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How to Answer Common Admission Interview Questions

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– Admission Interview Questions –

After going through the application process, there’s a final process before gaining admission. This article gives answers to all your admission interview questions. Kindly read through to the end to get all the information needed.

 Admission Interview Questions

University admissions interviews are either evaluative or informative. Evaluative interviews can be expected in order to gain admission to particularly prestigious universities, such as Oxbridge.

Your performance, for instance, in the interview will be considered when the university admissions officers decide whether to offer you a place.

In an informative interview, you have the opportunity to find out more about the university, while the university also finds out more about you.

Here, the university admissions officers may be just as keen to impress you, as you are to impress them because they want you to choose their institution.

Of course, your university interview may include both evaluative and informative elements.


How to Answer Common Admission Interview Questions

If you’ve got a university admission interview coming up, you’re probably wondering how you can prepare, and what questions you’re likely to face, which may be like those you’ll hear in a job interview.

 Read on for an overview of the most common university admission interview questions, and advice on how to answer them…

1. What Made You Choose This University?

This question is to test what you know about the University and allow the interviewers to know what motivates you. Therefore, think about why you think the University is the best for you.

Do not talk about the University being pretty; the course sounds good, the nightlife or anything that shows you haven’t really thought about your decision.

Give thoughtful reasons like the University has appropriate facilities for your course, etc.

2. Why Do You Want to Study This Course?

This is a very important question because the interviewers need to know that you are really interested in your course

Say nothing which implies that you picked your course because someone suggested it or because it sounds easy.

Concentrate on how much you like the field and how it fits in your career goals or aspirations.

3. What Are You Reading at the Moment?

This question will start a discussion with your interviewers, especially if you are applying for a course that involves much reading such as English Literature. Therefore you have to prepare in advance.

This question gives the interviewers an insight into your personality and how interested you are in your course. This gives you a chance to be passionate about your field.


4. How Would Your Friends Describe You?

How Would Your Friends Describe You?

This question gives you the opportunity to talk about your personality. Impress the interviewers by saying you are motivated or very determined; a leader or a good collaborator; like challenges.

Be very honest but focus more on your strength.

5. What Achievement are You Most Proud of?

The interviewers might want you to talk about your academic achievement.

You could mention the prize you won during your studies, a test or project you did exceptionally well and talk about how your achievements affected you positively.

6. What can you bring to the university?

This question invites you to sell yourself but try not to exaggerate. Remember to always back up what you say with examples; you could mention any high school activity you did and how it contributed to the school’s community.

You should expect questions like “Why should we offer you a place?” which might come up at the end of the interview.

Here, summarize all the points that make you a perfect student for the course and the University.

7. What Is Your Greatest Strength and Weakness?

This question comes up a lot in interviews. For the strength part, it might tempt you to exaggerate but give a safe answer like “I’m a hard worker” but you should give a more thoughtful answer.

Talking about your weaknesses can be difficult, but if you can be honest about them and how much you will improve on them, the interviewers will be more impressed.

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