Physician Assistant Job Interview Questions and Sample Answers

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Physician Assistant Job Interview Questions are required if you are interested in working as a physician assistant. It is also an excellent launching pad for a career in the healthcare sector. So, if you desire a career as a physician assistant, then take a look at the questions below before you go out for that interview.

Also, you will learn the basics under an experienced physician’s guidance, and get ready to start your medical practice. But how do you get this job in an interview? 

Also, what questions will they ask you? And how do you make a good impression on the people on the hiring committee?

5 Top Physician Assistant Job Interview Questions

Below are some top reoccurring Physician Assistant Job Interview Questions:

1. Give Us an Example of What You’ve Done to Enhance Patient Safety

The well-being of patients is a top priority at many facilities. Thus, knowing that a candidate values patient safety is critical. What to look for in an answer:

  • Practical Example
  • Value of the Remedy
  • Evidence of Initiative

Answer: When I worked at ABC Hospital, there were no signs reminding personnel to wash their hands.

Unfortunately, research shows that less than 50 percent of medical personnel consistently wash their hands.

This behavior jeopardizes the health of patients every day, so I brought the issue up to the patient safety committee.

The hospital began putting signs in bathrooms, and the rate of patients who got sick in our hospital dropped by 15 percent.

2. What Characterizes a Good Physician Assistant in Your View? 

Answer: You can again approach this question from various angles. One of them mentions working duties, one by one, and emphasizes that a good PA can take care of each of these duties.

Also, another, more holistic approach, is saying that a good physician assistant has close and smooth cooperation with the physician and that they deliver an excellent service to the patients.

3. How Would You Deal With an Angry Patient?

As a Physician Assistant, you will meet an angry, sad, happy, and scared patient. You will meet people with all kinds of mental conditions while working as a healthcare practitioner.

However, show the interviewers that you are ready for it. Also, show that you understand the emotions patient’s experiences.

And will approach every person with understanding and respect. Also, you can say that you try your best to not be affected by the inappropriate behavior of some patients.

Answer: I would set up a meeting between the two of us to get an understanding of what communication methods we’re both comfortable with.

One idea is for me to email her at the end of each workday with questions or concerns and hear back within 24 hours.

Also, we would discuss in advance what aspects we are comfortable with me covering, for example, prescribing specific medications but not others.

4. How Do You Get Patients to Open Up to You About Their Medical History?

Answer: The appointment is one of the worst times to take a complete medical history. Patients are nervous, time is short, they may miss work, and physician assistants and doctors are likely running behind schedule, too.

As such, what I like to do is have the patient fill out a packet of documents before the visit. Also, it lays out the rationale behind needing a complete medical history and gives them time to make additions.

5. How Do You Overcome the Challenges of Being a Physician Assistant?

For many people, the reality of a job in medicine means stress, long hours, and, sometimes, burnout. This question helps you identify candidates who fit your organization well. What to look for in an answer:

  • The element that shouldn’t be a huge issue in your organization.
  • The rationale behind the frustration.
  • Attempt to resolve the problem.

Answer: A lot of the time, patients are in denial about the seriousness of their situation. They expect me to help them while they don’t help themselves.

However, I try to put myself in their shoes, though, acknowledging that bad behaviors such as smoking have helped them cope with life.

To become a physician assistant, one has to exhibit some professional expertise and strong interpersonal skills.

Get ready and practice expressing yourself with these interview questions as this will help you increase your chances of getting employed.

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