Which Jobs Will Survive Artificial Intelligence?

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The increasing prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workforce has many people wondering which jobs will survive artificial intelligence.

Which Jobs Will Survive Artificial Intelligence?

First of all, AI is the modelling of human intelligence and creativity by machines.

AI-enabled machines can execute some jobs more effectively than humans and replicate human activities. 

AI comes in four varieties: reactive machines, limited memory, theory of mind, and self-aware AIs.

Therefore, with the rise of AIs, humans, it is perceived, stand the risk of being displaced from certain jobs.

This has called for a serious global debate, considering that even though AIs will displace the human touch of products and services, they will not do better than humans.

They will not displace critical thinking and human interaction completely.   

Which Jobs Will Survive Artificial Intelligence?

Hence, there are still plenty of significant jobs that will be immune to AI invasion. They include:

1. Story Telling

Artificial intelligence lacks the adaptability to produce authentic literature. 

As a fiction writer, for instance, you can effortlessly recount events that unfold in your personal life from your birth till date in a book. 

Such a story will be universal in the sense that your readers can connect to the story, and the realities that you portray therein will be palpable. 

But that cannot be said of artificial intelligence. 

2. Human Resource Management.

Even after many years of machine learning and adaptability, it still will be difficult for AIs to manage humans. 

Instead, humans will always manage and control humans, and AIs as well.

3. Software Development

It might interest you to know that the job of a software developer is tough and requires so much more than artificial intelligence can give. 

It requires time and skill investment that artificial intelligence cannot imitate. 

4. Law and Litigation

Robots can hardly simulate the human ability to raise arguments and defend clients against strident cases in court. 

That explains why law schools are filling up to the brim with students who are being prepared to appear in court, not robots. 

5. Teaching

Imagine a robot in front of you, teaching you how to get a job quickly

The first question on your mind should be: has the robot ever applied for a job?

What interview experience has the robot got to teach you thus? 

In other words, only humans possess the empathy and emotional intelligence necessary to comprehend each student’s unique needs.

The teacher then develops an approach based on those needs. This is what an AI is incapable of.

6. Event Planning

It is nearly impossible to automate the organizational skills necessary to plan an event for hundreds or thousands of attendees. 

This is because events of that nature have multiple activities that require up-and-down movements from one place to another.

Activities like coordinating and negotiating with vendors, contractors, and freelancers cannot be imitated by artificial intelligence.

Lastly, you must understand that humans are responsible for the innovation and strategic planning of artificial intelligence. 

In other words, artificial intelligence depends on human creativity to carry out problem-solving duties

Hopefully, you were informed about the jobs that will survive artificial intelligence.

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