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30 Reliable Overnight Jobs That Offer Great Schedules

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– Overnight Jobs –

Hey, people. Have you ever wished to get overnight jobs to add to your already secured jobs? Have you ever wondered how overnight jobs look or what it could take an applicant to get one? If yes, then you are on the best site.

Overnight Jobs

In this article, we have an endless list of full-time and half-time overnight jobs near you.

Read further as we have promised to make your search a fruitful one.

Interestingly, the overnight jobs here are for both educated and non-educated job seekers from 18 years and above.

Meaning of Overnight Jobs

An overnight or overnight shift is a work shift that takes place during the nighttime hours.

The overnight shift is also called the third shift, midnight shift, or graveyard shift. Overnight shifts typically last seven to eight hours, although some can be as long as twelve hours.

Part-Time Overnight Jobs Hiring Near me.

Here is a list of full-time overnight jobs in the USA. Look no further, our article has got you covered on the search for job alerts within your locality.

However, we suggest you apply for the ones close to you for the sake of convenience. Here are the major full-time overnight jobs near you:

1. Overnight Counselor Job- Eating Disorders, Residential

Job Title: Overnight Counselor Job- Eating Disorders, Residential

Company Hiring: Center For Discovery Chicago, IL

Location: Chicago, IL

Job Type: Part-Time

Job Description

Overnight Eating Disorder Technician (Overnight ED Tech) assists and supports patients through the entire treatment experience from admission through discharge.

Second, the person will contribute insightful, practical, and meaningful information to the treatment planning process.

Finally, the person’s responsibilities primarily include ensuring patient safety, conducting routine safety observations, maintaining a safe and clean therapeutic environment, and supporting patients.


Below is a list of the responsibilities of an Overnight Eating Disorder Technician:

  1. He or she must be able to stay awake to ensure a closely supervised, safe, and therapeutic environment during the overnight and early morning hours.

  2. He or she must complete an overnight checklist, including light household cleaning and temperature checks.

  3. He r she must support patients during admission processes. This may include checking inpatient belongings, acclimating patients to the program and milieu.

  4. He or she must be able to effectively and professionally communicate with families/loved ones, as appropriate.

  5. Must complete relevant tasks within 24 hours of admission and accompanying notes in the medical record.

  6. Must assist and support patients in day-to-day activities including, but not limited to waking routines, morning hygiene, nighttime routine, evening hygiene, bathroom observations, and safety overnight observations.

More Responsibilities

  1. Must be able to effectively and professionally establish rapport with patients.

  2. Must provide milieu management throughout the treatment experience and communicate with all team members.

  3. Must assist in the implementation of the comprehensive treatment plan in the milieu.

  4. Must contribute to the well-being of all patients by serving as a positive role model.

  5. Must engage in brief “check-ins” wherein patients are provided with support and guidance in using coping skills.

  6. Must objectively and accurately document patient progress daily

  7. This is a full-time position working Sunday-Thursday 11 pm-7 am at our residential program For a virtual tour of the facility, please visit our website at centerfordiscovery.com.


Here are the basic qualifications that an Overnight Eating Disorder Technician must have:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree (BA) from a four-year college/university OR

  2. Two years of experience working within the mental health, counsellor, or eating disorder fields

  3. A current Driver’s License and be in good standing.

Company Description

Discovery Behavioral Health (DBH) is a national leader in behavioural healthcare and one of the fastest-growing companies in the field.

The company offers world-class treatment for those struggling with eating, mental health, and substance use disorders, and places a high priority on seeking employees who share our passion for improving the lives we serve.

Since 1997, the Center for Discovery, DBH’s eating disorder division, has helped thousands of patients discover their path to the full and rewarding lives they deserve with evidence-based and inclusive treatment options.

Our Offer to You!

