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Site Supervisor Job Description 2022 Updates

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This Site Supervisor job description is created to help firms/companies and individuals better understand the demands of the job position and attract candidates who are qualified. 

Site Supervisor Job Description 2021 Updates

Site supervisors monitor the progress of construction projects and ensure compliance with construction safety regulations.

They supervise construction workers and subcontractors, educate construction workers on-site safety practices, and evaluate employee performance.

Site Supervisor Job Description

Labourers, managers, supervisors, clients and other stakeholders work together to ensure that the projects proceed as planned.

Construction Site Supervisors are vital to the process, using their experience to guide different workers to the successful completion of a project.

This Site Supervisor job description example includes the list of most important Site Supervisor duties and responsibilities as shown below.

They can modify it to fit the specific Site Supervisor profile you’re trying to fill as a recruiter or job seeker.

More Details

We are looking for a full-time, detail-oriented Site Supervisor to oversee all our construction projects.

You will monitor on-site day-to-day activities and reporting the progress status to the Construction Project Manager.

Besides, you will keep a watchful eye on the Contractors and Construction Workers. 

Apart from supervising, track inventory supplies and order building materials as and when needed. 

You will coordinate with the Security Officers in enforcing site safety rules and regulations.

Besides, you should be familiar with using emergency equipment like fire extinguishers and set protocols for handling any uncertainties. 

Apply immediately if your candidature matches our job requirements.



1. Overseeing the progress of all construction activities

2. Ensuring all on-site workers adhere to the health and safety regulations

3. Implementing industry best practices and safety protocols

4. Hiring and evaluating the performance of the on-site workers

5. Regularly checking inventory and placing orders for building materials

6. Ensuring all equipment is in working order and in good condition

7. Performing first aid during emergencies

8. Interpreting building plans and construction blueprints

9. Conducting site inspections to ensure it is free from any safety hazards

10. Ensuring the workers follow site safety procedures

11. Handling any on-site accidents with uttermost care and awareness

12. Maintaining an accurate attendance report of all construction site workers

13. Reviewing daily construction work and suggesting any improvement measures

14. Ensuring all emergency equipment is in place and in working order

15. Ensuring project completion as per the set timeline


1. Possession of B.Sc, HNDNCE, OND in Civil Engineering, Business Administration or related field from a recognized institution.

2. Proven work experience as a Supervisor or any department in the construction company

3. High school diploma or West African School Certificate (WAEC) or National Examination Council Certificates (NECO)

4. NYSC Discharge/Exemption Certificate/Voluntary or Involuntary Service

5. Basic knowledge of first aid practices

6. Ability to work with basic computer applications (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.).

7. Familiarity with construction tools and equipment

8. Knowledge of health and safety standards

9. Strong leadership qualities

10. Good analytical and communication skills

11. Ability to work for long hours

12. Ability to interpret technical documents and blueprints

13. Critical thinker and possessing troubleshooting ability

14. Ability to offer a high level of customer service

15. Detail-oriented and a team player


Relevant skills of a Site Supervisor

1. A positive attitude.

2. The ability to communicate with, motivate, and if necessary discipline the workforce.

3. The ability to understand drawings and other contract documents.

4. A good understanding of safety procedures.

5. First aid training.

6. Organisational skills.

7. The ability to mediate to resolve issues.

8. An understanding of legal responsibilities.

9. An understanding of welfare and environmental issues.

10. An understanding of occupational health and behavioural safety issues.

One of the most important parts of finding the right person for your organization is designing a strong and clear job description.


While the thought of writing a good job posting may seem daunting, it will take less time than sorting through a lot of resumes of applicants who are not qualified or who don’t understand exactly who they are working for.

Talk with others who are familiar with the position and collaborate with other departments to produce a job description that is clear and defines the important parts of the job.

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