What are the Top 3 Jobs in the UK?

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What are the top 3 jobs in the UK? Well, the answer is simple. Hopefully, it is time to switch careers or seek employment elsewhere.

What are the Top 3 Jobs in the UK?

Personal motives become our priorities until the need to offset accumulated bills sets in.

But the truth is that we don’t want to devote all of our time and energy to obtaining a degree or other professional certification in order to land a job that pays more than what is just enough to pay the bills.

So we desire more job opportunities.

Meanwhile, there are many opportunities out there too that are meant for those without academic or professional qualifications.

But nevertheless, an academic or professional qualification in addition to efficiency in any high skill can land you one of the top three jobs in the UK.

What are the Top 3 Jobs in the UK?

So, here are the top three jobs that you shouldn’t skip applying for in the UK:

1. Chief Executive Officer

A CEO is in charge of all business-related decisions and operations, and they typically have the final word in all matters pertaining to the organization. 

The board of directors, to which the CEO must report, typically elects CEOs in a company.

For you to work your way up from a lesser position to that of a CEO, you must have an MBA or degree in business.

CEOs in the UK earn an average salary of around £1,494 – £1,864 per week.

2. Medical Practitioner

One of the best healthcare systems in the world is recognized to exist in the UK.

That is because many institutions in the UK retain close ties with hospitals, and graduates of medical schools have a high rate of employment there. 

Notably, medical practitioners are among the highest-paid workers in the UK, despite having a highly difficult line of work.

So you can apply for many roles in this sector and earn as much as £1,419 per week.

A bachelor’s degree in medicine, which takes at least five years to complete, is what is required to be employed as a medical professional in any area of healthcare.

Additionally, candidates for jobs in medicine typically give preference to graduates with degrees from universities with a solid reputations.

3. Information Technologist and Telecommunications Director

In recent years, one of the positions with the greatest salaries has been that of an IT expert. 

In the current job market, IT specialists are in high demand by many businesses and organizations. 

The installation of all software and hardware in the business’s offices and the provision of assistance to staff members with computer-related problems is the responsibility of the IT and telecommunication directors.

Although it is not a must, having a computer science degree can offer you an advantage over other applicants.

However, there are most IT specialists who have specialized training or strong computer skills without a degree.

However, an IT and telecommunication director earns a salary ranging from  £2,403 – £3,365 per week.

So, watch out for job offers in any of the top three jobs aforementioned. 

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