We are dedicated to empowering our teammates with their professional and personal development by providing:

  1. 401 (k) with company match

  2. Healthcare benefits

  3. Holiday and sick days

  4. Employee referral program

  5. Employee discounts to various stores, amusement parks, events, etc.

  6. Continuing education (CE) programs and training

  7. Weekly training opportunities

  8. Advancement opportunities within the organization

Apply here

2. Warehouse Overnight

Job Title: Warehouse-keeper

Company Hiring: Lowe’s Home Improvement

Job Type: Part-time

Location: 18795 Us Hwy 441, Mount Dora, FL 32757

Company Description

Lowe’s is more than a home improvement store, it’s the beginning of all types of careers that help improve the lives of our customers and our associates themselves.

From seasonal jobs to seasoned vets, they have roles that can support your needs and aspirations.

Whether you want a part-time position or a place where you can plant yourself and build your career, there is a team of associates ready to work together.

The teams’ commitment to each other extends to the community as well, thus the company believes in investing in projects, providing hands-on support, and giving millions of dollars annually to our local neighborhoods.

Additional Information

This associate handles hazardous materials, replaces damaged shelving, keeps the backroom organised, and ensures equipment is charged.

Additionally, this associate organizes merchandise and top stock to set up stores for sales success.

To be successful, the associate must understand and prepare for the physical demands of moving merchandise for most his/her shift.

Minimum Qualifications

You can read, write, and perform basic arithmetic (addition and subtraction).

Preferred Qualifications

‣ You’ve worked in a restaurant, hospitality, or other warehouse jobs, and are looking for a new career in retail.

‣ Bilingual, Military, and Veteran applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.

Apply here

Hot Job Vacancies

Full-Time Overnight Jobs Hiring Near me

Overnight Jobs Hiring Near me

Here we bring you a few numbers of full-time overnight jobs hiring near your residence. Jobs in this category involve both the sales of prepared products and the rendering of services to customers who are out there to patronize.

However, they include:

1. Overnight Server- Job Post

Job Title: Overnight Server- Job Post

 Company: Waffle House

9520 Us Highway 441, Leesburg, FL

 Job Type: Full-time

 Qualifications: US work authorisation (Preferred)


‣ Taking orders, delivering hot food, answering phones, cleaning, end of shift duties

Applicants Must Be

  1. Team player, Reliable, Positive Attitude, and Hard Working.

  2. Must be available to work on weekends and all holidays if needed.


  1. Dental insurance

  2. Employee help program

  3. Employee discount

  4. Flexible schedule

  5. Health insurance

  6. Life insurance

  7. Paid time off

  8. Vision insurance


  1. Holidays

  2. Monday to Friday

  3. Nightshift

  4. Weekend availability

  5. Supplemental Pay

 Full Job Description

 When filling out an application, please use the following restaurant number:

Unit Number: 2032

Any Questions on application mode, kindly call HRC SueLee Basham(407)592-8575


COVID-19 considerations:

We require masks to be worn in the restaurant, we follow social distancing guidelines by limiting the number of customers and/or separating booths with plastic barriers, and we conduct health screens with associates before starting work.

2. Overnight Grocery Clerk

Job Title: Overnight Grocery Clerk

Company Name: Kroger Stores

Position Type: Employee

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Education Level: None

Required Certifications/Licenses: None

Position Type: Full-Time

Shift(s): Evening; Overnight

Regions: Mountain

States: Texas.

Position Summary

The major responsibility of the potential employee is to provide exceptional customer service in a safe and clean environment to ensure the customer’s return visit.

We accomplish this in many ways including, but not limited to; treating our customers/employees fairly and ethically.

Also, promoting an inclusive work environment, being a responsible member of the community, providing the right products at the right time with fair and accurate pricing.

Role model and demonstrate the company’s core values of respect, honesty, integrity, diversity, inclusion, and safety of others.

Essential Job Functions

  1. Conduct yourself in a professional manner, displaying a positive attitude, speaking highly of the company in the presence of customers or other employees.

  2. Respond to customers’ questions and requests in a courteous and helpful way.

  3. Follow all company policies and procedures.

  4. Understand and adhere to the shrink guidelines.

  5. Unloading trucks (Dairy, Frozen, Grocery, etc.).

  6. Remove merchandise from the pallet and sort into groups according to which area of the store it is stocked.

  7. Load merchandise onto carts to be placed on designated shelves, either in the backroom or onto the sales floor for proper display.

