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Finest NYSC Camp in Nigeria 2021 Checkout The Best Among Others

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As a growing Nigeria adult, we will be first being faced with the pressure of getting admission into a tertiary institution. Which, this is later replaced with the anxiousness of starting your service year at one of the finest NYSC Camps in Nigeria.

Finest NYSC CAMP in Nigeria 2020 | Best Among Others

This article provides information on some of the finest NYSC camp in Nigeria.

Finest NYSC Camp in Nigeria

Here are the finest NYSC camps in Nigeria:

1. Ogun State

Address: NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Ikenne Road, Sagamu Local Government Area, Sagamu, Ogun State.

Ogun State orientation camp is arguably the best NYSC orientation camp in Nigeria as the camp is new, and so are its facilities. All equipment in the camp is entirely at work and functioning correctly. Ogun state’s orientation camp stands firm on our list of the best orientation camps in Nigeria.

In every room on camp, every corner has a socket for charging close by. The well-tiled rooms house about 40 Corpers, and they are kept clean. The camp also has an ATM, although it doesn’t dispense funds every time, and when it does, there are long queues, but it’s way better than nothing.

Getting to the camp is quite easy, if you’re travelling by bus, get a bus to Abeokuta, from there, get another bus to Sagamu. At Sagamu board, a bike to the orientation camp.

2. Lagos State

Address: NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Iyana Ipaja, Agege, Lagos State

Every Corper wants to serve in the metropolitan city of Lagos. This is because of the presence of numerous firms and industries, as well as the excellent pay these jobs come with. The proper maintenance of the Lagos state orientation camp keeps it in good condition.

Asides the usual camp facilities, the Lagos state orientation camp also possesses a relaxation centre and clinic, which Corpers often refer to like the best.

The hostel is one massive architectural masterpiece, and it houses the male and female Corpers, security forces, and NYSC officials. Each room contains about 15-16 bunks and accommodates between 30-32 occupants.

Coming into the camp by flight, your first stop would be at the Murtala Mohammed Airport. From where you can choose to get a cab to the orientation camp or a bus to IyanaIpaja or Agege. Ask the driver to stop you at the NYSC orientation camp.

Going by bus, your bus should be headed to Lagos, from the bus park, take a cab, or a bus going to Agege or Iyana Ipaja. You would be dropped at the NYSC orientation camp.

3. Osun State

Address: NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Aisu College Hospital Road, Ede North Local Government Area, Ede, Osun State.

Osun state camp is one of a kind camp, the camp contains 4 Event Centres, Venues and halls; Western Sun International Hotel Multipurpose Hall, swimming pool, Western Sun International Hotel Kudirat Hall, Western Sun International Hotel Conference.

If you are a lover of fun, Osun State is your plug. The halls sometimes used to host camp parties, and Corpers pay to access the swimming pool.

The Osun state NYSC orientation camp boasts of beautiful buildings, its hostel rooms houses between 20-30 Corpers.

If you’re travelling by bus, take a bus going to Osun state either Ileife or Ilesha, stop at Gbogan, and from there, you can get a direct bus to the camp.

4. Plateau State

Akwa-Ibom State

Address: NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Mangu, Mangu Local Government Area, Plateau State.

The Plateau state orientation camp guarantees you an excellent supply of food. Corpers usually enjoy meals at the market for low prices, mostly Irish potatoes. This is because farmers in the Mangu Local Government grow these vegetables.

The facilities in the camp are impressive, rooms are tiled and houses between 30-35 corners per room. The NYSC camp hall is ton-notch with functional fans and speakers. After your three weeks of camping experience, you can pay a visit to some of the state’s historical and relaxation sites.

You can visit Kerang volcanic rock (source of Swan water), Ampidong crater lake (one of its kind in Africa), and Panyam fish farm all in Mangu LGA.

For Corpers coming from other parts of Nigeria, enter a bus headed to Jos. From Jos, take a straight bus to Mangu where the orientation camp situates. Drivers usually charge a transportation fare of about 500 ($1.38) Naira. The journey takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how motorable the road is.

5. Akwa-Ibom State

Address: NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Ikot Itie Udung, Nsit Atai Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State.

