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10 Powerful Birthday Prayer Point to Focus On

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10 Powerful Birthday Prayer Point to Focus on.

Powerful Birthday Prayer Point: Birthdays come and go. They come once in a year. You only have this one opportunity to send amazing prayers to friends and loved celebrating his or her birthday. This article will provide some Powerful Birthday Prayer Point.

10 Powerful Birthday Prayer Point to Focus On

Therefore sending a religious birthday will not be a bad idea to convey our wishes to someone on this special day.

The below are some 10 good prayers you can send to someone who is celebrating this special day.

1. Each day is a great opportunity to celebrate God’s awesome works. Indeed, each day is a gift of God and your birthday is a perfect day to celebrate one of his wondrous works, which is creating you! Happy birthday! Enjoy your special day!

2. God’s love is indeed unending. Let us celebrate this day for it’s your birthday, which is a proof of God’s undying love; May you have an awesome birthday and may you feel God’s lovely presence in each step along your life’s journey; Happy Birthday!

3. God has offered you the gift of life. Much thanks for coming to my life and I am just so proud to be a part of your amazing journey.

May you obtain a wonderful birthday because you deserve nothing but only the best!

4. Love, faith, and hope; you all have them, and you wear all these so meekly and never fail to pass them on to others.

Continuously, may God bless you; not only on your special day but also in every single step of the way!

5. Smile, since it is your birthday. You have all the things that you have ever wished to have in life.

Enjoy it every day and continue in prayer so that God will continue to bless you abundantly. Happy birthday!

6. Thank God for the gift of life. I feel so lucky to have you and I look forward to celebrate many more birthdays with you.

My prayer on this day is for you to be forever happy and that you will follow God’s will for your life.

May God continuously bless you and may you have so many more birthdays to come! Happy birthday!

7. I need to remind you of the precious gift that the Lord has given you, which is the gift of life. I just want you to know that you have affected my life in the most positive way. Happy birthday and God bless you!

8. If there’s anyone who knows me through and through, it’s you. If there’s anyone who has accepted me, my faults and all, it’s you.Thank you for being a true friend.

On this special day of yours, I want you to know that I love you and that you can always count on me anytime. Happy birthday!

9. On this special day, I would love to write a beautiful prose, filled with flowery words to appreciate the special person that you are. But this will not be enough.

I want you to always remember how dear you are to me and how much I treasure our friendship. Happy birthday great friend; May your life be beautiful forever. God bless you.

10. Words alone can never express how happy I am to be celebrating another birthday with you.

You’ve gone through a lot yet you’ve come out stronger like the champion that you are. I admire you greatly. God bless your new age.  Happy birthday!

Reasons for Celebrating Birthdays

birthday comes once a year and it should be celebrated for many reasons.

A birthday is a moment when a person acknowledges the anniversary of his or her birth. In some cultures, birthdays are celebrated in some of the same ways.

Many at times, birthdays are celebrated with a gift, party, or some other special act. There are reasons why birthdays should be celebrated. These reasons are:

  • To celebrate your birth

Your birth was the beginning of your life. God created for a purpose in this world.

Every time you a birthday, it is a sign that you still have work to do for the Kingdom of God.

Thus, your birthday is a sign that you have another chance to fulfill your unique mission.

So a birthday is an important occasion, to be celebrated just as a nation commemorates its birth or as an organization rejoices its founding.

A birthday is much more than an occasion to accept gifts.

Your birthday is a time to remember the day that a major event occurred, to rejoice and give thanks and to reflect upon how well you are still alive to celebrate the day you were born.

  • To show Appreciation to your Creator

A birthday is a period to celebrate birth itself. It is an offering of thanks to God for being born and still being alive.

It is also an event to rethink your life. It is a great time to imitate on the past, evaluate your present and plan for your future.

It is a period when your past intersects with your present and future.

Do well to make this day special to people around you by sending them wonderful prayers that will encourage them to live on.

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