  8. Must be able to read codes on shelves and merchandise labels.

  9. Manually attach price labels to each item.

  10. Remove merchandise from the back room for stocking on sales floor shelves and build special sales displays on the sales floor.

  11. Operate a manual pallet-jack, powered pallet stacker, or “straddle stacker” (if over 18 years of age).

  12. Must be able to perform the essential functions of this position with or without reasonable accommodation

Apply here

Overnight Work from Home Jobs

Overnight Work from Home Jobs

Sometimes people thrive while working at night. Or, you may just prefer a 3rd shift job because of your schedule and family life.

Also, working from home has become the norm for many people.

Luckily, there are quite a few overnight works from home jobs to choose from.

1. VIPKid

VIPKid is always looking for new teachers to help educate students.

This company lets educators choose their hours, so if overnight hours work better for you. Therefore, they’ll be happy to get you started.

The company puts together the curriculum; you just have to teach children from China English as a second language. Join the 70,000 teachers who work on VIPkid and teach the 600,000 students English. 

However, The classes are one on one. Teachers make up to $22 per hour, plus any referrals or incentives.

The children are between the ages of 4-and 12. VIPKid recommends teachers be available at least 7.5 hours per day.

Sometimes it takes about 20 days to get a steady stream of students as parents help them look for the best teacher. Go here to apply now!

2. LiveOps

Join the LiveOps customer service teams and enjoy working from home. Increased earnings come with experience and performing great for customers.

Most calls are paid at a per-minute rate, so you’re in charge of how much you can make. Liveops allow agents to schedule their hours, so if overnight is preferred, they’ll allow it.

Agents are in charge of what industry they’ll be fielding calls from. 

Also, the company recommends agents have a quiet place to work that will have limited distractions.

Agents must have a corded landline phone and a headset that is compatible with this phone.

A work-from-home agent must have service from either Comcast, AT&T Uverse, Time Warner Cable, Digital Voice, or something similar. Initial contracts to get started are usually six months.

LiveOps pays invoices to top agents twice a month, by either check or direct deposit. 

Go here to learn more about LiveOps and apply online.

3. World Travel Holdings

World Travel Holdings agents help sell cruise or resort vacations to clients. Night shifts are available through World Travel Holdings.

They work with over 40 different travel brands.

Also, they make note that they don’t want your home office to be in the same residence as a current agent.

This may cause the home to be too loud if two agents live in the same home.

Minimum internet speeds are Minimum speeds required are 10.0 Mbps download, and 5.0 Mbps upload speed.

Meanwhile, new agents are required to pay a $250 refundable deposit to get a company computer and phone.

The deposit is spread out between five paycheck deductions. 

Apply here.

4. Play Media

Play Media needs team members to help transcribe audio. Therefore, they ask employees to take a series of tests to make sure they are the right candidate for the job. Therefore, Candidates must be at least 18-years old.

However, they also must be knowledgeable of English grammar and punctuation.

Typing ability must be at least 75 wpm to be considered.

Pay will decide on what type of project you’d be assigned by range typically between $10-$30 per hour. 3 Play Media is also looking for people who can transcribe Spanish audio for them.

All the requirements for this position are like the other opening. 

Apply here.

5. Appen

Appen is another one of the best overnight work from home jobs that offers a wide variety of different job opportunities. Also, one of the easiest most flexible ones is social media evaluators.

Agents must also be at least 18 years old. Also, some assignments on Appen may require an agent to be fluent in a second language, but they have room for people who speak English as their primary language.

One of the first questions they ask when you apply is actually what country you live in.

Therefore, They follow that up by asking what your primary language is. They’ll then outline jobs specific to those answers if they have anything like that open. 

Apply here if you are interested.

6. Apple 

Apple at home advisors offers support throughout the day for Apple customers. At home, advisors answer questions about Apple’s products and services.

