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50 Custodian Interview Questions 2019

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Custodian Interview QuestionsCustodians, also known as janitors have a primary responsibility of keeping buildings clean. Custodians work to make ensure that all sort of buildings is neat, clean, free from clutter and safe.

Custodians spend their days picking up trash, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, or using industrial cleaning equipment to clean floors, cleaning and stocking bathrooms, ensuring that buildings are secure, cleaning windows, and minor building maintenance and repairs.

Custodian Interview Questions

while the majority of custodians only work inside buildings, some might have to keep lawns or sidewalks clean, mowing grass, tending to ornamental gardens, raking leaves or shoveling snow.

Custodian Job Skill and Requirement

1. Education

There’s actually no formal education requirements for custodial staff members. Entry-level janitors are usually paired with a more experienced staff member and learn on the job, starting with simple tasks and moving on to more complex assignments that involve equipment like wet-dry vacuums, buffers and polishing machines.

2.Mechanical skill:

Some janitors also complete light building maintenance and repair. Plumbing, electrical and other trade skills are extremely useful for janitors.

3. Endurance

This job needs a high level of endurance because they’ll be lots of bending, walking, pushing and lifting all day. If perhaps you have physical limitations that make activity uncomfortable, you may want to consider a different profession.

4. Friendly demeanor

Janitors who work during operating hours take care of immediate issues (think spills, accidents and other clean-up emergencies that endanger the people or pleasantness of the environment). If you aren’t a people person, consider shifts that cover regular maintenance during off-hours when students, workers, and customers aren’t in the building.

5. Hours

Most janitorial companies operate during normal business hours or offer their services specifically during off-hours throughout the week. Some companies may also offer weekend hours. Either way, you can expect to work about 40 hours per week on average.

6. Dress the Part

Some employers distribute uniforms; others have a standard dress code you will be asked to follow. For interviews, arrive looking professional; wear slacks, button-down shirt, and a tie, or khakis and a collared shirt.

How to be a School Custodian

Have the Proper Skills

Although no educational experience is required to be a school custodian, most schools prefer to hire someone with at least a high school diploma or GED. In addition, you’ll need to be knowledgeable with routine cleaning procedures, event set up and be able to lift items.

Although experience is a plus, it is not an absolute necessity. Therefore, if you are able to present yourself well and have a good work record, you may still have a good chance of getting the job.

Look For Opportunities

Your first step is going to be locating school custodian job opportunities within the vicinity where you would like to work. Fortunately, the internet can be utilized to cut down on your legwork. Search online for available school custodian positions on Indeed, Simplyhired, Monster or Snagajob.

In addition, these employment sites allow you to search by job position (school custodian), geographical location, or specific school districts.

Check School Districts

You can likewise explore the majority of the school locale inside a sensible range of your ideal business area. You can likewise apply for school overseer positions on the web or print an application that you can round out and hand-convey to your preferred school.

The National Center for Education Statistics offers contact data for schools situated all through the U.S. To utilize the site device, you would basically include your name of the school, address, city, state and area and you’ll get contact data. You would then be able to visit the sites to check whether accessible school overseer openings exist.

System With Others

A system with school staff to find out about “not publicly broadcast positions.” what’s more, you can much volunteer at your preferred school. Not exclusively will this upgrade your overseer abilities however it will give you an “insider’s edge” into work openings? Remember, in any case, that to volunteer, you might be required to experience explicit medication and personal investigations before being permitted to volunteer.

Get ready for the Interview

After you apply for the situation by sending in your resume or potentially work application, you will be welcome to meet if the school is keen on your interesting capabilities. During the meeting, you will be gotten some information about your experience just as your craving to work at the school.

Be open and responsive, doing your best to show for what reason you’re able to fill in as a school overseer. For example, in the event that you have more than 5 years of experience and can perform strenuous work (like lifting 25 pounds or progressively), at that point express that in the meeting.

On the off chance that you are offered a position, you’ll likewise be required to experience a foundation criminal check just as experience medication testing, either preceding acquiring the position or as an arbitrary test led during your work.

