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HURRY NOW! APPLY NOW FOR USA JOBS WITH FREE VISA! Legit or Scam: Let’s review, which promises that you can earn passive income every month by allowing companies to advertise on the back windshield of your car. In this article, we made a review to know if is a legitimate business or a scam.

Also, if you want to give it a try, I’ll walk you through the steps. And I’ll show you how much money you can earn. legit

But if you don’t mind putting advertising decals on your back windshield, you’re OK with getting part of your compensation through restaurant gift cards and you’re willing to take a picture of your car on the first day of every month, you can earn hundreds of dollars a year.

Details You Should Know About  

Stickr’s monthly membership fee is $7.99.  This is reimbursed every month with your earnings.

Note: In order to get paid you do have to remember to verify that the decal is still on your car and in good condition by submitting a photo of it no later than noon on the second day of the month, along with a code word they give you to include in your photo so they know the photo is current.

To be on the safe side, just plan on submitting your photo on the first of the month. Review: Legitimate or a Scam?

Most of the YouTube reviews of focus on this question, so if you’re researching the company, you’re probably wondering whether this is a legit way to make some money.

It’s for real, but there are land mines you want to avoid if you decide to try Stickr.

  1. Commit to Participating For at Least Several Months

To get started, you have to pay for a membership ($7.99 to $9.99 per month depending on the campaign you select), a one-time service fee ($3.29), and the decals themselves (price varies).

You also have upgrade options: a one-time “double your revenue” fee ($29.99), a one-time “5x pay” fee for four extra stickers ($49.99), and a premium package to get free shipping and decals for life ($19.95).

The “double your revenue” option earns you twice the cash and nets you two $25 gift cards per month instead of one.

You may have to pay Stickr upwards of $100 before you ever receive your decals. Depending on the options you choose and whether you actually use all the gift cards, it can take you many months just to break even.

  1. Send Your Confirmation Photos to

You must verify your participation each month between midnight Mountain Time (2 a.m. ET) on the first day of the month and noon Mountain Time (2 p.m. ET) on the second day of the month.

You’ll be compensated on the 5th of each month.

Verification is easy. Each month, Stickr’s website provides you with a word (in this case, “firework”), which you must write down on a piece of paper.

You then take a picture of your car that includes a clear visual of your decal(s) and the piece of paper and upload your photo on

Stickr reimburses your monthly subscription fee each month that you verify your participation.

If you miss the deadline to send your photo, not only do you not get compensated for that month but you also won’t get reimbursed for your monthly subscription fee.

If you aren’t going to be disciplined enough to meet the deadline every time, I don’t think you should sign up for Stickr.

  1. Be Proactive About Getting Your Compensation

You can sign up for a membership, request decals, place them on your car windshield, verify them with, and still not receive your gift cards. legit Legit or Scam?

Below are some pertinent questions some people always ask about Legit or Scam:

  • How Does Work? partners with companies that want to advertise, acting as a go-between for drivers and companies.

There are no mileage requirements. It doesn’t matter where you live or what kind of car you drive. In theory, you could leave your car in the garage, never drive it, and still get paid.

You also get to choose what company or companies you want to advertise. takes its cut of the ad deals and then splits the rest of the money among the drivers who have verified participation.

You have to pay a subscription fee that you get back every month that you verify. You also have to pay upfront for your stickers to join a campaign.

There’s an option to pay extra to double your revenue and to advertise for five companies instead of one (and get paid more each month). then pays you cash as well as up to $50 per month in gift cards for every month you verify.

  • How Much Money Can I Make from

I like to maximize opportunities. I paid for double revenue and I also paid to put five decals on my car instead of just one.

I’ve made between $15.60 and $26.63 in cash during the full months that I’ve participated. I’ve also received $50 in gift cards each month.

Therefore my total compensation has been at least $65.60 per month. I’m on pace to earn $853.44 in total compensation for the year.

If you have the single-sticker deal and if you don’t pay for double revenue, you’ll earn less.

Once you get your decals, verify that you have placed them on your car correctly as soon as possible. That’s because will prorate your first month’s earnings.

If you verify that you started participating on the 16th day of a 30-day month, you’ll get only half a month’s pay.

This is not a program that’s going to change your life. But once you’ve gotten started, it’s as easy as taking and uploading one picture of your car per month to earn some extra pocket change and enjoy discounts at some local restaurants.

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