Mental-Health Interview Questions 2022 and Sample Answers

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– Mental-Health Interview Questions –

You most likely got your nursing degree after many years of hard work. After earning your degree, you’ll require Mental-Health Interview Questions to land a job. In this article, we will show you what to expect in this type of interview.

Mental Health Interview Questions

Once you pass the interview, you will start doing the work you always wanted to do, which is caring for psychiatric patients.


Common Mental Health Nursing Interview Questions

Seven of the most common mental health nursing interview questions are:

1. What experience do you have?

2. Why do you want the job?

3. What are the key tasks you think will be entailed with this job?

4. How would you approach set situations?

5. What are the biggest risks of mental health nursing?

6. Which people are most at risk of developing mental health issues?

7. How would you handle complaints made against colleagues by patients?

Other Questions You May Get in Your Mental-Health Interview

Other questions you may get in your mental health nursing interview:

1. What do you consider the most difficult aspect of this job?

2. Imagine that one patient fell in love with you. They are very sensitive and your refusal could have fatal effects on their mental condition. What would you do?

3. Describe a situation when you went above and beyond with your service for a patient.

4. Do you suffer from any mental health issues, or is someone in your family suffering from one?

5. In your opinion, what are the most common mental and emotional problems children face nowadays?

6. Violence is increasing in our society, including fatal incidents. What can you do about it as a mental health nurse?

7. What do you expect from psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals who share the workplace with you?

8. Describe a time when you experienced a conflict of your personal and professional interests. How did you get over it?

9. Describe a time when you struggled to communicate something to your patient. And how did you get your message over?

Mental-Health Interview Questions 2022 and Sample Answers

Below are some of the mental health nursing interview questions and sample answers:

1. Describe a situation when you had to work closely with a difficult coworker and how you handled the situation. Also, were you able to build a relationship with this person?

How to answer:

Never talk badly about anyone during an interview. But, explain the situation and why the individual was difficult.
Also, share how you handled the situation. And try to turn anything negative into a positive. 


However, working closely with difficult coworkers can be challenging, but it is important to remember the patient, their care, and family is the most important.

Thus, putting aside differences is essential for all nurses because not everyone is the same.

Also, sometimes this means not discussing specific topics, such as religion or politics, at work. With that being said, not everyone will become friends in the workplace, but working together is key for the successful care of the patients.

2. Talk about a conflict within your healthcare team. What was the conflict and how did you handle it?

How to Answer:

Explain the conflict surrounding the situation. Who was involved? What was your role? Did anything positive come from this? What did you learn? 
Conflict often occurs in the hospital setting particularly between new nurses and more seasoned staff and doctors and nurses.


One specific time, there was concern from a parent that a newer nurse was not monitoring a patient’s breathing postoperatively as closely as she would have liked.

I was covering the nurse for lunch and the mother brought her concerns to me.

I discussed and validated her concerns. Once the nurse was back from lunch, I spoke with her regarding the mother’s concerns. The nurse was very upset and felt it was not my place to say anything to her regarding this.

A parent’s or patient’s concerns should never be dismissed. Also, I spoke to the nurse educator on the unit to use the opportunity as a teaching moment.


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3. Describe a time when you were proud of your healthcare team? What was your role in this situation? 

How to answer:

Describe the circumstances and actions step-by-step. What made you feel proud? What was your role? Who was involved? What was the result? 


Working in the ICU setting, there are countless moments that make me proud to be a nurse and proud to be part of this amazing community.

Also, watching a patient survive a code, take their first steps on prosthetic legs, or being in the room when a patient I told they are receiving a new heart are the moments we all want to be a part of.

However, even if I am not delivering the news or care personally, the information my patient receives directly affects me.

4. Tell Me About a Time You Stepped Into a Leadership role

How to Answer

This doesn’t need to be anything official. Think about a time when you stepped up to the plate and took charge of a situation.
What was the circumstance? What made you take the lead? Who was involved? Did any opportunities arise from this situation? 


I have acted as a charge nurse many times in my career. Also, I have had to lead code teams, respond to rapid responses and make difficult staffing decisions.

As a charge nurse, I have determined patient assignments to ensure that assignments are equal. Furthermore, I have to ensure that the nurses’ skill set is sufficient for the assignment.

However, from the above, you now know that interviews in mental health nursing belong to job interviews with average difficulty. Nurses are in high demand, which makes your situation easier.

As long as you offer at least decent answers to all their questions, they will give you a chance to prove your skills during the probation period in the hospital/clinic/prison/community center.

Nevertheless, you should not underestimate your preparation. Also, kindly share this information with friends. Thank you, I wish you good luck in your interview!

CSN Team.


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