A List of Custodian Skills

Administrative skills:

1. Inventory
2. monetary exchange
3. ordering supplies
4. permits
5. planning
6. prioritizing
7. Record keeping
8. Scheduling

Advanced skills:

1. Carpentry
2. Masonry
3. Finishing/Refinishing floors
4. Painting
5. Plumbing
6. Roofing
7. Welding

Basic Cleaning Skills:

1. Buffing
2. Chemical Use
3. Cleaning
4. Dusting
5. Mopping
6. Polishing Furniture
7. Safety
8. Sanitation
9. Scrubbing
10. Sweeping
11. Washing Floors
12. Washing Windows
13. Waxing

People Skills:

1. Communication
2. Customer Relations
3. Following Instructions
4. Interpersonal Skills
5. Service
6. Supervising
7. Teamwork

Repair and Maintenance Skills:

1. Building Repair
2. Equipment Maintenance
3. Electrical Repairs
4. Fixing Tools
5. Grounds Maintenance
6. Maintenance
7. Mechanical Aptitude
8. Refurbishing
9. Repair Electrical Fixtures
10. Tools

Custodian Interview Questions

  • 1. Are you comfortable working night shifts?

  • 2. Do you have the flexibility to work overtime or on weekends?

  • 3. Are you able to lift heavy items and remain on your feet for a large portion of your shift?

  • 4. What certifications do you have? What certifications would you like to earn?

  • 5. Do you have specific training in handling and disposing of hazardous materials?

  • 6. How often do you clean your cleaning implements?

  • 7. Describe your methods of cleaning. How do you perform quality control in your work?

  • 8. Do you prefer working alone or on a team? Why?

9. Tell me about a time when you had to use your own initiative to solve a problem at work because your supervisor was unavailable. What happened, and what was the result?

10. What kind of supervisor do you prefer to work with?

11. What would you do if you encountered a customer who believed you had done something incorrectly?

12. Describe a time when you had to deal with a difficult member of the public. What happened? How did you handle the situation?

13. How did you fill downtime at your previous job?

14. Why did you leave your previous job?

15. Tell me about a time when you couldn’t repair a specific piece of equipment. What happened? How did you handle it?

16. How would you answer if you were being asked to do something that wasn’t on your list of job responsibilities?

17. If I were to ask a previous employer to describe your personality or work ethic in three words, what would they be?

18. What do you believe to be your greatest strength as an employee? Your greatest weakness?

19. Do you have any custodial experience?

20. How do you stay motivated during repetitive tasks?

21. What has been your worst custodial experience? The interviewer knows that you will encounter occasional obstacles.

22. Do you have the patience to deal with the general public while cleaning?

23. How often do you believe that cleaning implements should be cleaned and maintained?

24. How will you stay motivated doing repetitive cleaning tasks?

25. What has been your worst custodial experience?

26.  Are you a team player?

27. What challenges are you looking for in this position?

28. What experience do you have in this custodial field?

29. Will it is ok for you to work for night shifts and how do you manage?

30. Do you have experience working with chemical cleaners?

31.  How often do you think that cleaning equipment must be cleaned and utilized?

32. Do you possess the patience to deal with the public at times of cleaning?

33.  Do you possess any professional janitor experience?

34. How would you keep yourself boosted by performing repeated cleaning tasks

35. Mention your worst experience that happened in your janitor job?

36. What would you do, when you have cleaned a place and some kids or people ruin it again?

37. What is the assurance that you would perform well in this job?

38. What was the reason for applying for this job?

39. Are there any questions you want to ask?

40. How would you handle yourself under pressure and stress?

41. What do you know about our company?

42. What do you think is your biggest strength?

43. What do you think is rewarding in this job role?

44. Do you possess the patience to deal with the public at times of cleaning?

45. How often do you think that cleaning equipment must be cleaned and utilized?

46. Do you have experience working with chemical cleaners?

47. Will it be ok for you to work for night shifts and how do you manage?

48. Will it be ok for you to work for night shifts and how do you manage?

49. Why do you think you are a suitable and better candidate for this position?

50 What are the job tasks for a janitor?

These are a couple of basic inquiries questions and responds in due order regarding janitor position. Applicants who are tangled about what might be approached in the meeting for janitor occupations can peruse the above inquiries and answers and get profited.

Thus so as to pick up an occupation as janitor one needs to get readied with these inquiries and answers. These are straightforward and the applicant simply should be shrewd enough to answer them. Certainty, inspirational demeanor, tolerance and energy towards employment job are not many perspectives that would enable you to bring a vocation.

There are additionally numerous different sources which offer you with various inquiries regarding the activity job. These are truly simple ones that offer you learning and certainty to a meeting procedure.

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