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Nigerian Army Training Stages for New Intake and Old Officers

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Nigerian Army Training Stages for New Intake and Old Officers. Have you been wondering how the Nigerian Army train their soldiers? Also wondering the intensity and the training levels they undertake. If yes, look no further. this page will give you details on how the train read carefully.

Nigerian Army Training Stages for New Intake and Old Officers

Nigerian Army Training Stages: Serving in the Nigerian army is a much-respected job. Nevertheless, it is quite hard to pass Nigerian army training without a deep physical grounding.

Nigerian army training pictures and videos make many young people desire to serve in the military.

What are the main stages of Nigerian army training? How hard is it to become a professional military? Keep on reading to get informed.

If you have finally made up your mind to join the Nigerian Army, you will have to pass through the Nigerian army recruitment training course.

Some rookies find it quite difficult, while others say it is very easy.

Nevertheless, every person who wants to connect their own life with the Nigerian Airforce or Nigerian Navy should be ready both physically and mentally.

According to the Nigerian army website, the Department of Army Training and Operations is in charge of all the planning and training.

Nigerian army recruitment training is colloquially called boot camp training.

Having completed the basic training, all rookies experience Advanced Individual Training. It allows them to learning all the essential skills required for the military jobs they choose.

As a rule, officer beginners undertake comprehensive programs. They usually come first or follow the joint recruit training.

For the duration of recruit training, instructors do their best to push recruits to their both mental and physical limits.

Numerous Nigerian army training videos and pictures prove this fact.

Training in the Nigerian army runs for ten weeks. It is divided into three main stages: Red, White and Blue. Below you will find a short overview of each of them.

Main Stages of Nigerian Army Training

Red stage

Duration: three weeks

The Red stage is also called a shakedown. Nigerian army training camp is the first place, which you see after getting off the bus. The instructor will order you to empty your bag to be convinced that you are not smuggling anything.

The primary purpose of you training at this stage is to start your transformation from a disordered volunteer to a confident soldier of the powerful Nigerian army.

First, you will be taught the basics of soldiering and core army values. During Red stage, you will spend most of your time in the classroom. Various instructors will also test your physical abilities.

During the first three weeks, all rookies will have the following:

  • Study traditions, primary values, and ethics of the Nigerian armed forces
  • Assembling, disassembling and caring weapon
  • Tactical daylight marches
  • Running and fitness training
  • Review crowd dispersion and security discipline
  • Guerrilla exercises
  • Hand-to-hand combat

Consequently, the red stage of the Nigerian army training has a very penetrating training schedule. At this stage, every rookie should study the fundamental principles of teamwork and discipline.

White stage

The White stage is also called the “Gunfighter” stage. It mainly concentrates on developing your fight skills, with the superior accent on physical fitness training and weapons.

At this stage, instructors will teach you how to recognize, track, and engage targets with a gun. The key thing that you should master at this stage is marksmanship.

Moreover, much time will be dedicated to teamwork and self-discipline.

The list of events:

  • Rifle qualification and the fundamentals of marksmanship
  • How to zero a rifle
  • Also, how to engage targets from various positions at different distances
  • How to prioritize multiple targets at the same time
  • Compass and Map reading
  • Combat training
  • Various camp inspections
  • Different night training
  • Complicated fitness training

Therefore, this stage will completely lead you to the military life. By the end of the White stage, your will have already been hated your drill sergeant.

However, during this stage, you will develop all the required skills, which you will put together in the last stage.

Blue Stage

The Blue stage is the longest and the last stage of the Nigerian army training. Soldiers also call it “Warrior” stage. It must:

  • Build your individual tactical training
  • Upsurge your leadership skills
  • Make perfect your self-discipline
  • Advance your teamwork
  • Advanced gun marksmanship
  • Using various aiming tools
  • How to engage targets as part of a team
  • Convoy
  • Different weapons training grenade launchers, machine guns, and mines
  • How to defeat improvised explosive devices
  • How to fight in a city
  • Tactical foot marches
  • General physical test

Nigerian Army 81RRI Application Requirements.

The general requirements for the application of Nigeria Army recruitment are presented hereunder:

1). Be a Nigerian as defined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

2). Be a male or female between the ages of 22 and 35 years, while medical consultants are not more than 40 years of age by October 2019.

3). Be medically, mentally and physically fit according to NA standards.

4). Be recommended by at least 2 recognizable referees who must attest to the applicant character and integrity. Passport photographs of referees must be affixed to the letter of attestation.

5). Candidates must submit a letter of Attestation from their former institutions.

6). Measure at least 1.68m (for male) and 1.65m (for female) in height.

7). Must not have been convicted by any court of law. Military personnel must be free from any disciplinary case (This is to be endorsed by the Commanding Officer/Commander).

8). Possess at least a first degree with not less than Second Class Lower Division or HND of not less than Lower Credit from any recognized institution of learning.

9). Possess valid birth certificate endorsed by the National Population Commission, Hospital or Local Government Council or valid age declaration.

10). Possess a valid certificate of state of origin and also either a National Identity Card, Voters card, Drivers License.

11). Applicants (less serving members of the Armed Forces) must possess an NYSC discharge certificate or a valid exemption as the case may be.

12). Graduates with professional qualifications must be duly registered by relevant bodies recognized by Nigerian Laws at the commencement of cadet training.

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According to the Nigerian army news, every year thousands of rookies take the Nigerian Army training courses. Almost all of them have already joined the military service and are happy about guarding own country.

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