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Flight Attendant Interview Questions and Answers 2022

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Flight attendants can earn a good living doing something many people only dream about: traveling the world for work. This article contains some of the most asked flight attendant interview questions with convincing answers.

Flight Attendant Interview Questions and Answers 2022

Flight attendant interviews may include several question types.

Many will be common interview questions you might get at any job, such as questions about your employment history, your educational background, your skills and qualifications for the job, and your goals for the future.

Besides providing customer service, comfort, and refreshments to passengers, flight attendants keep everyone on board safe.

They help conduct pre-flight safety checks, demonstrate the use of seatbelts and other safety equipment, and keep passengers calm during an emergency.

If things go wrong in the air, they may even save lives, getting passengers’ medical attention, or making certain that everyone evacuates the aircraft safely if necessary.

Flight Attendant Interview Questions and Answers

To prepare for your interview, make sure you know the job. Look back at your resume and list any experiences you have had that show your ability to meet those requirements.

This will especially help with behavioral and situational interview questions. Below are some interview questions and answers.

1. How Did You Feel About the Cabin Crew and Their Work?

Try to stay positive. Talk about your experience with excellent service. Mention that the experience of a passenger helped you to understand the job of a flight attendant, at least to some extent.

You can even say that your experience motivated you to apply for the job with them.

2. Why Have You Chosen Our Airline to Become a Flight Attendant?

Prior to applying to become a Flight Attendant, I considered carefully which airline I wanted to work for.

Although I have very much set my heart on becoming a Flight Attendant, the most important thing for me would be to work for a strong, reputable, and quality airline that has an exciting future ahead of itself.

In a world where only the best airlines will thrive, I saw your airline as the most attractive due to the fact you work hard to provide exceptional levels of service for your passengers, you have a formidable track record and your plans for the future are something I would very much like to be a part of.

3. What Can You Tell Me About Yourself?

This is one of the first questions most interviewers ask. Keep your answer professional and talk about what you’ve done in your recent work.

If you just graduated, talk about what you studied and why, and what you’re looking for now that you graduated.

4. Why Would You Be a Good Flight Attendant?

When they ask why you would succeed in this position, it’s a chance to show confidence and brag about yourself a bit. This isn’t a spot where you want to be timid.

So think about your professional strengths and what you saw on the job description that seems like you’d be good at, and mention that.

5. Have You Ever Flown with An Aircraft Before?

Try to stay positive. Talk about your experience with exemplary service. Mention that the experience of a passenger helped you to understand the job of a flight attendant, at least to some extent.

You can even say that your experience motivated you to apply for the job with them.

6. What Characterizes a Great Flight Attendant Nowadays?

The qualities of a great FA have changed little in the last fifty years. Staying nice and attentive to passengers’ needs throughout the flight, and ready to handle every situation that can occur on board, characterizes a great steward.

7. What Caught Your Interest on Our Airline?

This is your chance to praise them for their exemplary service. Every airline has some competitive advantage–if they did not have one, they would be out of business.

You can point out the list of their destinations, their vision, corporate values, the way the flight attendants work, their history and reputation, the recognition of their brand, anything.

8. Describe your Customer Service Skills

Customer service is arguably the most important skill for cabin crew members.
As the role is about improving the passenger experience and maintaining their safety, customer service is a vital aspect of the role.
Even during stressful, challenging situations, flight attendants must remain professional and focused on providing quality customer service.

9. Do you prefer Working Alone or As Part of A Team?

The aim of this question is to figure out if you’re good at working in teams. As you’re probably already aware, for flight attendants, it’s more important to prefer working as part of teams than to prefer working alone.
This is because good teamwork is fundamental to the smooth running of flights.

10. What Do You Think Makes Our Airline Different from Its Competitors?

Along with knowing some basics about their company and its history, try to know one or two things that set it apart from competitors.

This can be its reputation, the places it flies to and serves, the excellent customer service or reviews, etc. Just make sure you’re saying something that’s true!

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