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Bitter Kola Health Benefits and Side Effects to Humans

Filed in Nursing News by on January 25, 2019

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Bitter Kola Health Benefits and Side Effects to Humans

Bitter Kola Health Benefits The use of bitter kola is not restricted to traditional activities alone, the fruit, seeds, nuts, and bark of the plant have been used for centuries in folk medicine to treat ailments from coughs to fever.

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The bitter plant, which is believed to consist a high source of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, fiber, calcium, potassium, and iron, also carry other antioxidants.

—Bitter Kola

—Uses of bitter kola

—Health benefits of bitter kola

—Side effects of Bitter Kola

Bitter Kola:

Bitter Kola:

Bitter kola ( Garcinia)is a flowering plant species and a 3-5cm length ellipsoid shape nut. A deep brown peel covers it and is removed completely before being consumed.  Bitter kola has a botter taste in the mouth when consumed and it derives its name from its bitter taste as a quality to describing it.

Bitter Kola is used for both medical and traditional purposes and is mostly used in African culture.

Bitter Kola contains dimeric flavoniod, lipase inhibitor believed to contain healing benefits. Bitter kola is believed to prolong life but this not always the case as bitter kola according to researches in modern science has been revealed to contain chemical compounds that aid the breakdown of glycogen in the liver.

The Hausas call it Miji-Goro, the Yorubas call it Orogbo meanwhile the Igbos call it Akila. Bitter kola contains about 2 to 3 percent caffeine and 1 to 2 percent theobromine, both of which act as stimulants when consumed. Bitter kola as well contains micronutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

→  Uses of Bitter Kola

Bitter kola is believed to serve a lot of functions which ranges from it being an anti-poison to it having the ability to repel evil men and spirit, it is believed to aid in detoxifying the system. Bitter kola is also believed to be used in cases of food poisoning.

Bitter kola is chewed during ceremonies and rituals and used to sweeten breath. Bitter kola is used as an additive in energy drinks and as performance enhancers, it can be used in powder form and also as an extract. Bitter kola is used as alternative medicine.

— Health benefits of Bitter Kola

Bitter kola has its health benefits as it has its relevant contents to the body.

  1. Boost to metabolism: bitter kola products contain caffeine, which may boost a person metabolism.
  2. Aid to digestion: Kola nut powder and extract may facilitate digestion. They are said to promote the production of gastric acid, which increases digestive enzyme effectiveness in the stomach.
  3. Increase in circulation: The caffeine and theobromine in the kola nut may increase circulation by speeding up the heart rate.
  4. It improves sexual impotence as studies have shown that when it comes to the improvement of sexual performance, especially among men, bitter kola is royalty an active. Bitter Kola does not only increase sex drive, but it also improves the sexual performance of men who consume it.
  5. Remedy for osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degeneration of joint cartilage and the underlying bone that results to pain and stiffness, especially in the hip, knee, and thumb joints. It is a common form of arthritis. And according to the National Institution of Health, the causes of Osteoarthritis can include joint injury, obesity, and aging.

And, researchers at Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria tested the effects of bitter kola against arthritis symptoms and the result concludes that bitter kola significantly reduced inflammation and pain. It also improves joint movement in patients that had osteoarthritis symptoms.

6. It improves the function of the lungs.

The fibers and lung tissues are not only strengthened when bitter kola is eaten regularly in a considerate amount, but it also stabilizes any other effect. In addition, it helps in the upholding of a good respiratory track as well as treating chest cold.

7. It is anti-malaria agent.

Research has shown that chemical constituents in bitter kola have anti-malarial properties. This is why traditional healers have for many years prescribed bitter kola for the treatment of malaria infections. In addition, the stem, bark, and seeds of bitter kola are used to treat acute fever, inflammation of the respiratory tract and throat infections.

8. It fights glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a situation of increased pressure within the eyeball, causing a slow loss of sight. Glaucoma could amount in permanent blindness if left untreated. However, bitter kola has been observed to be an amazing remedy for the eye.

→ Side Effects of Bitter Kola

The side effect of bitter kola is most times determined by its amount of intake into the body system and the accommodation of the body system with its presence. Side effects of bitter kola include.

1. Bitter Kola Increases anxiety. People who had problems with the level of stress they experience as well as with the anxiety attack have to refrain from consuming bitter kola, as it can make everything worse given the number of components which promote such an effect.

2. Bitter Kola can lead to mouth cancer.

it might be hazardous to chew huge amounts of garcinia kola nuts because they can potentially cause some types of cancer (for example, gastrointestinal, abdominal or mouth disease).

Not everyone is aware that chewing bitter kola nuts can lead to developing cancer of the mouth or gastrointestinal cancer. Too much caffeine can cause death. As you know a large amount of caffeine can lead to death. Thus, eating a large quantity of bitter can be dangerous. So, people should be very careful with the doses he chooses.
It can damage the heart.

Again, the caffeine which is found in the bitter kola nuts can lead to severe heart issues. So, people with the cardio problem should keep this side effect of eating bitter kola in mind all the time.

  1. Possible blood clotting and high sugar levels – patients with diabetes and people who notice periodical bleedings should avoid eating garcinia kola nuts because these products can cause problems with the digestive system (when your body stops digesting sugar and it raises in your blood) and even blood clotting.
  2. Bad diarrhea – too many bitter nuts can lead to such side effect as diarrhea. Read more:
  3. Risk of death – some people should not overconsume caffeine products, and this element is a part of kola nuts, so don’t add them to your meals if you experience pains or are concerned with your heart health and your doctor recommends you to avoid caffeine.
  4. Increased blood pressure: Because the active ingredients in the kola nut are stimulant to the body, the nut can raise blood pressure. People who already experience high blood pressure or are taking blood pressure medication should check with their doctor before using any product containing kola nuts.

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