Companies to Track Off-Campus Jobs for International Students Abroad

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– Track Off-Campus Jobs for International Students Abroad –

Luckily, there are so many Track Off-Campus Jobs for International Students Abroad. If you are a student, you have so many options you can choose to make your education in the British universities an easy and fruitful mission to accomplish.

Track Off-Campus Jobs for International Students Abroad

In UK and other developed countries where it is possible to track off-campus jobs for international students abroad, students are privilege to work part-time alongside their studies in their respective institutions.

During academic or school terms, students can only work for 20 hours per week without studies having to interfere with their normal academic activities.

They will be given more freedom during scheduled breaks, such as with winter or summer holidays when they enjoy the full privilege of working full time, overtime or have over one part-time job.

What is Off-Campus Jobs

Off-campus jobs are jobs that allow students enrolling on their academic activities to get placed in a company without their college being involved in the process.

Regarding this, students need to directly send job applications to the companies that they wish to work for.

This opens a broad variety of job opportunities for students of which their college could not offer to them otherwise.

Therefore, if you are looking for a job opportunity while you are still enrolling in your normal academic activities on campus, you can always apply using the off-campus processes and links provided on this page.

Advantages of Off-Campus Jobs for International Students Abroad

Below are the advantages of off-campus jobs;

1. Higher Wages

With many off-campus jobs available for students, they will secure an increased hourly wage much more than an on-campus job.

This is because most of the on-campus jobs have to adhere to certain wage requirements and compensation limits to meet the school’s budget of the students.

This restriction is rarely present when a student ventures to find a job off-campus.

Off-campus jobs potentially pay two to three times much more compared to an on-campus job.

2. Variety

By venturing into off-campus jobs, students are opened to pick from a variety of jobs positions.

In most cities or towns, there are often many businesses that are interested in employing students for part-time jobs.

Alongside this, there are also agencies available to track off-campus jobs for international students abroad.

Therefore, irrespective of what type of career the student is pursuing, there is always a good chance of a relevant job off-campus.


Disadvantages of Off-Campus Jobs

Irrespective of what type of career the student is pursuing, there is always a disadvantage relevant job off-campus.

1. Time Factor

A disadvantage of working off camp is that a student will not always be aware of the new campus rules and updates relative to their academic activities because he or she is always of the camp for some time.

If a student is employed for a job off-campus, it is required of him to spend much more of the time away from the campus.

The time spent back and forth for off-campus work may otherwise be required to be engaged in studying.

2. Increased Cost of Transport

Travelling back and forth off the campus job involves much expense in transportation. For instance, if the student owns a car, he or she must have buy insurance, fuel, a parking permit and must have to maintain and repairs his car.

The use of public transportation will also add costs, even though some transportation systems reduced fares to them.

Regulations to Track Off-Campus Jobs for International Students Abroad

 a. You can work off-campus only when you start your studies

b. You can work off-campus even without a work permit only if the employer accepts you.

c. You can work off-campus only if your study permit includes a condition that says you can work.

d. You can work off-campus if you are not a part-time student at a designated learning institution (DLI).

e. You can work off-campus if you are enrolled in post-secondary education.

f. You can work off-campus if you have a Social Insurance Number.

Kind of Work You Can Do?

Track Off-Campus Jobs for International Students Abroad

If you are permitted to work during your academic studies, you can apply for employment in any of the following positions that suit your skill or discipline:

But have you ever thought of what type of job you can do while studying abroad?

