What are the Unhappiest Jobs in the UK?

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What are the unhappiest jobs in the UK? Job satisfaction is crucial for our overall well-being. So we shall highlight the unhappiest jobs in the UK, highlighting the reasons behind employee dissatisfaction.

What are the Unhappiest Jobs in the UK?

Unhappiness is a feeling many are constantly up against even on a daily basis. 

While for some people, the cause of their unhappiness may be as a result of familial, social, or religious reasons, others tend to experience it as a result of their jobs.

Therefore, this post is all about jobs in the UK whose disadvantages you might not have really noted.

What are the Unhappiest Jobs in the UK?

They include:

1. Teachers

As a teacher, you will frequently stay in the same position for years or even decades, which can be discouraging because you will realize that your efforts won’t be successful in the long run. 

However, while many others in the corporate sector will be able to quickly climb the professional ladder, you will be stuck in the same position.

Again, depending on the conditions you want to teach in, your profession as a teacher might be mentally taxing. 

For instance, not everyone has a solid grasp of numbers, which is necessary if you want to teach math at the high school level.

In addition to being difficult, schoolchildren’s parents may disagree with your methods of instruction and child handling.

More so, You’ll have to teach the same lesson over and over. For these reasons, teachers in the UK tend to be unhappy about their jobs.

2. Construction Workers

Everyone working in the construction industry is always exposed to a variety of risks and health and safety hazards, especially since workers have to work outdoors. 

Besides that, working as a construction worker is physically demanding to extent that could cause serious long-term health issues.

More so, most construction workers are unhappy because, despite the physical demands of the job, salaries are rather low for construction workers.

And construction workers may lose their job in cases of short-term contracts which are rather common.

That is why it takes time to become a good construction worker even if you already have some technical understanding. 

It is one of the unhappiest jobs because working from home is impossible and it can be problematic for you to cope with the job once you become older. 

3. Military Personnel

Becoming a soldier means separation from family every now and then to attend to duties, assignments, and missions. 

In some occasions, these separations maybe forever, in terms of unexpected death. The unhappiness that stems from this reason extends up to the mind of family members and loved ones.

Another unhappiness for some soldiers stems from the fact that once you join the army you cannot resign from it.

There is no such saying as “I am no longer interested in working in the army.” 

Unlike in some professions where you can happily stop working or switch to another profession, formally or informally, working in the military is till you are qualified for retirement.

More so, you will be living your life based on the orders you are given and not on your terms.

And these orders might come from one younger than you age-wise. 

So you see why being a military personnel can be a pretty unhappy job to land?

With this list, you should reconsider your choice of a job. However, this is not to underestimate what you are passionate about to discourage you from it.

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