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20+ Best medical billing jobs Near Me 2022 Update

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– Medical Billing Jobs near Me –

Are there Medical Billing Jobs near me? is this your question you should go through our platform to find medical billing jobs that best suites you. Apply now for jobs that are hiring near you.

Medical Billing Jobs near Me

Medical Billing Specialist Jobs near Me

Check out medical billing jobs for specialist you can apply for with the right qualifications and detailed role responsibility.

1. Billing Associate

Catalent is an industry leader in sophisticated technologies and outsourced services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and consumer health industries.

Catalent develops, manufactures, and packages pharmaceutical and other goods for customers in nearly 100 countries, employing approximately 9,200 people in 30 facilities throughout the world.

Develops and manufactures oral and sterile medications in practically all major dosage forms, as well as patented technologies used in many well-known prescriptions and over-the-counter treatments, among its key offerings

The Role:

▸  Invoices are created.

▸  Review and update the billing work file.

▸  Prepare an invoice file for the month-end billing procedure.

▸  A thorough examination of storage to guarantee correct billing

▸  Response to billing inquiries should be coordinated.

▸  To resolve contract questions, work with Contracts Administration.

▸  When needed, assist with returns, storage, and receipts analysis.

▸  Invoice your customers.


▸  A bachelor’s degree in business administration or a similar subject is preferred. Work experience equivalent to a high school diploma will be considered.

▸  A minimum of one year of relevant job experience is preferred.

▸  Excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing.

▸  Excellent attention to detail and correctness.

▸  Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities.

▸  Excellent follow-up and planning skills are required.

▸  Must be able to work under pressure and prioritize workload.

▸  Computer literate with experience using computerized ERP systems and Microsoft Excel.

▸  Must be well-organized, meticulous, and capable of multitasking.

▸  Must be able to communicate successfully with a wide range of people and personalities both within and outside of departments.

2. Billing Specialist

The Billing Specialist responds to patient questions, handles patient letters and questionnaires, and contacts them as needed. This role requires a thorough understanding of government rules as well as the requirements of other insurers.

The specialist detects claims that are unable to be transferred, gets and keys information required for claim filing, and establishes a daily routine from the work queue to track pending eligibilities and underpaid claims.

The Billing Specialist works with the Manager/Supervisor to identify additional requirements, inefficiencies, and errors.


▸  Answers patient questions, including clinic and hospital accounts, and receives Medicare secondary payer information. Manages all patient correspondence and questionnaires.

▸  Prior to the release of any applicable holds, obtains and keys information that is required for claim filing, makes any necessary edit changes to the primary payer designation, and completes these procedures.

▸  When aiding patients, performs billing that maximizes cash returns and reduces denied charges by following rules in a courteous yet aggressive manner.

▸  On a daily basis, works coverage updates work queues or retro adjudication work queues if needed.

▸  Completes daily work queue of accounts on hold, including combined accounts, provider-based claims, and inpatient hospital claims.

▸  Working and modifying accounts, responds properly to essential changes by remaining up to speed on payer requirements and system capabilities through insurance bulletins.

▸  Identifies and resolves delays, inefficiencies, and errors that cause the claims process to be delayed, either autonomously or by reporting to the Manager/Supervisor.


3. Patient Billing Representative

York Hospital is more than just a hospital. We are a group of physicians, clinicians, and staff members who provide expertise in a hospital environment.

However, community settings, and physician practices all around Southern Maine and the New Hampshire seacoast.

 While establishing our vision of Loving Kindness for all, our caregivers are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of one another, our patients, and our community.


▸  On a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, bill York Hospital patients for Commercial, Liability, Medicare, Tricare, and Medicaid.

▸  Work closely with departments on patient insurance account input, updating, and correction.

▸  Insurance companies should be contacted again.

4. Patient Account Representative-Billing Specialist

The Patient Account Representative is responsible for ensuring payment and/or resolving outstanding accounts receivable for one or more of the following payer categories:

Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Commercial/Managed Care, Tri-Care, Worker’s Compensation, Schools, DSS/DJS, and Self-Pay.

To begin and update patient accounts with data required for the compilation of third-party claims and client statements, and to alter third-party/self-pay data, uses computerized patient management and electronic imaging systems.

5. Billing Representative – Pediatrics – Full Time, Days

Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital’s pediatricians and specialists collaborate to provide timely and easy care for children’s illnesses and injuries.

