Highest-Paying Computer Science Jobs in 2022

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Hey, peep! Y’all never knew the highest-paying computer jobs of 2022? Relax, we got a load down of amazing content here containing a comprehensive list of the highest-paying computer jobs in 2022.

Highest-Paying Computer Science Jobs in 2021 Update

Computer Science jobs are undoubtedly the most sought-after positions right now. It’s no surprise they offer the highest pay in every other engineering field.

Because of their demand, we get asked often to highlight the highest paying computer science jobs for our readers.

So, our experts put together a lot of time in market research and curated this list outlining the highest paying computer jobs you can apply for in 2022. Stay with us throughout this guide to find more information about each position.

Highest-Paying Computer Science Jobs

I’ve done my research and found a great report from PayScale, which reveals the highest paying Computer Science jobs in the US. I’ve included the average annual salary that’s how much you’ll earn after 10 years of work experience.

1. Software Developer

Average Base Pay: $80,018

Number of Open Jobs: 88,386

Description: Software developers create and maintain software programs that allow users to do certain tasks on computers and mobile devices. Being software engineering involves designing, installing, testing, and maintaining software systems.

Main responsibilities and tasks:

1. Plan & manage the software development process

2. Facilitate communication between different team members and departments

3. Communicate with clients & identifying possible product improvements

4. Train and guide junior programmers

5. Create detailed reports, evaluations, and presentations

2. UX Designer

Average Base Pay: $90,697

Number of Open Jobs: 6,560

Description: UX Designers are involved in all aspects of making the experience of using a software, website, or device easy and straightforward for users.

Their daily job responsibilities involve website design, gathering user feedback, brainstorming design concepts, and working collaboratively with other designers and engineers.

3. Cybersecurity Analyst

Average Base Pay: $79,738

Number of Open Jobs: 7,322

Description: Also, sometimes known as information security analysts, the role of cybersecurity analysts is to create and implement security systems to protect websites, networks, and data. Cybersecurity analysts also research trends in the cybersecurity field to foresee and prevent potential threats.

4. Web Developer

Average Base Pay: $75,487

Number of Open Jobs: 48,002

Description: Web developers are involved in all aspects of creating, coding, and changing websites. They create layouts, integrate graphics, and install user-friendly features into websites, as well as ensure that web pages are easily accessible across different browsers and interfaces.

5. Game Designer

Average Base Pay: $73, 182

Number of Open Jobs: 5,307

Description: Game designers work with teams to create video games. Their responsibilities range from animating and designing characters to testing and soliciting feedback on video games.

6. Database Administrator

Average Base Pay: $80,683

Number of Open Jobs: 25,708

Description: Database Administrators use databases to store, organise, and protect data. They also plan and develop databases, as well as assuring smooth user access to the database.

7. Cloud Engineer

Average Base Pay: $95,000

Number of Open Jobs: 40,300

Description: Cloud engineers focus their engineering duties on cloud computing systems, making sure the systems run smoothly and troubleshooting problems in the system why they occur. They also create, design, and plan new cloud services.

8. Systems Architect

Average Base Pay: $105,161

Number of Open Jobs: 1,918

Description: Systems architects assure the proper functioning of networks and computer systems. They also design new systems – such as software, hardware, servers, and security – tailored to the computing needs of a company.

9. Mobile Application Developer

Average Base Pay: $92,721

Number of Open Jobs: 10,576

Description: Mobile application developers create applications for phones and troubleshoot bugs when they occur. Often mobile application developers specialize in one type of platform, such as iOS or Android.

10. Data Scientist

Average Base Pay: $117,345

Number of Open Jobs: 21,712

Description: The job responsibilities of data scientists are far-ranging – from creating statistical methods to analyze data sets to developing automated data collection processes – but their boils down to one essential function: making data useful for businesses.

11. IT Project Manager

Average Base Pay: $97,312

Number of Open Jobs: 67,263

Description: IT project managers plan, manage, and coordinate information technology projects. This involves creating budgets, schedules, and project roadmaps, coordinating team members, and ensuring on-time completion of projects.

12. Machine Learning Engineer

Average Base Pay: 114,826

Number of Open Jobs: 18,331

Description: Machine learning engineers are a specialized breed of computer programmers who develop machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

Benefits of Careers in Computer Science

You’ve already seen that Computer Science jobs offer great salaries that increase as you gain more work experience and develop your skills. Now, let’s look at other benefits that make a career in Computer Science worth it:

1. Job opportunities and career stability

2. Freedom to work from anywhere

3. Share your work with the world

1. Job Opportunities and Career Stability

Yes, you probably already know this, but we need to mention it: a Computer Science job is a safe job. How do we know?

It’s simple. We’ve done our research, and here’s what the data from popular study destinations shows:

1. In the US, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects Computer & Information Technology (IT) jobs to grow 12% by 2028.

2. In Australia, the number of Software and Application Programmers is expected to grow from 121,300 to 146,800 by 2023.

3. According to Immigration.ca, “qualified Software Engineers are being hired by Canadian employers as quickly as they become available.”

2. Freedom to Work from Anywhere

The code is code. Some write it better, some worse, but once you learn a programming language, you’re able to use it in any country or even work remotely from home.