Below are some of the positions you will find if you are a student looking for off-campus jobs:

1. Student Support officer

2. Sales Assistant

3. Pharmacy Delivery Driver

4. Pizza Delivery Driver

5. Veterinary care assistant

6. Personal Assistant

7. Physiotherapy assistant

8. Admission Officer

9. Sports Facilities Worker

10. Gardener

11. Customer Assistant

12. Freelance translator

13. Waitress

14. Receptionist

15. Facilities Assistant

16. Residence Guider

17. Promotional worker

18. Enrollment advisor

19. Finance Assistant

20. Social Media Assistant

21. Newspaper Distributor

22. Photographer

23. Personal Tutor

24. Ice Cream scooper

25. Host at a Restaurant

26. Smoothie Maker

27. Bartender

28. Cashier

29. Blogger

30. Graphic designer

31. Software Developer Intern

32. Bookseller

33. Tour Guide

34. Research Assistant

35. Waitress at the university cafeteria

36. Pet caretaker

37. House Cleaner

38. Babysitter

39. Brand Ambassador

40. IT assistant

41. Security guard

42. Fitness instructor

Ways to Track Off-Campus Jobs for International Students Abroad

students Abroad

1. Find your Focus and Create a Story

This is the first thing you should do before applying to any company. This involves a careful assessment of your potential and convinces yourself why you should work in such a company.

2. Update your Social Media Handles

This has to do with updating your cover photo, profile, relevant work experience, certifications and skills etc on certain social media platforms.

Social media such as LinkedIn, GitHub, Facebook among others are made available to update your profile and convince a recruiter that you are fit for the job position

3. Build your Resume

This has to do with the need of tailoring your resume according to the job position you’re applying for.

With regards to this, include certain important keywords that match your expected job position.

4. Create your Cover Letter

Basically, a cover letter is a recommendation letter itself, explaining the reasons that deem you fit to work with the company

Though most of us undermine cover letters when it comes to presenting them as one of our credentials during a job interview.

That is quite true to some extent but it helps you to be really noticed by the recruitment team and makes you outstanding from other applicants.

5. Submit your Application

Once you are ready to apply to the company you are seeking employment, also attach alongside your resume and cover letter and wait for your testimony.

Best Companies to Track Off-Campus Jobs for International Students Abroad

Here is a list of the best and high-paid companies to work as an international student abroad:

 1. Paytm

One must acknowledge the background of this company before seeking job opportunities.

This company avail job opportunities in multiple dimensions. Therefore, students from different disciplines can apply for their suitable options.

Job Location: Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida

Job role: Employee would be involved in network engineering, management and maintenance

For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE

2. Capgemini

Capgemini’s work principally revolves around functions such as consulting, outsourcing, technology among others. Therefore the company gives employment to potential applicants.

For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE

3. Accenture 

This American-Irish company is one centre of learning for many graduates in India.

The world is developing at a lightning speed! Thus, with the ballooning competitiveness emerges the need for advanced resolutions.

Accenture gives strategic models to develop businesses. It provides to various organizations ranging from mid-level to large enterprises. It also aids government agencies to expand.

Accenture undertakes multidisciplinary actions that involve advanced technology, consulting, strategy, operations and digital solutions.

This company handles various sectors such as the media, health, financial services. It has served over 120 countries since its inception.

Therefore, Accenture enhances multifarious learning opportunities for all eligible young graduates.

Job Locations: The job placement drive is generally conducted in India. Some of the major cities include the following:

i. Bangalore
ii. Gurugram
iii. Mumbai
iv. Pune

For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE

4. Wipro


This company conducts continuous placement drives that are not only limited to technical roles but also non-technical ones.

Wipro offers a perfect chance of shaping your career.

For instance, the Elite National Talent Hunt is an initiative that provides equal opportunities to potential both the graduates and the students currently enrolling in their studies.

The registration portal for this job is usually opened towards the end of the year.

Application Requirements:

For technical roles, students are required to possess a professional qualification either in B.Tech or BE.

For non-technical roles, students from any academic level in school can also apply.

For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE

5. Erricson

This company deals with telecom and networking resolutions. Therefore, it offers multiple job opportunities in the technical domain.

This doesn’t just imply that there are no non-technical job opportunities available. Having said that, the company has a management department that has nothing to do with technical skills. For this reason, one shouldn’t just judge the book by its cover.