We all know that children require a lot of attention, not just a little. In Southwest Indiana, our Ascension St. Vincent care teams provide a comprehensive range of services from routine care to specialty care,


▸  Confirm insurance coverage, among other responsibilities. Determine whether pre-authorization is required and acquire permission for scheduled procedures.

▸  Determine who is financially responsible for the services that will be supplied. Notify patients and/or practitioners if any requested or referred services are not covered by insurance.

▸  Discuss financial responsibility and insurance coverage issues with patients and practitioners.

▸  Maintain accurate documentation of all billing activities in the patient account record. As part of the daily claims reconciliation procedure, keep track of the claims that have been handled.

▸  Prepare and submit claims for commercial insurance firms, third-party organizations, government agencies, and/or self-paying individuals.

▸  Medicare/Medicaid billing and reimbursement procedures are investigated, analyzed, and reconciled.

▸  Maintain accurate documentation of all billing activities in the patient account record. As part of the daily claims reconciliation procedure, keep track of the claims that have been handled.

Medical Billing Jobs near Me

Medical Billing Jobs near Me and Coding Jobs

Check out medical billing and coding jobs for specialist you can apply for with the right qualifications and detailed role responsibility.

6. Coding Improvement Coordinator Physician Billing

As a coding Improvement Coordinator PB, you will coordinate educational opportunities for the coding staff and conduct appropriate in-service educational sessions to address identified opportunities for improvement.

While helping achieve our mission, you will demonstrate attention to detail to minimize coding errors, legitimately optimize reimbursement and ensure accurate billing.

 Your ability to proactively identify areas of opportunity to improve coding quality based on audit feedback, coder questions, physician escalations, denial meetings and other platforms while planning.


▸ Coordinates educational opportunities and suitable in-service instructional programs for coding employees to address identified areas for improvement, answer coding issues.

▸  Provides onsite and/or remote education to individuals, small groups, and large groups as needed. As needed, identifies needs and facilitates in-service instruction or suggestions for claim changes, warnings, and hard stops in EPIC.

▸  Assists new Coders with training and performance audits. Performs coding validation evaluations at the second level.

▸  When necessary, provides training and information to the coding validation team, departments, and physicians.

▸  To reduce coding errors, legitimately optimize reimbursement, and assure accurate invoicing, demonstrates meticulous attention to detail.

7. Patient Account Representative

Accounts processing is my responsibility. Processing insurance payments, following up on refused claims, and resolving credit balances are all possible responsibilities.

 Usually only operates in one or two functional areas.

Essential  Responsibilities:

▸  Utilizes third-party claims processing and payment regulations to process the insurance portion of a patient’s obligation. Bills the claims correctly.

▸ Performs appeals and denial recovery procedures to follow up on denied claims. To handle outstanding accounts, Works refused claim lines and no response claims.

▸  Analyzes and settles credit balances on patient accounts. Responds to communications from insurance companies requesting refunds.

8. Medical Coding and Billing Instructor

Have you ever wished to have an impact on the next generation of medical coders and billers? Do you enjoy assisting others in realizing their greatest potential? Do you enjoy collaborating with others?

If you answered yes, this career could be ideal for you.

Delivering curricular content to our Medical Coding and Billing students will be one of your responsibilities. This includes mentoring and assisting students in their professional development.

9. Billing Specialist – Surgery Center (Medical Billing Jobs near Me)

This position will be one of the surgery center’s main business office personnel, performing tasks such as greeting patients.

Additionally, maintaining excellent phone etiquette, scheduling patients for procedures, understanding and working with insurance companies, and maintaining overall medical record functions.

 Also, this position is accountable for developing excellent customer service in all facets of the job.

Job Qualifications:

▸  GED, High School Diploma, or Associate Degree are desired qualifications.

▸  Prior medical experience is preferred.

▸  Language skills are necessary, including the ability to read, write, speak, and understand English.

▸  Computer proficiency is necessary.

▸  Strong knowledge of medical office and billing procedures is preferred.


10. Medical Billing Clerk

For the role of Medical Billing Clerk, South Coast Billing Solutions, LLC is looking for self-motivated, detail-oriented individuals with great organizational skills.

The candidate will help in the collection of fees due to a medical facility or physician. They’ll also double-check orders, invoices, and records for accuracy, as well as keep track of any patient payments.

A high school diploma or its equivalent is required, as is 2 years of experience in the medical billing area, good communication skills, billing and insurance knowledge, computer applications, and analytical skills.

Work from Home Medical Billing Jobs near Me

Work from the comfort of your home as a professional medical billing expert.