The same thing is true for hardware. Despite various manufacturers coming up with different designs, the computer parts like processors, RAM sticks, hard disks, SSDs, or graphic cards, are the same everywhere.

3. Share Your Work With the World

You can make your code and software open source. This means anyone can see the code, make changes, and add tweaks to create their version or make the tool work better according to their needs.

Great examples of open source software include VLC Media Player, Mozilla Firefox, Audacity, LibreOffice (free alternative to Microsoft Office), and Chromium, which is the basis of Google Chrome and other browsers.

The most important open source code is Linux, which is used to run millions of websites, servers, and even the Android operating system.

Disadvantages of Careers in Computer Science


A career in computer science doesn’t mean that there are no cons involved in it. Yea, there are disadvantages too, let me share them with you as well.

1. Prone to Health Problems

Because of Computer Science jobs, you’re likely to spend most of your working hours sitting in a chair, typing. This can lead to various health problems like:

1. Eyestrain & headaches

2. Bad posture

3. Cardiovascular disease

4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Although you often hear that exercise is a great way to avoid them, new data shows that working out is not enough to combat the negative effects of a sedentary life. That’s why you need to find a way to include physical activity during work.

2. Working Overtime

It’s not uncommon for Computer Scientists to work longer hours, especially when they need to fix serious bugs or oversee a server transition or maintenance tasks. 

Also, Cyber Security specialists, for example, always need to be prepared for receiving an emergency call no matter what time it is.

3. Working in a Different Time Zone

If you work remotely, you might have a schedule that involves working during the night and sleeping for most of the day. While this is great for night owls, it’s not ideal for every Computer Scientist.

In time, this schedule can affect your social life and can make taking care of other aspects of your life more difficult.

Highest-Paying CS Jobs: Skills for Your CV

Computing degrees combine theoretical study and practical projects, teaching you subject-specific skills including:

1. programming languages

2. hardware architecture and construction

3. network design and engineering

4. software engineering

5. multimedia design

6. software tools and packages.

You’ll learn how to specify, design, and construct computer-based systems, evaluate and recognize potential risks, and design creative solutions.

More Generic Skills Include:

1. teamwork and leadership

2. communication

3. problem-solving

4. negotiation

5. time management and organisation

6. report writing

7. numeracy

8. commercial awareness.


Continuing professional development (CPD) is especially important when you’re working with computers as technology and software develop at such a rapid pace.

Finally, The tech industry is always on the rise, and demand for highly skilled CS grads will be on the rise in the upcoming years. However, as much as the robustness of this industry so is the competition.

To make sure you can grab one of the highest paying computer science jobs this year, we suggest you hone up your skills first. Take a professional certification exam and try to obtain a handsome grade.

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FAQs about Highest-Paying Computer Science Jobs

Below are FAQs Highest-Paying Computer Science Jobs. Please, kindly examine the answers.

1. Is computer science one of the highest paying jobs?

Best Jobs for Computer Science Majors


Job Title

Mid-Career Pay


Software Development Director

Mid-Career Pay:$163,000


Principal Software Engineer

Mid-Career Pay:$149,000


Security Architect, IT

Mid-Career Pay:$137,000


Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer

Mid-Career Pay:$118,000

2. Can computer science make you rich?

They projected the average starting salary for graduates of computer science degrees to be around $61,000, second only to engineering graduates. 
The real potential for wealth, however, comes the from the power to develop your own product and found a company in the same vein as Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

3. How can I make money with computer science?

How to Make Money with a Computer Science Degree (26 Best Jobs)
1. Business Systems Analyst.
2. Freelance 3D Developer. Self-Employed. …
3. Programmer Analyst. Corporate. …
4. IT Systems Engineer. Corporate. …
5. Virtual Reality Designer. Corporate. …
6. E-Commerce Analyst. Corporate. …
7. Freelance Web Developer. Self-Employed. …
8. Technical Support. Corporate. …

4. Top 10 countries forSoftware engineers / Developers/ Data Scientists to work

1. Switzerland
2. Canada
3. Australia
4. Netherlands
5. Germany
6. USA
7. Sweden
8. Denmark
9. Singapore
10. United Kingdom

More FAQs Highest-Paying Computer Science

5. Can I be a millionaire with computer science?

Computer Science

This makes it one of the degrees that makes the most millionaires. The average starting salary for graduates in computer science degrees is roughly $61,000.
However, which is second only to engineering graduates. That is incredibly high for a first job, and things can really take off from there

6. How do computer science students make money?

Some common platforms and programs wherein you can participate are:
GeeksforGeeks. GeeksforGeeks is a computer science portal for students or working professionals which provides many ways to earn money. …
1. CodeChef. …
2. HackerEarth. …
3. Codeforces. …
4. LeetCode.

7. What should I study to make good money?

Top picks include business, accounting, and criminal justice. These are all stable, growing fields that pay well, and studies show that most students who choose these majors are successful.
It’s safe to say you could do well in any of these fields, but which one is the best fit depends on your interests and abilities.

8. Is computer science in high demand?

“Are computer science jobs in demand?” The short answer to this question is “Absolutely.” According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
Also, the computer and information technology field is expected to grow by 13 percent from 2016-2026 — faster than the average growth rate of all occupations.

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