Job Profile: Trainee engineer, Entry-level engineer, Network engineer.

For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE

6. Goldman Sachs

You can also apply to Goldman Sachs through their career website.

They always open applications from July or August. This application is for both Interns and fresher.

After an application for this job, expect to receive the test link later.

For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE

7. Microsoft

You can often visit the Microsoft career portal to check for opportunities.

For interns, the application portal is always opened in June, July or thereabout.

 You can check on their career portal website to be sure of the specific month they usually open their application portal.

Another engaging way is through referrals where you get to invite friends to sign up with you.

Microsoft also offers many programs like Microsoft virtual experience program, to those who have experience in Microsoft program.

For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE

8. Amazon

Amazon hires throughout the year. You can also apply from their career portal and making sure that you apply on time. The company usually opens their application during April and June.

Get ready to submit your application as soon as possible whenever their application portal is open.

Another way to earn from this company is through referral, that is if you know someone you may ask to sign up with you.

Amazon also takes off-campus applications through their various program like AmazonWit (Only for women), AmazonWOW.

Also, note that the conversion rate in Amazon springing from internship to full time is really very high.

For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE

 9. Google

You can also apply to Google by partaking in its contests when it kicks starts.

If you can get ranked ranging from 100  to 200, you may as well receive an interview call from Google, and you will also be privileged to apply through their career portal website.

For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE

10. CodeNation


CodeNation often organizes three contests each year. Though one contest is always reserved for tier-1 people while the other two contests are for everybody.

The other two contests are mainly for the addition of CodeAgon which comes around from September and of January.

If you can get ranked ranging from 100  to 200, you may as well receive an interview call from CodeNation sequel to your application through their career portal website.

For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE


11. D.E Shaw

D.E Shaw offers you can apply on their career website. You can apply through the company’s portal and stand a chance of gaining the opportunity to work with D.E Shaw and refer clients to them.

For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE

 12. Zeta and ShareChat

With these companies (Zeta and ShareChat), you can seek their internship which usually their application portal is opened in November and December.

The opportunity offers from these companies ranges from internship to full-time work. The company also operate on referrals in case one will like to earn by referring clients to them.

For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE

13. Postman

They usually hire after doing 6 months internship, so the application is open usually in October and November. Though application dateline may vary.

The chances of diverting from internship staff to full-time staff are very high and this has become one of the most striking benefits offered by this company to their part-time workers.

For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE

 14. Online English Teachers Wanted

Magic Ears is a captivating online English learning program for students ranging from 4 to 12 years of age.

They offer a unique classroom that engages a fun and effective learning environment for the students.

You can teach off-campus or wherever they like even when they are enrolling in their academics.


• Big smile & love for kids

• Speaking English at an idiomatic level


• No minimum teaching requirements

• Possible pay raised upon contract renewal

• Get booked immediately

• No penalty for sickness/emergencies

• Teach 4 students at once

• Work from home, or anywhere

• Choose your own hours!

For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE

 15. PwC

PwC or PricewaterhouseCoopers is also one of the world’s biggest accounting firms at the moment for off-campus students seeking employment while they are still enrolled in their academics.

Opportunities available in this company include corporate tax, risk assurance, Canadian immigration law, data analytics and sales and marketing.

Available positions for this job are based in different cities in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba.

While most of the jobs are currently available for professionals that have a few years of experience, PwC is also a good alternative to consider if you are a student seeking to start a career off-campus in accounting or auditing.

For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE


16. Staples Canada

One of the work-from-home errors existing is not having a dedicated office space for all staff to work. With regards to this, many Canadians are now offered the privilege of working from home.

This simply means that Staples is doing brisk business. The company currently has introduced more than 700 jobs listed on their career portal for students to work off-campus.

These run the criteria of retail jobs ranging from a customer service representative to a risk manager.

There are positions in this company available in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta and New Brunswick.

For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE.

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