The Need To Write

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The Need To Write. Though writing might be stressful, tiresome, and time consuming, but the truth is that writng is one of the essential thing a person must do. In the art of learning, writing constitutes one of the basics of learning, which are ; reading, listening and writing. The art of writing is the orthographic representation of a mental picture and that is people prefer the art of speaking to writing.

Aside from this, a speaker  have his physical audience present before him and he can speak to capture the mind of his audience, in order to go speak to meet the present situation at hand.

The Need To Write

The speaker also get response from his/her audience inform of questions and contributions, during this, the speaker also has the opportunity to learn from his audience. These and many other reasons why people prefer speaking to writing.

Did you know that writing is more easy than speaking or has it not cross your mine that speakers are good writers? Before a good speaker starts to speak, he or she must have scripted many things down through writing system.

If you are a good speaker, it is imperative that you double it with the art of writing. So this blog is not only created for writers but also for speakers.

Writing is relax, intensive, straight forward and not verbose. Before you start, there are many steps to consider.


When writing, you must have this mental picture of who audience will be and how there will react towards the article which you are writing. The mistake many people do is that the delete the imaginative audience and just write. Writing is not just a “just” of a thing, but the presence of imaginative audience precedes a good article.


When you start as a novice, you must first outline the points you will be writing about. Writing down your point sequencially makes your writing straight forward and not verbose.


The basic object  of an article is the easy comprehension of the readers. If your reader can understand what you are writing, it therefore means that all your time was in vain. One way of making your readers understand you is to make your article simple. Employ only the basic nouns, pronouns, conjunctions and avoid verbose words. Be careful that you do not use complex sentence structures, this will only make your readers loose track.

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