11. Medical Billing Supervisor

A skilled, highly organized, hands-on Medical Billing Supervisor is needed at Anne Carlsen, a fast-paced multi-specialty business.

The Medical Billing Supervisor is in charge of supervising Anne Carlsen Center medical billing, education billing, community-based services billing, and other miscellaneous invoicing.


▸  For all business segments, oversees the creation of medical claims, bills, and invoices, including filing claims, billing follow-up, self-pay collections, payment posting, and responding consumer queries or complaints.

▸  Oversees patient insurance verification and the upkeep of the EMR database.

▸  Billing specialist is trained, supervised, and evaluated, and the billing department is developed.

▸  Examines and resolves rejections and denials of claim submissions.

▸  Maintains contracts and paperwork

▸  Ensures that billing processes are completed accurately and on time.

12. Pharmacy Billing Specialist ( Medical Billing Jobs near Me)

In a long-term care pharmacy, handle billing functions. Work with insurance companies, nursing home employees, and the prescribing physician’s office.

Provide pharmacy staff with assistance and comments regarding billing problems. Support an environment that encourages maximum efficiency, staff retention, and high-quality personnel in the business office.


▸  Adjudication of prescription claims for all pharmacy insurance schemes

▸  Billing for medical services to nursing homes

▸  Provide pricing quotes for prescriptions to nursing homes and prescribers’ reps.

▸  Manage the pharmacy’s billing exceptions.

▸  Assist the pharmacy’s business office manager with all month-end closure procedures and functions.

▸  Combination prescription billing procedure (same drug with multiple doses)

▸  Help with prescription billing mistakes

▸  Examine billing rejection errors and trends for possibilities for ongoing improvement.

▸  Prior authorization and non-covered pharmaceutical orders are processed and managed.

▸  Census administration

13. Pharmacy Technician, Billing and Finance Specialist

Responsible for billing prescription claims. Also file through the electronic health record in a timely and accurate manner.

Design, develop, and evaluate billing systems and workflows for prescription charges in collaboration with other departments.


▸  Accounts receivable management, month-end close, yearly financial reporting, and compliance are all responsibilities for financial reporting on behalf of pharmacy services (serving as FWA and PBM contracting compliance officer).

▸  Assesses the efficiency of the billing process and makes necessary adjustments. In accordance with all pharmaceutical benefit managemen.

▸  Billing for departments and external entities is overseen. Ensures proper billing during downtime of the electronic health record (EHR). Assists auditors in verifying accurate patient billing or preparing for audits of appeals.

▸  Maintains knowledge of prescription billing laws, policies, and guidelines.

▸  Maintains a log of invoices received from outside suppliers, processes them in the invoice processing system, prepares the necessary invoice approval documentation, and assigns the invoice amount to the

▸  Assist the manager with any pharmacy or business licensing management, such as National Council for Prescription Drug Programs accreditation, Medicaid and Medicare renewals, and related tax filings.

▸  Works in an aware and safe manner at all times.

14. Pharmacy Tech Billing & Patient Accounts

A pharmacist under tech billing has to perform a wide range of activities under the general direction of a licensed pharmacist that do not require the pharmacist’s professional judgment.

These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, prescription order evaluation and reconciliation, as well as billing. Pharmaceuticals are prepared, medications are procured and restocked, and medications.

Manages pharmaceutical billing and audits, coaches, and communicates with technicians working in long-term care facilities as needed.


▸  In the delivery of care, work effectively as a team member and as a supervisor. Through proper communication, maintain good working relationships with departmental staff, other hospital personnel, patients, residents, vendors, and the general public.

▸  Review and file claims in accordance with third-party requirements.

▸  Complete patient account follow-up and collection according to department procedures.

▸  Keep up to date on third-party regulations and procedures.

▸  Timely response to all communications and letters.

▸  Complete all computer tasks given to the position.

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

▸  Medical words and drug names are familiar to you because of your education or previous work experience.

▸  To perform work activities, you must be able to read, write, speak, understand, and communicate well in English.

▸  Typing skills sufficient for creating correct drug labels and/or entering data into the pharmacy computer system.

▸  Have the flexibility and capacity to work well with all members of the team, patients, and the general public.

▸  Know how to conduct internet research.

▸  Ability to work independently while managing several tasks and deadlines.

▸  Skills in MS Excel and MS Word skills.

▸  Proficiency and experience with third-party insurance terminology and reimbursement processes.


