Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers

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While preparing for mechanical engineering questions and answers in an interview, it’s important to study core concepts in your field, your work history, and your history with mechanical engineering. Here, we’ve provided some questions and answers for you to practice with.

Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers

Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers

Be ready to answer technical questions and questions about how you operate in the workplace. Every interviewer has similar goals in mind.

Leading companies are looking for candidates who have a thorough knowledge of mechanical systems.

They have a lot of scope in automobiles, aerospace, agriculture, chemical, power generation, consultancy, research and development organizations, etc. Read through for some of the common job interview questions.

1. Can We Know Who You Are?

Answer: Speak about your experience, background, and your passion for mechanical engineering. You can even talk a bit about your education, and how it prepared you for the role.

Mention briefly one or two hobbies from your personal life–this helps to break the ice and to create a friendly atmosphere in the room (if it’s not relaxed already).

2. What Are Your Career Aims?

Answer: You should say that you would like to work as a mechanical engineer and develop your experience in the field, specializing in a certain area of engineering.

If you are not sure, tell them you’d like to work on various designs, and will re-evaluate your career plans in a few years from now.

3. Why Choose to Become a Mechanical Engineer?

Answer: Focus on your motivation, passion for this job, and also confidence in your designing and engineering skills.

You should also say that you enjoy doing what engineers do, and can’t imagine having any other job at this stage of your career.

Do not talk about money. Mechanical engineers earn a lot, and they deserve it. But you should not point out a great salary as a reason for your job choice.

4. Can You Explain the Different Fits?

We can categorize fits into three groups:

Answer: Clearance Fit: the occurrence of clearance identified This fit between the two similar parts.

The Interference Fit: In this fit, we redefined the size of the mating parts to interfere between these parts. Here the whole tolerance zone is completely below the shaft tolerance zone.

Transition Fit: It is a computerization between clearance and interface fit. Here of fit, the tolerance zone of the shaft and hole overlaps.

5. Describe How You Would Manage Pressure at Work

Answer: Tight deadlines, goals that are difficult to meet, and a boss who expects too much from us–all of that can cause pressure on a workplace.

Narrate a situation when you experienced pressure, a situation that had a happy ending. That means a situation when you eventually overcame the pressure, and it did not affect you negatively in your job.

6. What Has Been Your Biggest Achievement?

Answer: Speak about something unique, not something everyone else has done.

Try to talk about designing a machine, or about some interesting improvements you made to a certain design.

If you overcame a difficult period in your life–for example, a life-threatening illness–you can point it out as well.

Difficult times strengthen us, and each employer is aware of that.

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