Npower Transition 2021 Dashboard Link to NPVN Portal : Current School News

Npower Transition 2021 Dashboard Link to NPVN Portal

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Npower Transition 2021 Dashboard Link to NPVN Portal.

Npower Transition 2021 Portal: This is a writeup that will guide you on Npower Transition Survey Portal ( and every information you need to know about Npower Transition 2020 Dashboard for beneficiaries.

Npower Transition 2021 Dashboard Link to NPVN Portal

Information reaching has it that Npower Transition has been activated on the Npvn portal. Lots of Npower beneficiaries have been asking us questions regarding the transition program.

What is Npower Transition Survey?

From what I’ve gathered so far, N-Power has created a transition page on the beneficiaries’ NPVN dashboard.

Currently, not all beneficiaries can access the page through the page title is available but it seems the page is on the activation mode.

Npower Transition 2021 Registration at NPVN Portal – Npower Transition News

Npower Transition 2021

We want to inform all interested candidates that the job Npower Transition Registration 2021 has been reopened.

All the 2021 Npower beneficiaries should keep in mind that registration will be opened for a few days. So, without wasting time, complete the applicable registration process.

NPVN Transition Portal– What is Npower Transition Survey

Federal Government introducing the N-Power Transition survey which they said is “to help further map Batch 1 beneficiary to available economic opportunities”,

The government adds that it aims “to improve specialized training to matched opportunities” for beneficiaries of the scheme.

The transition survey will only help N-power Nigeria to understand the best place to fix beneficiaries.

All 2016 volunteers are encouraged to visit the NPVN dashboard to start filling the Npower transition survey form.

Below are some key takeaways:

  1. Participation in the survey DOES NOT guarantee employment or retention.
  3. Presented options are NOT FINAL and more options will be made available periodically depending on economic realities.

Available Options

There are 6 options provided for N-power Transition. Beneficiaries have to choose from any of the available ones.

  • Become a SANEF Agent: with 50,000 Naira you can begin your journey in Entrepreneurship as a SANEF
  • Start a Business with a GEEP Loan: 100,000 Naira loan to enable you to begin a business in your community
  • Become a Teacher: Teach as a School teacher in your community. Start a Farm/Expand your Farm: Begin farming and start feeding the nation. Become a Field/Data Agent: Work as an Agent for a Bank, Research Agency or Consumer Goods company, join the community collection
  • Become a Community Policeman: Join the Police force to secure and protect your community.

More Information on Npower Transition

The Transition for Batch a Beneficiaries:

We took a transition survey earlier and find out the various needs of each beneficiary as regards the enhancement packages. We will thus open up the transition icon next week for each batch A beneficiaries to select the transition program most suitable for him or her.

Backlog Of Stipends:

All those still being owed backlog should be rest assured that they will be paid. Once the handover process is complete, we will be able to detect those still being owed and effect payments immediately.

Resignation From The Programme:

we are also aware that over 3500 volunteers were either forcefully or unintentionally exited from the program. We are seriously looking into this and at the appropriate time will come up with a statement.

Device Arrival. Distribution and Collection:

The arrangement has been concluded for the last arrival of the Npower electronic devices. We will make a statement soon on when beneficiaries will be called upon to gel their devices.

2021 Registration Tor New Intake – we earlier concluded that new intakes will be recruited into the scheme come next year.

However, all issues will be resolve as regards the transition of BATCH A before such online registration will commence. Please stay tuned for this.

How to Register for NPower Transition Programme 2021?

To apply for the Npower transition program, visit the NPVN Web portal —* OR and enter your email address and phone number as required.

Once you have logged in. Click the Enroll now N-Power Transition Programme tab and follow the instructions as provided to begin. All successful candidates are notified of the next stage application process and training.

How to Successfully Login To Your N-power Transition Login Portal

  • Head over to the Npower Transition portal via
  • Click on the ‘Test’ tab at the top right corner of the home page
  • Then enter your login details. Use your Phone Number as Username and your BVN as Password
  • Next tap on the login link there to proceed with the test. That’s that for this!

How to Edit Profile

  • Visit the NPVN portal through
  • From the main navigation panel at the left side of the screen, select the option ‘My Profile’ to continue
  • Next, you will see the option for ‘Personal Information’ and ‘Bank Information’. Select any of the two according to what you want to do and continue
  • Edit your name, bank information or other details and save your changes on the portal
  • After effecting the changes, tap on the ‘Update Account’ on the page to complete the steps here. That’s all!


How to change the login password?

Npower Transition beneficiaries can easily change the login password by going to the Settings page of the Npower account.

To change the password first Select change next to your password, then enter your current password and the one you want to change it to. Then just select Confirm to save it.

So, if you want to stay updated, you simply have to follow CSN and you will receive Npower news.

To get the latest news about the Npower Transition Programme, kindly drop a comment below and I will keep you updated. Do not forget to share it with friends.

CSN Team.

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