The Awka-Ibom NYSC orientation camp was recently renovated, ensuring all facilities are in top-notch condition. The camp’s rooms are well painted and spacious, and its toilets come with running water. The Akwa Ibom NYSC camp’s officials guarantee its security ensuring everything is in place and safeguard lives and properties.

Its facilities are functional and its fields are well-trimmed. The campground features structures and facilities for paramilitary dills, accommodation rooms, lecture halls as well as open areas for sports and assembly, to mention a few.

For those who choose to travel by air, the orientation camp is located close to the airport, and you can quickly arrive at the orientation camp. To locate the camp, from AKTC park in Uyo, there is a huge possibility that you will see a direct bus going to camp.

Still, if none is available, a different route could be taken. Once you’re in AKTC park, take a Keke to a place called Plaza, walk down to Oron road and ask where they board Nsit Atai buses. Tell the Nsit Atai bus driver that you will be alighting at the NYSC camp.

6. Enugu State

Address: NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Awgu Local Government Area, Enugu State.

If you’re a peace-loving individual, then Enugu State camp is one of the best camps to serve in Nigeria. The government recently renovated the camp, making it even better, the camp comes with spacious rooms and properly positioned structures.

The camp’s buildings are bungalow-like, and each room houses between 30-35 Corpers. The orientation camp possesses a relaxation centre where Corpers can rest after military exercises and platoon activities.

To locate the camp, you can either fly by air to the Enugu Aiport and from there hire a cab that would take you directly to the camp. You can also get to Holy Ghost Park and board a vehicle that would take you straight to the camp.

From Owerri, you can get a car going to Okigwe from where you would take a vehicle to the Agwu NYSC camp.

7. Rivers State

Address: NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Nonwa-Gbam Tai Local Government Area, Rivers State.

The Rivers NYSC orientation camp is famous for being one of the most beautiful camps in the southwest zone. The state is known for its strict neatness and serenity, and this applies to the camp too.

The rooms house between 25-30 Corpers removing any issues of congestion.

To locate the place, once you arrive at Port Harcourt, stop at Eleme junction and ask for directions where Nonwa or Gokana buses are loading. When you get the direction, board a bus to the orientation camp. The journey is about 20 – 30 minutes from the Nonwa or Gokana buses.

8. Cross-River State

Address: NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Obubra, Obubra Local Government Area, Cross River State.

The camp is one of the best NYSC orientation camps in Nigeria here you can find adequate security and the right roads. Cross River state is home to the Efik people who are known to have some of the best local dishes in Nigeria. These local dishes are served to the Corpers many times during their stay in camp.

To locate the camp, coming from Lagos or any South West States, stop at Calabar and take a straight bus to Obubra drop off at Obubra junction. When you’ve arrived at, Obubra junction, board a bike and ask to be taken to the NYSC Orientation camp.

If you are coming from FCT Abuja, enter a Calabar bus and alight at Obubra junction. From there, enter a bike that will take you straight to the NYSC orientation camp.

9. Niger State

Address: NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, (Former Abubakar, Dada Senior Secondary School), Paiko, Niger State.

Niger state houses the Kanji Dam which guarantees 24-hour water and an excellent power supply. The camp enjoys water supply and electricity. The availability of power supply in the camp allows for social events inside the camp. The campers sometimes throw parties in their rooms or outside. The presence of military men also guarantees the security of the camp and campers.

The camp’s clinic is functional and its equipment function properly.

To locate the camp, for those coming through Minna which is the capital city of Niger state, take a bike to Mobil filling station. From there, take a bus straight to Paiko where the orientation camp is.

10. Anambra State

Address: NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Progressive Senior Secondary School, Umunya, Oyi Local Government Area, Anambra State.

After making use of a rented space in a school for the orientation program for 28 years, the state finally moved to its new site last year. With this status, you should know what to expect. The buildings are still new and in perfect condition.

The hostels have between 100-120 rooms which house between 20-25 Corpers. The rooms are spacious and comfortable for every individual and come with proper toilet facilities. The security team on camp parade the camp always ensuring everything is in order.

For Corpers coming from Onitsha, you can enter a cab to Awka, then stop AMAWBIA junction and take a Keke to Governor lodge (or Nibo junction). From there, you can board another Keke to the new NYSC camp.

Coming from Awka either, from Dike park on Nnamdi Azikiwe Rd, board a bus heading to Umunze, and they will drop you at the NYSC camp at Umuawulu.

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