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Mental Health Counselor Interview Questions and Answers 2022

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– Mental Health Counselor Interview –

General Mental Health interview questions help interviewers determine your professional traits and goals, along with how these can benefit the needs of their clinic. In this article, you will find some general questions you might encounter in your Mental Health interview. 

Mental Health Counselor Interview Questions and Answers 2022

Mental health counselors provide emotional counseling and guidance to individuals suffering from mental and behavioral disorders.

Expect to answer questions that will assess your knowledge of disorders and your interpersonal skills to navigate difficult patient situations.

As clients may display potentially harmful behavior, be prepared to discuss how you would offer adequate guidance to volatile individuals.

Compared to psychiatrists who are required to have a doctorate in order to practice, licensed mental health counselors must have a master’s degree at a minimum.

Preparing for an interview for a therapist’s position means taking the time to review potential interview questions about your professional experience and rehearsing your answers ahead of your interview.

By studying possible questions and practicing your responses, you can present yourself as a qualified candidate to an employer.

Mental Health Counselor Interview Questions

In this article, we review general, background-related, and in-depth mental health counseling interview questions and provide you with eight sample answers to help you during your interview.

How Would Your Counseling Style fit our Organization?

What has been your greatest achievement as a Counselor?

How do you imagine a typical day at work?

Why did you apply for a job with our Clinic?

What are your Favorite Therapy Methods?

Why Mental Health Counselor, and not Another Job?

What is Leading you to Pursue a Career in Counseling?

What would you do if you cannot help a client?


1. How Would Your Counseling Style fit our Organization?

The interviewer wants to see a complementary match between your counseling style, your experiences, and the therapy methods deployed by their organization and existing team.

Be sure to look into the background of the hiring company before your interview. This research will help you craft an interesting response that will resonate with the hiring authorities.

Perhaps you could discuss your counseling influences, and how they have helped to develop your overall style as a Mental Health Counselor.

Maybe you prefer Rational Emotive Therapy over Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Perhaps you integrate alternative forms of therapy in your counseling, like Creative Therapy and Narrative Therapy.

2. What has Been your Greatest Achievement as a Counselor?

Prospective counselors should talk about how they’ve been able to help a client identify a problem in themselves they may have not yet been aware of and alternately position their perspective in order to provide successful counseling through changing the client’s mindset.

Applicants should mention specific events and stories about clients they’ve helped.

3. How do you Imagine a Typical Day at Work?

A typical day of a mental health counselor in one clinic can look totally different from a day of another one working somewhere else.

Two things can help you find the right answer to these questions: the job description, and the understanding of the therapy methods they use.

4. Why did You Apply for A Job with Our Clinic?

More often than not you won’t care. You just applied because the place of work is convenient, near your house, or you have a good traffic connection with the place.

But try to come up with something better in your interview–perhaps they have an excellent reputation, or you know some people who managed to solve their mental issues in the clinic, or you believe that the environment is ideal for curing patients, etc.

5. What are your Favorite Therapy Methods?

This is a technical question, and your chance to show them you learned something at school. Remember, you are a counselor, and your role is to counsel people–to listen, to help them open up, to give advice.

You can talk about all kinds of therapy approaches (short-term, long term), or you can explain how you blend different but complementary theories in order to work with your clients in the most effective way.

6. Why do you Want to be a Mental Health Counselor?

You can say that you see the potential in this career, or that the growth of mental health issues bothers you in the young generation.

You can also say that you feel the need to help people, and basically, you should show some good intentions (good from your view).

Another option is referring to a mental health issue in your family and saying that you always wanted to know more, to learn how to help the person you love, and therefore pursued this particular career.


7. What Would you do if you cannot Help a Client?

If a counselor encounters a client who they can’t help, it is crucial that they do not make the client feel as if their problems are unsolvable.

Instead, they must explain to the client that the counselor doesn’t possess the necessary skills to help them and refer them to a specialist who has more experience with their particular situation.

Prospective counselors should express how they’ll always work with their peers to help a client succeed.

8. What is your motivation in your Counseling Career?

It’s important to get a good idea about a potential employee’s motivation for a job. This is especially true for counseling psychology in which a counselor has to have the patience and perseverance to work with difficult clients.

A prospective employee should demonstrate a strong desire to help others better themselves using motivation and personal experience.

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