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Planet Fitness Job Application: Are you into fitness or fitness training, are you looking for a job as a fitness instructor in Nigeria? Would you like to work at Fitness Center? Also, you would not mind if we guide you on how you can apply for Planet Fitness job recruitment in Nigeria and beyond? If yes, then continue reading.

Planet Fitness Job Application and Career Guide 2021

Planet Fitness is one of the fastest developing organizations in the United States. This article will guide you on how to apply for a Planet Fitness job, the requirements, and the job openings.

Planet Fitness Employment Opportunities

The company has a constant need for new trainers for employment at Planet Fitness. So, if you have knowledge regarding the fitness domain or pertaining to training science will give you an upper hand for hiring once you send your application.

If you are new within the workforce, you can secure Planet Fitness Jobs with the gym chain that fits your career.

If you are applying for the role of assistant administrator or administrator, you are likely to begin your Planet Fitness career as a Planet Fitness receptionist or other entry-level employees.

Planet Fitness Application Procedure

Visit the Planet Fitness careers page at to view current Planet Fitness job opportunities. You will find the link to the careers section at the bottom of the page.

Once you have opened the careers page, you will see two browsing options which you can either select a Planet Fitness gym location you are interested in working in to see the available job opportunities or you can browse the Planet Fitness corporate jobs page.

Once you select the job position of your choice, you can begin the job application process by filling the online application form.

The hiring specialists usually ask questions before scheduling individual meetings where you will respond to the one-to-one interviews.

Planet Fitness Job Openings

♦ Planet Fitness Member Services Associate-Job Description and Duties

This job entails welcoming clients, handling the front desk, responding to questions and telephone calls, showing the features around the gym, helping new customers keep the hygiene of the machines and gym.

Salary and Benefits

Service representatives are regularly paid between $9.00 and $10.00 per hour.

♦ Planet Fitness Overnight Custodian-Job Description and Duties

An overnight custodian is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of all devices and training areas, storing the washrooms and locker rooms with hygiene products, reporting damaged devices, and returning lost items.

Salary and Benefits

The salary for this job position is $10.00 per hour.

♦ Planet Fitness Gym Administrator-Job Description and Duties

The responsibilities include: helping the gym manager with some important responsibilities, providing support in the personnel choosing and training program, managing the gym, taking care of client issues and questions, helping new clients to attend to their objectives, and order the necessary supplies.

Salary and Benefits

The salary for this position ranges between $25,000 and $30,000 annually.

Shortlisted Applicant Update

If you’ve been shortlisted, then you’ve got your foot in the door. And it’s time for you to shine at the final stage – the interview.

However, it could be a telephonic, Skype, or a face-to-face interview. And this is depending on the employer. When shortlisted:

  1. Endeavor to get information about the company.
  2. Also, ensure you have a clear vision. Try to figure out why you want the specific position. And how you would be a good fit. Also, go through your application.
  3. Additionally, be interactive. It’s an interview, not an interrogation. There is much more to you than your resume.
  4. The practice goes a long way. Thus, take mock interviews with your friends or practice speaking before a mirror.
  5. It’s rare, but sometimes you do get an offer letter directly based on your application. You start planning the celebration, but remember some points before you go into that party mode: Get it in writing.
  6. Also, go over the written offer in detail. And make sure all important details are mentioned and ask questions if you don’t understand anything. Such as work profile, start date, duration, and stipend, etc.
  7. Send a thank-you letter to the employer, once you accept the offer.
  8. Also, follow up with an e-mail confirming your start date and expressing your enthusiasm for your new role.

From the above, it is important you note that we are not partnering with these companies. We are only making this information available so as help you get that your dream job. As such, as you apply, ensure to do more research about the company. GOOD LUCK.

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