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– Hostess Interview Questions –

If you want to work as a hostess, go over the Hostess Interview Questions. Interviews are the steps that a person must do in order to get hired. In addition, during an interview, one must answer all the interviewer’s questions.


Though, some may have to go through the personal interview while many may have to undergo the group interview. However, whatever is the type of interview, one has to go through it.

So, here are some of the interview questions for the hostess.

Who is an Air Hostess?

An air hostess is a flight attendant. Also, an air hostess is known as a steward/flight attendant or air host.

This person is a member of the aircrew aboard commercial flights, many business jets, and some government aircraft.

Collectively called cabin crew, flight attendants are primarily responsible for passenger safety and comfort. Also, the role of a flight attendant derives from similar positions on passenger ships or passenger trains.

However, it has more direct involvement with passengers because of the confined quarters on aircraft.

Additionally, the job of a flight attendant revolves around safety to a much greater extent than those of similar staff on other forms of transportation.

Furthermore, flight attendants onboard a flight collectively form a cabin crew, as distinguished from pilots and engineers in the cockpit.

Hostess Interview Questions Tips

To answer the air hostess interview questions, preparation is a very important process. The more preparation you do, the more will be the chances of landing the job.

Thus, here are a few tips that help you prepare yourself for a hostess interview:

1. Analyze the complete job description posted by the employer.

2. Go through your resume carefully before attending the interview.

3. Also, carry an extra copy of your resume and a notebook.

4. Additionally, dress formally for the interview; your appearance should mirror maturity and self-confidence.

5. Furthermore, try to reach the interview place at least 15 minutes early.

6. Plus, walk-in with a happy attitude

7. Also, do your research well

8. Practice mock interviews

9. Additionally, ask for feedbacks

10. Also, highlight your experience during the interview

airhostess interview questions

Common Hostess Interview Question and Ways to Answer

The following are top hostess interview questions:

1. Tell us about yourself

This is most probably the first question you might come across. “Tell me about yourself” is one of the common questions which you can answer in the most impressive manner.

Also, this question must be answered with the utmost confidence as only this question will help you get recruited. However, when you tell about yourself, include your interest, your hobbies, why you chose this job, and so on.

2. What was your previous job about and why did you leave the job?

The very next question comes related to the previous job. Why you left that job. For that, you need to give a very concrete reason and make sure it is positive for the company.

For instance, you can say that the distance of the company from the house was too far, and it was difficult for you to cope and commute daily.

However, if you will say something negative, the interviewee will know that you have the potential to say wrong about any company you work for.

3. Tell about the greatest achievement?

When asked this, you may take time to think as you might not have an achievement as great as reaching the moon by Neil Armstrong but need not worry.

Also, when you are asked this type of question, just tell about any of the projects that you completed or any challenging experience you gained success in, etc. that can be one of the greatest achievements.

4. Why do you wish to work as a hostess?

You can say that you have been working in this hostess career for two or whatever years. Also, you like to see people happy because of your good, direct and indirect service.

Thus, the happiness on the faces of people keeps you intact and working in this field with no issues or problems.

5. Tell me about your experience in this field of hostess?

Here you have to explain the best as well as the worst experiences of being a hostess. What you have learned from each good and bad experience will help you in answering this type of question.

Also, tell all the hostess duties like preparing tables and greeting customers, then presenting and taking their orders, etc. was the profile of you as a hostess.

Additionally, you have to tell that you can do it in the most appealing manner.

6. What are your strengths?

This is one of the most challenging questions ever asked to the interviewees. To answer such type of question, you need to be true as you may get tested on the spot. As such, it is better to be true.

7. Tell me about your weakness?

Here you have to answer smartly. If you make and tell a list of what you cannot do, then you are surely not going to get recruited.

Thus, in order to avoid any such problem, better to answer like you do lack patience, but you are ready to build it. And such kind of positivity will help you turn the tables.

8. Tell me about your long-term goals as a hostess?

Employers very well know every employee has some or the other goal. The recruiter asks about it to know the goals and the dreams.

And you ought to answer it. Many people make mistakes by saying, having their own business is the goal.

Such kind of answer must not be given as no company would like to have the person who will leave the company in a few years.

However, to give such type of answer, just do not mention your personal goals, but refer to the company goals.


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9. Reason for applying to this company?

You can answer this reason confidently saying that you went through the website of the company and came across the rules, the policies which you found really authentic to follow.

Also, many things about the company suit your nature and the work culture represented on the website that attracted you to them rather than any other company.

10. What, according to you, are the risks in this job and how do you overcome that?

This can be the simplest question also and, for many, this could be the toughest question too to answer. Thus, answer diplomatically that every job has some risks.

One should not get afraid of the risks it has but should remain peaceful and find simple solutions to them. For this, one needs to be observant enough.

Also, should have farsightedness for the problem so that it could be solved within no time.

11. How to maintain such jobs for a longer time?

Here you can say that one needs to have patience first. Then you need to be focused enough on the work you do.

Also, build interest and then see automatically you will work for a longer time in such a job. Enjoy what you do and if you do not enjoy it, you will probably leave every job you join.

12. Describe the steps to manage the activities?

In order to describe the steps, you can say that first, assign the work to different people in your team. Then monitor their work, tell them if they are doing something wrong.

Also, explain to them the right method and correct them. This will not only show your leadership qualities but also you will tell you the steps to manage the activities related to the work of hostesses.

13. How will you serve VIP guests?

Sample Answer:

By making special arrangements, putting their personal preferences on the top, taking them to the halls, giving them the best place to sit, assigning them the best serving waiters, working according to their likes and dislikes like the decoration and so on.

All such things will be considered and will be focused on.

14. How do you react to criticism?

Reacting to criticism positively is appreciable. This is because when you react to the critics positively, you instill the urge to learn rather than cry over the mistake.

As such, when you have the urge to learn, you automatically react to the criticism healthily than taking it and spoiling your whole day. So they can affirm this question.

15. What have you learned from the mistakes you did previously?

You can tell how to speak which words to speak and which words are not to be used.

All such things you learned after making mistakes. But whatever mistakes you made little or big helped you in learning some of the other things which are great and appreciable for every organisation and the company.

16. What do you know about our airline?

This question is thrown at you to check whether you are prepared well for the interview or you just come casually for the interview.

As such, always do the research about the airline. You can answer like when the airline started its operations, no aircraft, and no slogans.

Also, know about their future plan for the expansions in new cities, countries. 

Furthermore, don’t forget to check the website of the employer airline, ‘About’ page; here you will get lots of information about the airline, their goal, and mission.

These are the things that must be included in your answer.

17. What do you know about customer service strengths?

Air hostess (flight attendant) spends lots of their time attending to passengers and helping them.

In Earlier days, travelling was stressful for many people, so excellent service can help passengers to travel easily and relax during a commute.

Always remember your answer contains qualities which show you like helping people. For example, you can answer like “I am very good at listening to others”.

More so, it shows you are a good listener, you can understand the problems of a passenger. Don’t forget to give examples.

However, keep in mind though that you may get also more technical questions. Also, don’t forget to share this information with others. I wish you good luck. You will need it.

CSN Team.

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