Human Resources Generalist Interview Questions and Answers 2022

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A great HR Generalist is also great with people and very professional. Interviewers Look for someone who will fit well into their company culture and be able to engage employees. They ask questions about your experience level and education, then compare responses to the necessary qualifications.

Human Resources Generalist Interview Questions and Answers 2021

As a human resources generalist, it’s your job to help your company run smoothly by managing HR issues related to employment, compensation, and employee relations.

In an interview, you can expect to answer questions about your interpersonal and organizational skills as well as your experience executing clerical tasks.

You may be asked a few scenario questions that will test your ability to handle different kinds of employee questions.

Candidates for this position should have human resources experience and relevant academic degrees, such as a BSc/BA in Business Administration.

The ideal candidate for an HR Generalist is someone who can handle the recruitment and training of employees and balance values fit.  

Additional HR training and certifications are desirable and demonstrate a commitment to the field.

What can you Tell me About our Company?

What isn’t on Your Resume?

How Important is Paperwork for You?

What Are Your Greatest Strengths?

What is Your Procedure for Terminating an Employee?

Why do you want to work as an HR Generalist?

How Would You Feel About Dismissing a Good Friend?

How do you Imagine a Typical Day at Work?

 Can you tell me a Little About Yourself?

Once the interviews for the job are completed, it’s up to the interviewer and his team to decide on which of their top prospects is the one that they are going to offer the job.

They ensure that they select the most qualified and capable person for the HR Generalist job.

1. Can you tell me a Little About Yourself?

Many interviewers start this way not only to gather information but also as a way of assessing each candidate’s poise, delivery style, and communication ability.

If the candidate launches into a mini-speech about his or her childhood, schooling, hobbies, early career, and personal likes and dislikes, it only took you one query to realize you probably don’t have a strong fit.


2. What isn’t on Your Resume?

Applicants who prepare well for interviews and are smooth enough not to sound too rehearsed can be thrown by this inquiry since it requires them to talk about something other than work experiences.

3. How Important is Paperwork for You?

We live in bureaucratic times. Regardless of your job in the company, you won’t avoid doing some paperwork. Tell the interviewers that you understand the importance of paperwork (though most of it isn’t really important, at least in my view), and will approach it responsibly.

At the same time, though, you may say that the actual work with the employees (hiring, training, orientation, motivation) will always remain your main priority since you don’t want to spend all your time doing paperwork.

4. What Are Your Greatest Strengths?

This is an interviewing stalwart (along with the next question) that every applicant should be ready to hit out of the park. It should tell you a lot if they don’t.

Look for answers that briefly summarize work experiences and the strongest qualities and achievements that are directly related to the duties of the open job.

Make a note of candidates who cite skills such as self-motivation, initiative, and the ability to work in a team.

5. What is Your Procedure for Terminating an Employee?

An HR Generalist who has experience firing workers understands circumstances that could arise if the worker becomes disgruntled.

They have extensive experience in Human Resources and follow the proper steps for terminating the employee and avoiding potentially dangerous situations.

You want an HR generalist that mitigates risks and legal repercussions when terminating employment.

6. Why do you Want to Work as an HR Generalist?

Talk more about things you want to offer them (excellent communication and administrative skills, the value you plan to bring to their HR department) than about things you want to take from them (good salary, excellent learning opportunities, a position that offers career growth options, etc).

Try to talk with enthusiasm right from the start. They should feel that you are happy to be in the room, interviewing for a job that you really want to have.

7. How Would You Feel About Dismissing a Good Friend?

A tough question, but you should try to ensure the interviewers that you will decide rationally, and not emotionally (in reality this is hard to do, but in an interview, we should always try to show the right attitude to the job).

You should be ready to dismiss anyone who breaks the rules repeatedly or doesn’t handle their job on an ongoing basis. The company comes first, personal relationships second.


8. How do you Imagine a Typical Day at Work?

Staffing, employment processing, welfare benefits, records management, succession planning, employee retention, EEO compliance.

Even if the companies wanted, they could hardly advertise the job of an HR Generalist in a worse way. In a less realistic one.

In reality, you will simply work with people, and in most cases, you will respond to only two or three things from the job description.

9. What can you Tell me About our Company?

Nothing should eliminate a person from consideration faster than a lack of research into the employer’s business lines, locations, customer base, and company culture.

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