15 . Clinic Billing Trainers ( Medical Billing Jobs near Me)

The clinic billing trainer would be in charge of assisting employees with registration and billing questions.

 Training new hires and visiting to clinic sites for in-person teaching when necessary, training providers for any charting errors that effect billing, claims must be received daily.


▸  Determines suitable fees for services rendered.

▸  Oversee patient accounts to ensure that claims billing is accurate and comprehensive for optimum reimbursement.

▸  Examines third-party payer benefit explanations to see whether payments were issued correctly and if denials can be re-billed.

▸  Analyzes and maintains reports in order to ensure timely claim filing.

▸  Identifies problematic accounts that require additional attention.

▸  Provides information about patient accounts to insurance companies or patients.

▸  Evaluate employee performance and provide any necessary training recommendations.

▸  Employees in the billing office are trained, assigned work, and difficulties are resolved.

▸  In the billing department, ensure good teamwork and protocol.

▸  Reports are written and distributed.

16. Physician Billing Specialist I

They are looking for a Physician Billing Specialist I who is detail-oriented and appreciates working in a fast-paced setting both as part of a team and individually.

 In addition, the ideal applicant would have extensive experience with physician billing and patient registration. The candidate must be able to keep patient information secure and adhere to HIPAA requirements.

Data input and maintaining pre-A/R workqueues are just a few of the responsibilities the candidate will have. Because of the need to use numerous medical systems and portals, computer skills are essential.

Job Responsibilities:

▸  Maintains and monitors work .

▸  Assists with surgery reports that are missing (spreadsheet).

▸  Enters patient information and registrations.

▸  Supports charge corrections.

▸  Special projects are handled.

▸  When needed, assists coworkers.

▸  Examines operating notes to see if they’re ready to be processed.

▸  Works closely with other departments to obtain missing billing information.

▸  Searches several insurance portals for information.

▸  Assists in entering a huge number of charges into the Epic system from billing sheets.

▸  Resolves billing concerns for patients.

▸  Keeps track of commercial insurance.

▸  Monthly checks to see if Medicare and Medicaid are active.

Medical Billing Jobs near Me

Medical Billing and Coding Remote Jobs near Me

Work from the comfort of your home as a professional medical billing expert.


17. Medical Billing Clerk

For the role of Medical Billing Clerk, South Coast Billing Solutions, LLC is looking for self-motivated, detail-oriented individuals with great organizational skills.

However, the candidate will help in the collection of fees due to a medical facility or physician. They’ll also double-check orders, invoices, and records for accuracy, as well as keep track of any patient payments.

18. Medical Collections Representative

The incumbent is responsible for providing a crucial function for the Physicians Billing Group (PBG) and its clients by taking the proper billing, collections.

However, Customer Service activities to resolve an account under the general supervision and direction of the Billing Manager.

 This necessitates an awareness of Medicare, Medi-Cal (and its affiliates), Commercial Insurance, Workers Compensation, and other insurance providers’ payer standards.

Employment Conditions:

▸  The University of California, Irvine (UCI) strives to offer a secure and healthy environment for all UCI students, faculty, and staff. As part of this commitment, all applicants who accept a job offer must agree to the following employment conditions:

▸  Live Scan and Background Check

▸  Working in the United States is legal.

▸  Vaccination Regulations

▸  Tobacco and Smoking Policy

▸  Environment Free of Drugs

▸  Additional constraints may apply, some of which are dependent on individual business unit or job requirements.

▸  E-Verify Pre-Placement Health Evaluation under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act

19. Medical Billing Coder

The HIMS Coder Credentialed applies the impairment and CMS 13 group codes to diagnoses and procedures entered in each patient’s medical record using the ICD-10-CM classification system.

 The position abstracts information from medical records, inputs it into PATCOM and UDS Proware, and creates a complete and accurate data base.

 All while adhering to JCAHO standards, professional and regulatory agency rules, UHDDS guidelines, and company policies.

Physical Requirements: Clear vision and communication skills.

▸  Good visual acuity and ability to communicate.

▸ Ability to lift, lower, push, pull, and retrieve objects weighing a minimum of 30 pounds.

▸  Ability to lift, lower, push, pull and retrieve approximately 10 percent of the time.

▸  Ability to sit 90 percent of the time.

▸  Ability to demonstrate safe retrieval skills from above head to floor level with objects up to ten pounds.

20. Charge Entry Billing Coordinator

This role is responsible for approving outbound claims to health plans on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

 As part of this function, actions are made to ensure that unbilled claims are converted to billed claims and that those claims are HIPAA-compliant and correct, accurately representing the organization’s service.

