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Job Screening Interview Questions and Answers 2022 Latest Updates

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– Job Screening Interview Questions –

When it comes to job interviews, it really pays to be prepared. So below are the necessary questions and other information that will guide and prepare you for a successful interview session of any job specification.

Job Screening Interview Questions and Answers 2022 Latest Updates

While going for a screening interview, be ready to answer questions like.

Do you really want the job?

What are your communication skills?

Do you meet the basic job requirements in terms of education and experience?

What motivates you to apply for the job?

These and many more you are likely to hear at an interview read through carefully.  


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Questions for a screening interview will of course touch on whether acandidate’s hard skills, experience, education, and certifications are right for the open position. But as you check off the boxes, pay attention to soft skills and how the candidate presents during the interview.

Usually, during screening interviews, employers are seeking general, high-level information about you and your background to see if they should advance you to the next step in the hiring process.

You should be prepared to talk about why you’re looking for a job, why you’re interested in this specific job and company, and your background.

At the end of a phone screen interview, you want to be confident a candidate can not only do the job, but they’d be a good fit in your organizational culture.

Open-ended, in-depth questions aren’t necessary at this stage of the hiring process. A screening interview is typically a 15- to 30-minute session.

Your objective here is to narrow your list of top candidates to the handful you want to consider for formal interviews.

Job Screening Interview Questions and Answers

Each employer has a different set of questions for screening interviews, but there are several commonly asked questions.

Below are several screening interview example questions and answers you can use as inspiration when preparing for your interview.

1. What do you know about our Company?

With this question, you want to show off your knowledge and demonstrate that you did research before applying for the job.

Employers don’t want to hire someone who’s just applying to every job, and not taking the time to learn anything about the company.

They want someone who applied for a reason and wants to work at their company.

2. Why are you leaving your current role?

Understanding their motivation for leaving is key, because if it’s due to an issue that is also common in your company, then they are probably not a great fit.

3. Tell me about Yourself

The key here is to be concise. The best answers to this interview question will be 90 seconds or less. You want to answer in chronological order – start with how you got into your current line of work or career path.

Then talk about key accomplishments you’ve had along the way, key career moves you’ve made, and why. 

Also, include any promotions you’ve received. Try to mention at least one thing that will make you memorable and stand out.

4. Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Again, a good answer depends on the job you apply for. In most cases, it is good to connect your future with the company–saying you’d be happy to work for them in five years’ time.

In some other cases, it is better to focus on your personal goals.

5. What Motivates You?

This is a broad question, and there is no one right answer.

However, there’s a way to answer it correctly. Think about your strengths, and decide what your interests and passions are.

Get your hands on the company values. Use them as a guide for answering the question correctly.

6. What is Your Management Style?

You could get this management question no matter the position you’re applying for, as the hiring manager uses your phone interview answer to gauge your leadership prospects and potential.

Give a brief success story about a time you managed a project or team.

7. Why did you Leave Your Last Job?

When you left your last job is one of the top phone interview questions, and it can get tricky, especially if you didn’t part ways with your last organization on the best of terms.

Don’t say anything that will make the new company question whether that same situation could make an encore appearance.


• Hostess Interview Questions

• Journalist Interview Questions

• ZS Associates Behavioral Interview Questions

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8. Why did you apply for this Job?

Give them a clear reason, say what caught your eye on their job description. Show them that you did not apply just because you need any job, but because you really want the position they advertise.

9. What is Your Greatest Weakness?

Unlike the strengths question, the interviewer wants here to see how you answer more than what you answer. Use answers that show you’re self-aware and open to improvement.

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