NGO Jobs in Nigeria for Part-Time and Full-Time 2022

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Do you have a passion to serve humanity? Would you like to work with/in an NGO in Nigeria? If yes, then this article is for you. In this article, you shall learn about top NGO jobs in Nigeria.


NGO Jobs

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a non-profit, citizen-based group that functions independently of government.

NGOs, sometimes called civil societies, are organized on community, national and international levels to serve specific social or political purposes, and are cooperative, rather than commercial, in nature.

Examples of NGOs include those that support human rights, advocate for improved health or encourage political participation.

This article brings to our knowledge of different NGO jobs for part-time and full-time applicants in Nigeria.


Full-Time NGO Jobs

Here is the list of jobs available in Non-governmental organizations.

1. Grants & Contracts Administrator

Job Description

Grants and contract administrators provide administrative and technical guidance and support to faculty and staff seeking outside funding for research, public service, and special sponsored institutional projects.


1. Guides and facilitates faculty and staff in the development and preparation of research proposals, contracts, sub-contracts

Including agreements, budgets, documentation, and interpretation of funding requirements.

2. Analyzes and evaluates contract and grant budgets for correct calculation of expenditure categories such as salaries, percent of effort, salary adjustment increases, fringe benefits, indirect costs, materials, and equipment.

3. If in a Central Core Office, serves as a central negotiator and liaison between the University, funding agencies, and contract entities;

Researches, drafts, and approves formal responses to requests for proposals, quotes, contracts, and agreements.

4. Analyzes and evaluates awarded proposals, contracts, which may include clinical trial agreements, and subcontracts for compliance with the funding agency, federal, state, and university requirements.

5. Assists in the formulation of processes and procedures for negotiation of contract and grant pre-awards and post-awards to meet university requirements;

Researches appropriate federal, state, and local requirements to facilitate compliance by all parties; assists in arbitration and resolution of conflicting interests, as necessary.


1. A Bachelor’s degree in Business, International Relations, Finance, or a related field.

2. Ability to make administrative/procedural decisions and judgments.

3. Organizing and coordinating skills.

4. Ability to perform complex tasks and prioritize multiple projects.

5. Records maintenance skills.

2. Care Co-ordinators

Job Description

Health unit coordinators are responsible for administrative aspects of patient care.

They typically work in hospitals and nursing care facilities and provide non-medical support to nurses and patients alike.

Health care coordinators work with patients to determine what the patient’s specific medical needs are.


1. Clerical tasks like answering phones and processing paperwork, including discharge, transfer, and admittance forms.

2. Health unit coordinators also often act as a liaison between patients, nurses, doctors, and different departments within the hospital or care facility.

3. Scheduling procedures like tests and x-rays, transcribing doctors’ orders, and ordering medical and office supplies.

4. Health unit coordinators are a part of a broader medical team and are expected to keep pace with the potentially hurried and stressful environments in which they work.

5. Health care coordinators work closely with patients on a one-on-one basis. They provide guidance, support, and advice to patients dealing with complex medical issues.


1. A degree in the health care field.

2. 5-8 years of experience implementing and coordinating on-site primary health and clinical activities in humanitarian/crisis response projects with a wide variety of stakeholders required.

3. Knowledge of emergency nutrition activities including assessments and activity design is highly desired.

4. Prior work experience in a non-governmental organization (NGO), government agency, or private company of the progressive program

And management experience in humanitarian assistance or related industry experience in a relevant technical area.

5. Experience coordinating complex programs with a wide variety of stakeholders.

3. Livelihood Officer

Job Description

Identify, prioritize and support communities to implement potential livelihood strategies that are less sensitive to existing and potential hazards and resilient to disasters.


1. Design, develop and provide the necessary training for target communities to develop skills and capacities for disaster resilient livelihood strategies and viable options for income.

2. Identify and design interventions that link the restoration of essential services with livelihood opportunities for community stability.

3. Support economic livelihoods and capacity-building activities for partner communities.

4. Facilitate stakeholder engagements with critical development stakeholders.

5. Build up the capacity of a project team on skill-based innovative sustainable livelihood community models.


1. Bachelor’s degree /HND in Business Administration and Management, Banking & Finance, or other related fields.

2. In-depth understanding of urban poverty and vulnerability issues in Northeast Nigeria.

3. Minimum of two years of professional work experience in livelihood with centered approaches on poverty and vulnerability reduction, family business scheme, micro-enterprises, and fund management.

4. Proficient and experienced in planning, monitoring, and reporting project activities in a relevant field in multi-stakeholder partnerships and collaborations.

5. Excellent interpersonal, networking, communication, negotiation, and facilitation skills.

4. Project Director

Job Description

Mainly Responsible for strategy, output quality, budget, timeline management, project/program & brand activation activities.


1. Improves both efficiency and quality of the program.

2. Coordinates and supervise the functions of the foundation.

3. Responsible for the care and maintenance of the foundation hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, and long-term care facilities.

4. Inspire the organization to deliver the best care possible including overseeing staff and ushering in new policies, leadership skills as well as the ability to command respect.

5. Solution-oriented professional who can make informed decisions by looking closely at data and predetermined goals.


1. Must have acted in the capacity of an Assistant General Manager for a Blue-chip company.

2. Must be a Technocrat.

3. Proven ability to build an organization or business from scratch.

4. Demonstrate experience in health care management.

5. Master’s Degree in Development, Project Management, Business, Organizational Development, or Public Administration.

5. Consultant

Job Description

A consultant identifies current levels of community access to and practices related to water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities.

Provide information on people’s knowledge, attitude, and practices that will allow the development of a program’s Behavioral Change and Communication or Communication for Development activities.


