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New Zealand Army Recruitment for Foreigners 2021 and Eligibility Requirements

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New Zealand Army Recruitment for Foreigners 2021: Are you looking for a job in the army? Are willing to tough and feel that the army is for you? Would you like to work for New Zealand Army? Also, you would not mind if we guide you on how you can apply for New Zealand Army jobs recruitment foreigners? If yes, then continue reading.

New Zealand Army Recruitment for Foreigners 2021 and Eligibility Requirements

New Zealand is one of the countries which allow foreigners who meet certain conditions to join its army.

This article would be going into detail and explaining everything foreigners need to know about the recruitment process to join the New Zealand Army.

Foreign Applicants

Now that you simply are considering applying to the New Zealand o(NZDF), it’s time to begin considering however you’ll best enhance your probability of choice and prepare yourself for a move to NZ.

The NZDF contains a demand to fill vacancies with masterly personnel with comparable qualifications and skills that can’t presently be glad by internal career progression inside the NZDF.

Foreigners only get some positions these are listed on the ‘Roles’ page. Our overseas achievement method is thorough and sturdy to confirm that the correct people are elite.


Applicants have to meet all the subsequent basic criteria for consideration:

If you meet these criteria, click here

  • Be a currently serving member of the united kingdom, Australian, USA, or Canadian military,
  • Are a subject of either the United Kingdom, Australia, USA, or North American country for a minimum amount of ten years, or are living in NZ for a minimum amount of five years,
  • Be eligible to exit current service inside eighteen months of applying, and
  • Meet current vacancy and Rank criteria at the time of application.

If self-made through the achievement method, you have to gain an NZ Residence category visa, providing you with the correct to measure and add NZ.

We cannot influence NZ Immigration in any method, but if self-made within the achievement method, your Offer of Service can facilitate your application for an NZ Residence category visa.

Please visit the New Zealand Immigration website for additional info.


Applications from overseas personnel are open for all 3 Services (Navy, Army, and Air Force) for elite trades and at elite rank levels.

Personnel UN agency doesn’t meet these criteria won’t be processed thanks to the high volume of candidates.

New Zealand Army

Currently, the New Zealand Army is taking applications for the subsequent trades and rank levels from Overseas candidates.


General Information

The purpose of this section is to supply general info to assist facilitate the transition from overseas to NZ. A variety of sources is enclosed and people are really inspired to undertake their own analysis to develop a private impression of life in NZ.


Personnel recruitment from overseas ought to be ready to pay their own relocation expenses. Partial funding is also on the market and can be determined on a private basis.

Any funding that’s approved is going to be enclosed within the OOS. Funding is completed on a pay and claim basis and can bond you to the NZDF for a time.

Rank  and Seniority

We aim to recruit self-made lateral candidates at a rank and seniority that reflects their military service, but the New Zealand Army is a relatively small army and is based on vacancies.

If you’re offered a discount in rank, it doesn’t reflect your skills and skill.

You may possibly be needed to complete the individual promotion courses to amalgamate you into the NZDF, establish a generation and assist the army to assess you for additional career progression.

Pay, Tax, and Superannuation

NZDF personnel are paid fortnightly and subject to ‘PAYE’ (Pay As You Earn) tax in accordance with current NZ tax rates. Details of tax rates and brackets are often found at

NZDF rates of pay are frequently reviewed and your earnings are going to be determined by your skills, expertise, and information. The information on your remuneration package is going to be enclosed in your OOS.

You will be part of the Government Kiwisaver superannuation programme.

Members contribute a minimum of three of their earnings and also the NZDF can contribute four percent but benefits get secured till a minimum of age sixty-five (with minor exceptions).

For additional info on the Kiwisaver programme, visit

Medical and Dental

All service personnel is given subsidized medical and dental aid. The NZDF doesn’t offer to protect families of service personnel.

NZ’s public health system is sweet by world standards. All essential health care is provided liberal to NZ Residents through the general public health system.

This implies that some routine services, like visits to native doctors and dentists, should be got.

NZ Residents could receive free hospital treatment, subsidies on prescriptions, and support services for specific disabilities. Please visit the Ministry of Health’s website for additional information:


Upon getting enlisted, members of the regular force are entitled to submit applications for service housing. There’s a role for service housing in some locations.  

In these locations, members are going to be placed on the housing register and allotted housing supported their priority once a house becomes on the market.


The NZDF has family-friendly, equal employment, and anti-harassment policies as a result. Family-friendly policies are enforced so the distinctive aspects of service (such as deployment) don’t impact adversely on families.

There exist trained personnel that is ready to offer steering on any side of discrimination, harassment, or different adverse events.


You must ask for permission to wear any awards or medals on the NZDF uniform.

The New Zealand Army would apply on your behalf to the NZDF’s medals team for recognition of any awards or medals you hold. Please offer all relevant details together with proof to your Candidate Coordinator.


The NZDF’s normal claim to Annual Leave is twenty-five operating days leave.

The Statutory Leave claim is eleven Public Holidays every year, but you may possibly be expected to parade on ANZAC Day (25th of April). You get 2 military days that are usually given between Christmas day and New Year’s day too.

For additional info check the section of New Zealand Defense Force Frequently Asked Questionsemail New Zealand Defense Force, or call us on  +64 04 342 6925.

Mistakes to Avoid While Applying

A lot of people fail in many applications not because they are not qualified, but because of numerous mistakes. So take note of the following:

  1. Apply on time, do not wait for the deadline.
  2. Do the application processes alone, don’t send anybody to avoid mistakes in your data
  3. Keep yourself updated concerning the application
  4. Make sure you supply all the necessary requirements
  5. Take time to crosscheck your details before submission.
  6. Candidates are to apply for one job position, Candidates who attempt to apply multiple times will have their application disqualified
  7. The online application is free.

Kindly provide us with your phone number and email address in the comment box below.

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