 This function also detects common claim form problems and reports them to management for correction.

Essential Functions:

▸  Observe and respond to all requests of data analysis to correctly pass through clearinghouse systems for transmission of the claim to the health plan.

▸  Prepare claim data for the organization’s Audit Worksheet on a weekly basis using current methods.

▸  Prepare and maintain claim output for grant funding and other contracted coverage sources when a standardized 837 claim is not used.

▸  Identify any returned claims from clearinghouse systems, commonly known as “front-end rejections”; when a claim is not further adjudicated by the health plans.

▸  Prepare and process secondary claims according to currents methods.

▸  Respond to internal and external requests to provide high-quality support to customers and colleagues

▸  Manage all billing episodes when health plan information is added, deleted, or modified.

FAQs About Medical Billing Jobs

These are very important and popular questions, asked amongst people who are looking out to know more about Medical Billing Jobs.

1. How to Fight Fraudulent Medical Billing?

▸  Get an Itemized Copy of Your Bill.

▸  Talk to Your Medical Provider.

▸ Talk to Your Insurance Company.

▸ Dispute a Medical Bill With the Collection Agency.

▸  Work With a Medical Advocate.

▸  Negotiate a Medical Bill With Your Medical Provider.

▸  Avoid Future Problems by Reviewing Your Insurance.

2. Should I sue Over Wrong Medical Bill?

Yes, you can sue a hospital for false billing. First, there are a series of internal challenges and appeals that you can undergo with the hospital.

3. What is the Use of Medical Coding for a Biomedical Engineer?

Medical coding is largely useless to a biomedical engineer. So medical coding is the process of transforming patient data, such as the surgery the patient underwent.

4. How do you Make a Living as a Medical Assistant?

Average salary: start $18,895.00 up to $46,333.00 yearly. California: does not require you to be certified, but if you are you can advance faster and farther.

FAQs About Medical Billing Jobs

These are very important and popular questions, asked amongst people who are looking out to know more about Medical Billing Jobs.

5. What Kind of First Jobs do Health Informatics Majors Tend to Get?

Within the growing healthcare industry, health informatics specialists are in demand due to their ability to improve patient care and organizational effectiveness.

The BLS projects that medical records and health information technician positions will grow by 8% between 2019 and 2029. The BLS projects 32% growth for medical and health services managers during the same period.

6. How Hard is it to Pass the Certified Professional Coder Exam?

Passing Score– To pass the Certified Professional Coder exam, you need to achieve a passing rate of 70 percent or higher. That means you must answer at least 105 questions correctly.

Total 150 questions are their in CPC test. Exam results are released online in the respective candidate AAPC account, as well as mailed.

FAQs About Medical Billing Jobs

These are very important and popular questions, asked amongst people who are looking out to know more about Medical Billing Jobs.

7. What are the Most active Jobs in Healthcare?

▸  Medical assistant. 

▸  Licensed practical nurse. 

▸  Physical therapy assistant.

▸  Occupational therapist. 

▸  Physical therapist. 

▸  Physician assistant.

8. Can a Medical Student Learn Coding?

Short Answer, Yes ! A medical student can learn coding but it takes a lot of effort.

If someone says programming is easy, s/he is lying. It takes determination and concentration but most important your problem solving skill.

FAQs About Medical Billing Jobs

These are very important and popular questions, asked amongst people who are looking out to know more about Medical Billing Jobs.

9. How to get an Entry Level Job in Healthcare Informatics?

The health informatics pathway includes workers involved in all aspects of managing health care agencies, patient data and information, financial information, and computer applications related to health care processes and procedures.

Workers usually have limited interaction with patients.

10. How can I get a Job in Health Informatics?

Entry-level positions in health informatics include medical coders, medical records clerks, data entry clerks, and health information technicians.

Their educational requirements can range from a simple, 12-week certification program to an associate’s degree combined with skills-based training and industry experience.

FAQs About Medical Billing Jobs

These are very important and popular questions, asked amongst people who are looking out to know more about Medical Billing Jobs.

11. What Types of Jobs did Doctors have While in Medical School?

When you graduate medical school, you have earned your M.D. degree, and are now a medical doctor, or physician. You then begin your internship and residency.

Medical Billing is a global billing and revenue cycle management organization that serves over 250 physician groups. Become a part of a thriving and developing industry.

Candidates who are committed to achieving results have opportunities. Apply right now! .



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