50 Dental Hygienist Interview Questions

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What do you know about Dental Hygienist Job? Are you informed about the 50 Dental Hygienist interview questions? If not, then we’ve got you covered. Below are 50 Dental Hygienist interview questions for you to prepare yourself with before heading out for that next interview.

Dental Hygienist Interview Questions

A dental hygienist’s job straddles the line between aesthetics and health, and their duties are more extensive and independent than those of a dental assistant.

At a minimum, the position requires a solid post-secondary education and the ability to pass national and regional examinations to be licensed and/or certified.

Dental Hygienist Interview Questions

Below are some of the top 50 Dental Hygienist Interview Questions

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Why are you leaving your current position?

3. What is your greatest weakness as a dental hygienist?

4. What interests you about working with us?

5. What skills do you think make you a good dental hygienist?

6. What is your favorite part about being a dental hygienist?

7. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

8. Do you have a salary range you’re interested in?

9. What are your short- and long-term career goals?

10. What are you looking for in an employer?

11. What interests you in a career as a dental hygienist?

12. How familiar are you with HIPAA?

13. How would your previous manager describe your work ethic?

14. What is your experience with educating patients on oral health?

15. Where did you receive your training as a dental hygienist?

16. How long have you worked as a dental hygienist?

17. What were your main duties in your last role?

18. Do you have experience administering local anesthetic?

19. What experience do you have interpreting diagnostic tests?

20. What duties do you expect to perform outside of providing dental care?

21. What do you consider the most important part of being a dental hygienist?

22. Can you tell me about a time when you had to resolve a conflict with a client? What happened, and how did you handle it?

In-depth Dental Hygienist Interview Questions

23. Share an experience where you identified signs of gum disease.

24. Describe the health education you provided that improved a patient’s oral health.

25. Explain your method for maintaining dental equipment.

26. Share an experience where you successfully developed an X-ray.

27. How do you calm anxious patients?

28. Tell me about a time when you shared difficult information with a patient.

29. How do you organize, plan and prioritize your work?

30. Describe a time when you detected swollen lymph nodes.

31. Tell me about a high-stress situation you handled. How did you resolve it calmly?

32. Share about a time when carefully inspecting equipment or materials helped you solve a problem.

33. Do you prefer evidence based learning or problem based learning?

34. If you had a patient who was really anxious how would you calm them down?

35. How do you help out in your local community?

36. Do you feel you possess the qualities of a good dentist?

37. Who inspires you?

Dental Hygienist Interview Questions on Experience

38. Why should we select you compared to other applicants?

39. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

40. What are your long term goals?

41. What are the disadvantages of using amalgam?

42. What problems do most dentists face today?

43. What did you like least about your work experience?

44. What are you least looking forward to in dentistry?

45. If there was one thing you could change about dentistry what would it be?

46. Who are the members in a dental team?

47. Would you rather be a leader or a follower?

48. What is your best quality?

49. What is your greatest fear about becoming a dentist?

50. What would you do if your friend decides to copy your essay at dental school?

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