What is a Good Starting Salary in the UK?

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What is a good starting salary in the UK? That is a simple question. But because of the differences among parts of the UK, the question will require a rational answer.

What is a Good Starting Salary in the UK?

The average graduate starting pay in the UK, according to the Institute of Student Employers (ISE), is £30,921. 

However, they largely focus on large corporations and graduate programs, so the amount is probably high.

Thus, this content will focus on the good starting salary of a few selected professions in the UK.

What is a Good Starting Salary in the UK?

So, if you intend to join a profession newly or switch careers, the list below will aid your choice.

1. Medical Practitioners

Despite having a very challenging line of work, doctors are among professionals that earn an average salary of £33,852 for a start.

There are several roles available in this profession, which leads to a wide variety of pay.

Notably, the medical profession is broad ranging from specialities in humans, heart, brain, eye, mouth, face, skin and a host of many others.

2. Legal Professionals 

Lawyers are certified professionals with the legal right and obligation to offer legal counsel to both private citizens and businesses.

However, the legal profession has various specialities. For instance, a lawyer can render legal services in the aspects of 

A lawyer in the UK might earn as much as £26,920 for a start depending on the legal service being rendered.

3. Engineering Professionals 

Chartered Engineers are professionals who have earned the necessary competencies through school and work experience. 

They possess a degree and can prove equivalent job-based learning. The average salary as a starter in the engineering profession is about £28,520. 

4. Launderers and Dry Cleaners

Launderers and dry cleaners earn as much as £11,179 for a start. 

The job of a launderer is to render domestic and commercial cleaning services to clients. 

However, the initial earnings of a launderer are determined by the level of the client’s patronage.

5. Air Travel Assistants 

Air travel assistants issue tickets and board passes on the aircraft.

They check various identification forms and offer advice and information on airport terminals.

As an air travel assistant, you will be responsible for taking care of the welfare, comfort, and safety of passengers on the aircraft. 

Travel assistants earn an average salary of £17,645 for a start.

6. Sales Administrators 

A sales administrator’s responsibilities can vary depending on the organization they work for and the demands of the teams they serve.

Some of the typical tasks for sales administrators are that they process sales, and attend to phone calls, emails, and online platforms.

They also control order and invoice accuracy, answer questions and respond to customer inquiries and learn everything you can about the company’s products and services.

For a start, sales administrators earn as much as £12,330.

A good starting salary means brighter prospects as you progress in whatever you decide to do as a job.

So hold on tight to it and keep learning to earn more. If you like this content, then share it with your family and friends.

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