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What is the Easiest Job for a Student?

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There are various jobs a student can get, depending the skill him or her has acquired before starting to study. Some of these student jobs might not even require much.

What is the Easiest Job for a Student?

Working part-time work while you’re at school is a great opportunity to build your CV.

You will also meet new people and (most importantly) make some additional cash.

Some statistics say 62% of students work part-time.

What is the Easiest Job for a Student?

Forget retail and bar jobs. There are plenty of wonderful part-time jobs out there for students that probably haven’t even entered your mind yet.

1. Brand Ambassador for Students

Working in public relations is an excellent choice if you are an outgoing, enthusiastic, and social person.

Many brands are interested in hiring student ambassadors (or ‘Student Brand Managers,’ as they are also known) to promote their products or services online.

You have something completely invaluable to brands as a student: access to the student market.

What is the Role of a Student Brand Ambassador?

Brands will frequently ask you to post about them on your social media accounts in order to generate interest from your friends.

Also, they may ask you to spread the word in exchange for a small commission.

Doing public relations for clubs and student nights (where you get paid a small commission for each person you bring in) is another popular option for students.

This can be as simple as creating a Facebook event and inviting everyone in your halls, or as involved as handing out flyers on campus.

While it may appear to be easy money, promoting club events is a late-night job.

It’s critical not to let it interfere with your next day’s lectures.

When you apply, most companies will request to see your social media profiles. Knowing people is essential in public relations.

So, if possible, begin working on expanding your friend list and online presence.

This type of work is especially beneficial to students interested in a career in marketing, it’s also an excellent way to an international network.

companies looking for student brand ambassadors will frequently promise freebies and prizes or sell the job as a “valuable experience” rather than paying you a salary.

Only join if the company pays the minimum wage. You wouldn’t wait tables for the sake of “the experience,” would you

2. Private Tutoring

Parents will pay a lot of money to help their children get good grades.

If you’re confident in your subject, that money could end up in your pocket.

Private tutoring not only pays well, but it’s also a great job to do from home because you can teach via video calls.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Tutor?

To be a good tutor, you’ll need good grades, patience, and a fair amount of confidence working with young people.

Working as a language tutor is an excellent way to enhance your resume.

It also allows you to teach abroad during the summer (although teaching English is also perfect to land you a TEFL job abroad).

If you enjoy a subject and have always been good at it, use your talents to make money and assist others in reaching their full potential.

Some parents will even pay you a bonus if their child achieves the grades that they desire.

3. Resident Helper

If you live in a student housing area and are dreading the prospect of moving out next year, becoming a resident assistant (RA) may be the ideal job for you.

What exactly do resident assistants do?

RA jobs entail being a live-in supervisor for your building.

You’ll be the person students call if they have an electrical problem, a wasp nest near their window, or a fire in their kitchen.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to deal with these issues on your own. RAs merely serve as a liaison between student housing companies and students.

This keeps them from getting inundated with emails on a daily basis.

While you will not be paid for this position, you will be able to live in halls for free (or at a discounted rate).

With housing costs accounting for a significant portion of students’ Maintenance Loans, this will undoubtedly save you a significant amount of money each month.

As a RA, you may also be required to organize team-building activities such as movie nights and pub crawls, which can be enjoyable.

4. Babysitting

Earn some extra money by using your many years of experience bossing around your younger siblings.

Many working parents require someone to pick up their children from school or nursery and entertain them until they arrive home. This is where flexible university schedules come in handy.

If you enjoy working with children, this is an excellent option. The pay is usually quite good as well.

What Qualifications and Experience are Required to Work as a Babysitter?

Having a driver’s license is usually advantageous (but is by no means essential).

You could also limit your services to the evening. To be sure, this will require less work because you’ll be paid to watch television while the kids sleep.

Getting some informal experience working with children while at university may be useful if you decide to work as an au pair abroad or move into primary education.

5. Volunteering at your University

Sometimes the best opportunities are right in front of you. Within universities, there are numerous job opportunities. You could work at your university both during the school year and during the summer.

What Types of Jobs are Available at Universities?

Student union jobs are an obvious choice. You’ll get to see your friends while earning money (which can be torture if you’re desperate to join in on the fun!).

Many universities are eager to hire students to contact alumni and solicit donations. As unpleasant as this work can be, it is usually well compensated.

The shifts are typically in the evenings, so they do not interfere with classes.

Another viable option is to work as a student ambassador for your university, which is similar to being a brand ambassador.

In order to attract new students, you may be required to visit schools and speak to the general public about how great your university is.

These are paid positions that are usually very flexible. This allows you to work around your schedule and deadlines.

As a student, you can choose to work while in school today.

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