Agents must be self-motivated and great at getting to and solving customer issues.

Hours are based all on business needs and may even include major holidays. Also, training can be done right at home on the IMac and headset provided by Apple.

A live instructor will lead training and last up to nine weeks. 

Follow this link for application and guidelines.

7. Fancy Hands   

Virtual assistants (VA’s) are in demand through Fancy Hands.

Also, virtual assistants through Fancy Hands don’t need a ton of equipment. A headset, microphone, computer, and reliable internet will be a great start.

People have busy lives, and you’re there to just help them through it. However, they may ask you to help schedule appointments or meetings on their behalf.

VA’s may also do data entry, send emails, make phone calls, and the list goes on. 

Whatever makes things flow easier for the client.

Sometimes requests may not be clear, but having the communication skills to do what you can and think it through will go a long way.

Starting out payments are determined by how quickly tasks are completed, how difficult the task is, and other things like what time of day was it finished.

Completed tasks will earn VA’s $3-$7 per task.

They also have managerial positions that oversee other virtual assistants and make sure everything is getting done.

Payments go out every two weeks on Tuesdays. 

Apply here.

Frequently Asked Questions Overnight Jobs

Below is a list of questions users often ask about Overnight jobs. Here we have answers for each question, and it targeted them at meeting your search intent as a user.

1. What is it Like to Work in Customer Service?

Customer service team members are resourceful problem solvers, patient listeners, and most of all empathetic human beings.
Any person can talk to a customer on the phone, but the best customer service associates empathize with the person on the other line.
When the user has a problem, they feel it too.

2. Is Working Night Shifts Bad for your Health?

A person working the night shift, which causes disruption to the circadian rhythm, is at greater risk of various disorders, accidents, and misfortunes, including an Increased likelihood of obesity.
Increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

3. Are Jobs Easy to Find in NYC?

It’s very easy to find a job in New York City if you can do any kind of job.
Jobs like fast-food franchises, restaurants, cashiers,s and similar entry-level jobs are much easier to find.

4. How many Hours of Sleep is Good for a Night Shift Person?

Although maintaining a regular sleep schedule is more difficult for shift workers, they still need the seven to nine hours of sleep (2) experts recommend adults receive each day.

5. What is the Hiring Process like at HEB?

It took less than 4 days to be hired and put into training.
I personally greeted the manager, asked for an opening, put in an application online, called to follow up, and was on the payroll within a couple of days time after the interview.
It took about 3 weeks to get the process done.

More FAQs About Overnight Jobs

6. Can you work night shifts best answer?

Therefore, would be happy to work night and weekend shifts if you have a proper security guard in place. I am not comfortable with night shifts due to safety concerns.
I am happy to work any other shift as needed. I’m a self-starter, and I’m confident making decisions during any shift.

7. Why do you want to work overnight?

The reasons to work night shift include items like increased pay, reduced competition on the job, coworkers who can relate.
Also, greater vacation flexibility, autonomy, less distractions and an ability to run errands when everyone else is working.

8. Are overnight shifts hard?

Just like anyone after a weekend, readjusting to a workweek is never easy. But it’s especially hard for night shift workers.
Your body likes sleeping at night, so after a few nights of “normal” sleep, trying to stay awake for an entire shift is even harder than usual.

9. How do you survive an overnight shift?

Tips for staying awake and alert during your shift
Nap. Take a 30 minute nap before your shift begins and, if possible, try to get in a few 10-20 minute naps throughout the night. …
1. Eat small portions throughout the shift. …
2. Keep moving. …
3. Chat with your co-workers. …
4. Be careful with your caffeine intake.

10. Does night shift make you gain weight?

Working the night shift burns less energy and increases risk of weight gain. People who work the night shift are likely burning less energy during a 24-hour period than those on a normal schedule.
Also, increasing their risk for weight gain and obesity, according to a new study led by the University of Colorado Boulder.

Hope the information you have just read was useful? Please, kindly share this content on all social media platforms around the globe, and recommend us to your friends, family, and organizations.

CSN Team.



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