Which Job Has the Highest Salary in Nigeria?

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Which job has the highest salary in Nigeria? Not just one job pays well in the Nigerian labour market. Earning so high depends on the career you choose.

Which Job Has Highest Salary in Nigeria?

There are a lot of jobs out there that pay very high in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, job options are expanding, and there are hundreds of thousands of paths to pick from, which might be overwhelming.

Which Job Has the Highest Salary in Nigeria?

Here are some jobs that pay the most in Nigeria:

1. Construction Engineering

Civil engineers are in charge of designing and constructing all public and private infrastructure.

They take the lead in the construction of buildings, dams, tunnels, bridges, and irrigation.

Also, They are also in charge of supervising these construction projects and ensuring that they meet standards. A Civil Engineer in Nigeria receives an annual salary of N3,850,000.

2. Engineering in Petroleum

Crude oil is one of Nigeria’s most important exports to the rest of the globe.

Nigeria exported $30 billion in crude oil in 2020, making it the seventh-largest exporter.

Petroleum Engineering is a popular vocation in the country, which has a large oil export industry.

Petroleum engineers make an average of N5,824,000 per year.

This is why petroleum engineers are among the highest-paid professionals in Nigeria.

3. Medicine and Surgery

One of the highest-paying careers in Nigeria is in healthcare. Health experts are in high demand around the country.

Surgeons are among Nigeria’s highest-paid professionals.

Surgeons earn an average of N11,700,000 per year. It equates to a monthly salary of N975,000 on average.

4. Software Engineers

Software development is one of the industries that has taken the world by storm.

Computers are ubiquitous these days, and software engineers are in high demand, particularly in the commercial world.

Also, They create, develop, and support custom software for businesses and organizations.

These highly competent people create a wide range of software, from mobile apps and computer programs to machine operating systems. These professions earn an average yearly pay of N1,938,759.

5. Accounting

Accounting is required for conducting business anywhere in the globe, including Nigeria.

This job allows you to gain insight into the inner workings of a company’s finances.

You also assist clients in managing their cash flow and adhering to regulatory requirements. Accounting jobs pay an average of N1,296,178 per year.

6. Project Administration

Taking a project from start to finish is a difficult task. There are many moving pieces that must all operate together smoothly for the project to succeed.

Furthermore, Project managers are in charge of overseeing these components and ensuring that they work together seamlessly.

Project managers get an average annual pay of N4,950,000 doing this.

7. Officer of Human Resources

Communicating and interacting with others is an essential component of any company. Customers and clients, staff, and other firms in the field can all help.

A human relations degree provides an understanding of the principles of human relations, but a business degree is required if you want to advance to the director or c-suit level.

They are projected to make an annual salary of N1,235,066.00.

8. Engineer in Aeronautics

Flying by plane has been one of humanity’s greatest achievements since time immemorial.

Aeronautics engineers are responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of aeroplanes.

They conduct research and development to improve air travel in Nigeria and around the world.

Aeronautical Engineering is also a high-demand profession in Nigeria. They earn an average of N4,350,000 per year.

9. Banking Assistant

Banking and financial institutions are extremely important in the Nigerian economy.

Banks are in charge of more than just keeping your money; they also drive other economic activities.

Banking associates are responsible for assisting clients and the bank with its many services. They assist retail clients in determining their financial status.

Also, they assist firms in reaching out to them and obtaining a loan that meets their demands. Their annual compensation is N4,420,000 on average.

10. Customer Service Representative

Companies will always need to suit the needs of their customers. They are responsible for addressing concerns, assisting with issues, and developing a relationship with them.

As a result, Customer Support Professionals are essential in numerous businesses.

Furthermore, They act as a company’s representative and ambassador in its expanding community. They are paid an average of N727,080 per year.

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