1. Provide dis-aggregated data and information on program indicators in the context.

2. To ascertain the people’s perception of child protection, safety, and dignity in these communities.

3. Train data enumerators and supervisors, and ensure the quality of data.

4. Undertake consultations with key stakeholders and conduct field data collection; Focus group discussions, Key informant interviews, etc.

5. Process and analyze the data, and write and submit a draft report of the survey.


1. The consultant should be a holder of at least a Master’s Degree in Public Health, WASH other related fields and five years of relevant work experience.

2. Computer literacy in MS Word, MS Excel, and PowerPoint, digital data gathering devices.

3. Excellent writing and document presentation skills.

4. Ability to live and work in an isolated area in conditions of limited comfort.

5. Strong analytical skills and research experience, with solid knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.

6. Systems Enhancement Accountant

Job Description

System enchantment Accountant is responsible for continuous improvement of financial systems and compliance levels at the State offices in the country.


1. Compliance and Risk Management.

2. Working with the Office of Compliance and Risk Management to identify potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk

3. Prioritizes areas to be addressed, then, works with staff on the ground, develops or implements corrective action plans for resolution of problematic issues

And provides general guidance on how to avoid or deal with similar situations in the future.

4. Ensure compliance issues or concerns within the organization are being appropriately evaluated and resolved.

5. Report on a regular basis, and as directed or requested, to keep the Director, Finance and Senior Management informed of the operation and progress of compliance efforts.

6. Support with periodic audit processes and promptly redress audit/review findings.


1. B.Sc. in Accounting, Finance, and Business Administration or its recognized equivalent with 5 – 7 years relevant experience, or M.Sc. in Accounting.

2. Experience in accounting and accounting principles sufficient to prepare complex and detailed financial and budgetary analyses.

3. Experience in financial reporting, and financial management systems applications.

4. Experience with donor-funded programs and non-governmental organizations in Nigeria

5. CPA, ACA, or recognized equivalent is required


7. Senior Coordination and Liaison Officer

Job Description

Senior Coordination and Liaison Officers are responsible for the development and maintenance of positive working links with Federal, State, and Local Government authorities

In order to ensure positive and productive engagement within the scope of the ECHO-funded Recovery to Resilience program.


1. Identify and map the relevant structures and departments within State; Municipal; and Local government levels

Producing a Multi-Level Stakeholder Relationships, Roles, and Responsibilities Map, which will inform ACTED’s stakeholder engagement plan.

2. Identify and map key personnel within State; Municipal; and Local government, and develop a stakeholder engagement plan for how to approach these individuals and units as key stakeholders in the program.

3. Develop and manage relationships with identified key stakeholders in relevant ministries at State, Municipal, and Local levels, to ensure their active participation in the program.

4. Facilitate bi-monthly neighborhood Disaster Preparedness and Response Coordination meetings

Including maintaining and sharing the minutes of meetings with all participants, and keeping accurate records of participants and discussions.

5. Establish and maintain neighborhood-level 5Ws for service provision in the three target neighborhoods.


1. HND, Bachelor’s Degree.

2. 3 – 4 years of working experience in the related field.

3. High mapping skills, in map drafting and other map-related skills.

4. High level of confidentiality, integrity, Professionalism, Mature, culturally sensitive, flexible, team player, and interpersonal skills with the ability to build an effective relationship with a range of people.

5. Experience in working under high pressure and the ability to handle multiple priorities in an autonomous manner.

Part-time NGO jobs

NGO Jobs

Here are part-time jobs available in Non-governmental organizations

8. Facility Support Staff

Job Description

Facility support officer Plans and coordinates all installations and refurbishments.


1. Managing the upkeep of equipment and supplies to meet health and safety standards.

2. Inspect buildings’ structures to determine the need for repairs or renovations.

3. Plan and coordinate all installations (telecommunications, heat, electricity, etc.) and refurbishments.

4. Manage the upkeep of equipment and supplies to meet health and safety standards.


1. Knowledge of basic accounting and finance principles

2. Excellent verbal and written communication skills

3. Excellent organizational and leadership skills

4. Good analytical or critical thinking

5. BSc or BA in facility management, engineering, business administration or relevant field

9. Communications Intern

Job Description

The Communications Intern supports the implementation of communications plans to increase the visibility and profile of the media and the communities.

They support Advocacy and Communications Activities.


1. Provide support to the Communications Officer to collect information on programs, and write and disseminate content.

2. Daily management of the organization’s social media platforms; Facebook, and Twitter.

3. Update information on program activities on social media platforms.

4. Support the design of advocacy and communication materials such as advocacy briefs, and success stories.

5. Collect, maintain and organize communication data and materials on the No Hunger Forum.


1. A university graduate degree.

2. Previous experience engaging the audience on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

3. Any related prior internship experience is preferred.

4. Excellent writing and verbal communication skills

5. Good photography and videography skills.

10. Wash Officer

Job Description

Wash officer Conducts research study on Sanitation Marketing.


1. Organize meetings with community members to develop their knowledge in terms of the approach.

2. Inform and involve the communities in the implementation of the program.

3. Identification and sensitization of local artisans on various latrines designs and construction with the signing of MOU in collaboration with stakeholders.

4. Develop an inventory of trained artisans in each community including participating in vendors’ selection.

5. Conduct and supervise house-to-house monitoring of latrine construction.


1. Degree in Water Engineering, Hydrology, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Building, Social Science, Public Health

And other related fields with a minimum of 2 years of field experience especially in CLTS and sanitation marketing.

2. Professional, good organizational capacity, motivated, open, creative, mature, responsible, flexible, and, culturally sensitive.

3. Two years of relevant work experience.

4. Microsoft Office and designing software Skills.

5. Willing and able to be based and travel regularly within remote areas, where services are limited.

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