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Amazon is more than an e-commerce platform it’s also a technology titan providing artificial intelligence, digital streaming, cloud computing, and much more. If at all you desire to see yourself working in Amazon then in this article, I will tell you how to get a job at Amazon.

How to Get a Job at Amazon Without Stressing Out Yourself

Amazon is a tech giant that employs a huge workforce of more than 560,000 employees, or ‘Amazonians,’ worldwide.

Headquartered in Seattle, with offices and centers around the globe, Amazon is a company that offers many employment opportunities.

It’s also one of the most sought-after employers in the United States, with thousands of people competing for each available position. Don’t be intimidated, though.

With a bit of research and preparation, you can make yourself an ideal candidate for a job at Amazon.

According to Amazon’s website, the first step to getting a job there is just like getting a job at any other company – by filling out an application.

With a company this well-known, and a hiring process this competitive (the company receives thousands of applications for each position), you have to find a way to stand out.

Often, the best way to do this is through a recommendation from someone within the company. “I was referred internally for the role,” she says, by someone she knew from college.

“I was interested in Amazon Fashion specifically because it was the epitome of fashion tech in my mind, and it was at a time where they were pushing hard for credibility.”

The hiring guide provided online by Amazon underscores the 12 leadership principles: customer obsession, ownership,  learn and be curious, hire and develop the best, insist on the highest standards, think big, a bias for action, frugality, earn trust, dive deep, have backbone; disagree and commit, and deliver results.

Applying to a Job at Amazon

Applying to a Job at Amazon

When considering any job, it is imperative to come prepared to speak about and demonstrate how you would fit into the company’s core values and culture.

1. Attend a local hiring fair for full- and part-time warehouse positions. Amazon often has mass hiring events for jobs in its fulfillment centers. Some of these events welcome walk-ins. Simply show up, apply for a job, and you’ll likely be offered one on the spot. Others are by invitation only.

  • To get an invitation to a hiring fair, simply fill out an application online ahead of time. When you receive an email confirmation of your acceptance, print it out and bring it with you. Apply online and find information about hiring events in your area at https://www.amazondelivers.jobs/.
  • You must be at least 18 years old and have a high school degree or equivalent to be hired for an Amazon warehouse position.
  • You don’t need a resume to apply for a warehouse position. However, bring a photo ID with you to the hiring event and prepare for a drug test via a mouth swab.

2. Apply online through the Amazon Jobs website for other positions. Search the website, by location, category, or keyword, to find the job listing for your position.

Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button beside the role title at the top of the listing page. Follow the directions on the screen to either create a new profile or log back in as an existing candidate.

3. Create a new profile or log back in if you’re a returning candidate. Enter your name and email address and create a password. You have the option of entering your phone number as well so that Amazon can text you or send you voice mails about your application, and job-related matters such as scheduling and shift reminders if you’re hired.

  • You can’t use your Amazon.com customer login for your application profile. You need to create a separate profile to apply for jobs.

4. Upload your resume or CV to your profile. Make sure it’s current. If you don’t have a formal resume or CV, give a brief description of your background, work experience, education, and skills.

  • Amazon does not accept cover letters.
  • At the time of profile creation, you can choose to use your LinkedIn page as an alternative to uploading a traditional resume or CV. Amazon only accepts one resume per applicant, though, so choose the option that is best for you.
  • Don’t include any work samples, such as writing, code, or designs, when you upload your CV or resume. If there are public copies of your work available online, include links to them in your resume.

5. Check the status of your application in your profile. Amazon only contacts candidates they want to interview. Log in to your application profile to review the roles you’ve applied for.

If an application is marked as ‘active,’ a final decision hasn’t been reached yet. If an application has been marked as ‘archived,’ and you haven’t been contacted for an interview, you are no longer under consideration for the position.

  • If Amazon is interested, they will schedule a phone interview with you. You might have a couple of interviews over the phone before being invited for in-person interviews at an Amazon office if you’re successful

Resume & Cover Letter Tips for Amazon

Here’s the good news: Amazon doesn’t allow cover letters. “Being a peculiar company, we don’t accept cover letter,” its website says. “Just ensure your resume is up to date and you’re all set.

And if you don’t have a resume, the company won’t count you out: While Amazon recommends you apply with one, the company will still review your application without one.

“Just be sure to fill in a brief description of your background, experience, educational achievements, and skills,” the company instructs on its website. “This information is necessary to evaluate candidates.” 

If you’re interested in a job at one of Amazon’s warehouses, you definitely don’t need a resume, Amazon says. (And you can simply apply by visiting this website, specific to warehouse jobs.)

To submit a resume that will wow Amazon, follow this handy guide, which walks you through everything you need to know, from how to format it to Glassdoor’s top editing tips and tricks. 

What Will Separate You from the Rest?

It’s that almost unquantifiable “it” factor that these rigorous interviews reveal in candidates that separate them from the rest and land them the job.

I asked both Cronin and Smith-Vaughan what makes one candidate stand out from another candidate at Amazon if both have almost identical skills and professional histories.

This good news is worth sharing, reach out to your friends on social media, share this article with them so they too can grab the opportunity.

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