interview Questions –

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew precisely what a hiring manager would ask you in your next interview? Here are 30 Job Interview Questions While tips for you, sadly, we don’t have psychic powers to know what’s on people’s minds. 

30 Job Interview Questions

Job Interview Questions and Answers

What hiring managers are really searching for in your responses is evidence to show that you’re the correct man or lady for the task.

Consider this your interview study guide.

1. Tell us a Little Regarding Yourself?

This is to ascertain that you’re the correct person for the task. Don’t away unnecessary personal and employment details.

2. However, did you become Aware of the Position?

Another on the face of its innocuous interview question, this can be really an ideal chance to face out and show your passion for and affiliation to the corporate.

3. What’s Your Understanding of the Company?

The interviewers are essentially attempting to determine whether you care regarding it.

4. Tell us why you Need This Job?

Corporations need to employ those who are certain of their own goals and needs, and then create the role which fits them.

5. Why Ought we rent you?

This is the best opening to promote yourself. Make your known skills known and how that’d help you add value to the firm.

30 Job Interview Questions

6. What Square Measure your Greatest Skilled Strengths?

Share your true strengths, not those you think the inquirer desires to hear.


7. What are Your Weaknesses?

This is to determine the strength of your character, so be honest.

8. What’s Your Greatest Skilled Achievement?

This could instantly get you the job! Explain what your skills have helped you achieve in your employment history and it’s benefitted the firms you have worked for.

9. Tell us How you Resolved a Conflict you Encountered at Work.

This is basically to gauge how well you’ll resolve a conflict at your place of work.

10. Where do you See or Project Yourself to be in 5 years?

Let your imaginations out. Your hopes and your dreams and how it’d promote the cause of the firm and yourself. Don’t talk about yourself alone without stating how it’d affect your job and, by extension, the firm.

30 Job Interview Questions

11. What’s Your Dream Job?

The interviewing panel seeks to know if your ideal job aligns with what they might offer you. You certainly have to align your dreams with the company’s cause without appearing too patronising.

12. What Different Firms Have you Been Interviewed in the Course of Your Job Search?

Companies raise this for a variety of reasons. They are desirous to see what the competition is for you to sniff out whether you’re serious regarding the proposed job.

13. Why do you Want to Leave Your Current Job?

Your reply should show that you want to take on new challenges which your current job doesn’t offer and the interviewing firm offers those.

14. Why Were you Fired?

Your best bet is, to be honest. Share, however, how you’ve fully grown and the way you approach your job and life currently because of this growth.

15. What Exactly are you Hoping to Achieve in Your Position if employed?

Hint: Ideally state what filling the position needs to provide. Be specific.

16. So, What is Your Ideal Work Environment?

Hint: Ideally state the expected work environment, and the job position you are applying needs. Be specific.

17. What’s Your Management Style?

Give examples of how you helped resolve an issue or how you helped build a team and help each team member become better.

18. At What Time Have you Exercised Leadership Skills?

Depending on what’s vital for the role, you’ll need to state examples that showcase your project management skills or one that shows your ability to show do so with confidence and effectively rally a team.

19. What Periods Have you had Disagreed with a Directive from Your Workplace Superiors?

Although there’s bound to be disagreement with your workplace superiors a few times, it is actually important that you state reasons for the disagreements in a constructive way. Do not forget to state how the disagreements got resolved amicably, and the lessons learnt.

20. How Would Your Boss and Colleagues Describe you?

First, be honest because if you get this job, the hiring manager would reach out to your former bosses and co-workers to find out the truth.

21. What Have you Been up to Since Your Last Job?

If they dismissed you for a long period, be direct and be explicit regarding what you’ve been up to. Then, steer the discussion towards your plans to carry out and complete assigned and expected tasks and obligations to further the cause of the firm.

22. Are you able to make a case for why you Changed Career Paths?

Don’t be thrown off by this question—just take a deep breath and illustrate to the hiring manager why you’ve created the career choices you have got.

23. Explain how you’d Contend With Pressure or Trying Situations?

A good approach is to speak through your go-to stress-reduction techniques and give an example or two of trying scenarios you navigated with ease.

24. What Would Your First Thirty, sixty, or Ninety days Seem Like Filling This Role?

Start by explaining what you’d have to be compelled to do to induce ramped up. What information would you need? What elements of the corporate would you need to inform yourself about?

25. What Would you Like us to Pay you?

It is of good foresight to carry out research on what the pay in the job position you are hoping to fill is in the industry by comparing the highest and lowest pay and arrive at a conclusion on websites like and

26. What Exactly are you up to When you Aren’t at Work?

Interviewers raise personal queries to find out what you would be up to in your free time and how it affects you as a person.

27. If you had to be an Animal, Which Species Would you be and Why?

Random personality-test sort queries like these return up in interviews usually because hiring managers to need to envision however you’ll assume on your feet.

You’d endear the interviewing panel to you if state the reasons you chose a certain animal, its qualities and how it would help become a better person.

28. Do you Intend to have Children?

Questions about your family standing, gender, religion, or age might seem irrelevant, but the interviewer is trying to gauge your personality.

29. If you Could Start Your Career all over Again, What Would you do Differently and Better?

Hiring managers need to grasp that you simply do not solely have a background in the corporate world but added to that, you’re able to be imaginative.

30. What Questions do you Have for us?

As you might have figured out yourself, the interview is also an opportunity for the interviewing panel and yourself to evaluate how well you fit with the firm.

FAQs about 30 Job Interview Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions about 30 Job Interview Questions

1. What are 7 common interview questions and answers?

7 most common interview questions
1. Where do you see yourself in five years? …
2. What are your strengths/weaknesses? …
3. Why should we hire you? …
4. Tell me about yourself / your past work experience. …
5. Why do you want to work for us? …
6. What are your salary expectations? …
7. What skills or experience will help you succeed in this role?

2. How do you see yourself in 5 years?

How to answer ‘where do you see yourself in five years?’ in an interview
Get clear about your career goals. Take some time to brainstorm what your career goals are for the next five years. 
Find connections between your goals and the job description. 
Ask yourself if the company can prepare you for your career goals.

3. How would you describe yourself?

Positive words to describe yourself in any situation. Words to describe yourself in an interview. Words to describe yourself on a resume.

Words to Describe Yourself in an Interview.













3. How do I say I really want this job?

Examples of asking also include:
“I’m honestly looking forward to working with this company.”
“You all seem like a great team, and I’d be honored to work with you.”
“I’m very interested in the job, but do you have any concerns as to how well I can perform?”

4. How do you introduce yourself sample?

Personal commercial template
Greeting: Hello, my name is (name). …
Goal: I am looking for (internship/full-time position) at (employer name).
Interest/passion: I am interested in (interests related to the company/industry).
Strengths: I have many skills to contribute including (strengths) and (skills).

More FAQs about 30 Job Interview Questions

5. How do you start an open-ended conversation?

Open-ended questions prompt the beginning of a longer conversation by asking questions starting with “why,” “how.
Also, what if?” Closed-ended questions can be answered with single-word answers, such as “yes” or “no.” Open-ended questions and closed-ended questions both have their place in sales conversations.

6. How do u handle stress and pressure?

Some ways of dealing with stress to consider are mindfulness or meditation, getting rid of interruptions or distractions, prioritizing and balancing your work, and using stress as a motivator, among others

7. What is your strength?

In most job interviews, they will ask candidates to describe their strengths and weaknesses.
What employers are looking for:



Analytical skills

Hard skills (defined by the job description)

Communication skills

Soft skills (such as public speaking)

Leadership skills


Ability to work in a team


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