FUGUS Post UTME Past Questions 2023 & Answers PDF Download

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Are you an aspiring FUGUS candidate? Or are you currently searching the internet for FUGUS Post UTME Past Questions?

FUGUS Post UTME Past Questions 2021 & Answers PDF Download

Search no more! FUGUS Post UTME past questions and answers are now available for download to all candidates that are about to write the screening examination.

This is for Federal University Gusau Zamfara (FUGUS) aspirants. This is for those who have passed the FUGUS Departmental Cut Off Mark requirement of 200 and above in the just concluded JAMB examination . You can further use FUGUS post UTME past questions to achieve success on the forthcoming post UTME examination.

About Federal University Gusau

Specifically, popularly known by the acronym FUGUS, located in Zamfara State, Nigeria was one of the last 3 proposed new universities in 2010. The implementation of the first phase of the proposal started in February 2011.

It was with the establishment of nine Universities. The second phase which involved the remaining three universities including Federal University Gusau was established in 2013 with three faculties, Humanities and Education, Management and Social Science, and Science.

About The Past Questions

Federal University, Gusau Zamfara Post UTME Past Questions and Answers are the questions that have been set over the years. This is for admission of students into the university after their success in JAMB.

It is a collection of questions from each year since the inception of the POST UTME in the Federal University, Gusau Zamfara. However, we have been able to gather FUGUS post UTME past questions. This is in order to help prospective students into FUGUS.

Once you Purchase the POST UTME past questions, you will bw followed up with tips and essential updates. This is in other to make sure you get admission into the Federal University, Gusau Zamfara with ease.

Why You Need FUGUS Post UTME Past Questions

Highly Competitive

The Federal University Gusau Zamfara (FUGUS) is a recognized University in Nigeria. As such, a huge number of students apply to study in this Institution each year.

As we know FUGUS is competitive in terms of their academics.  They are also competitive in their admission process. So, do not seat on your buttocks, thinking that your 200+ score in JAMB will get you admission into the Institution.

To stand a better chance, you need to start preparing for the FUGUS Post UTME screening right now without delay.

This you can do by studying the FUGUS Post UTME Past Questions and Answers.  It will help you prepare for the Post UTME Examination. It will familiarize you with the questions and understand the area of concentration for your exams.

Features of FUGUS Post UTME Past Questions

‣ No of Pages: 31 or above
‣ From 2014– 2020 – Past Questions and Answers
‣ For All Courses (Post UTME Subjects).

Important Tips about Writing the Examination

1. Do not spend too much time on any questions. Thus, answer first, those possible questions which you know well as quickly as you can.

2. Also, always read a question carefully. Make sure that you understand exactly what is required before setting out to answer it

3. Furthermore, listen to all the instructions given by the Supervisor of the examination. And do exactly what he tells you to do. Also, start when he tells you to start and stop when he tells you to stop,

4. Also, plan how to answer questions as quickly and carefully as you can.

5. Furthermore, mark (or shade) your answers clearly on the answer sheet. If you find out you have made a mistake, erase your first mark completely then make a new mark.

6. Additionally, remember to fill in the details required on your answer sheet. And these are the examination year, your name, your index number, and the subject.  If you do not write your name or your index number you will not receive any credit for the work done.

7. Also, if you have more answer spaces than you need, just leave the extra spaces blank.

8. Additionally, when you have finished one page, go on straight to the next page without wasting time or waiting to be told.

9. Also, keep calm on the examination day. Your chance of doing well is high if you keep calm than if you are worried and restless. 

Requirements for Admission

Generally, admission into any University in Nigeria is not guaranteed by JAMB Scores alone.  It is a combination of your WAEC Result, JAMB Score, and the University Post UTME Exam. These three form the basis for admission.

The requirement in the Federal University, Gusau Zamfara (FUGUS), is that any candidate that will be considered for admission into the University must have scored 200 in JAMB and at least 50% in the Post-UTME. This is before the JAMB and Post UTME score of the person will be added to check if the person has passed the cut-off mark.

Therefore, this is expected for those students that had a high JAMB score. Hence, they must also hit a high score of 80% in the Post UTME. Therefore, increase the chances of gaining admission into University by studying extra hard using FUGUS Post UTME Past Questions and Answers.

Screening Sample Past Questions and Answer 


1. One of these is not a continuous variation

(A) height

(B) weight

(C)tongue rolling

(D) skin color

Ans: C

How to Get FUGUS Post UTME Past Questions

The price is Two thousand naira only ₦2,000

In order to get the material delivered to your mail box, you are entitled to make a bank deposit of 2000 naira to United Bank for Africa (UBA) @ TMLT PRO SERVICES with Account Number 1022564031.

Payment Procedure for the FUGUS Post UTME Past Questions

1. Payment to the following bank account sent to your SMS or WhatsApp Number, either by bank deposits slip or online transfer

2. Also after payment, the candidate is expected to:

Send FULL NAME ON TELLER or BANK ACCOUNT which the payment was made from + AMOUNT PAID + PAST QUESTION IN DEMAND +FACULTY of COURSE, as mail to or SMS to +2348082284439.


1. Name on Teller or Bank Account You Transferred From.- Frank Andrews

2. School e.g: FUGUS

3. Faculty or Course E.g: AGRICULTURE

4. Email Address or Whatsapp Number

Stay updated with FUGUS Post UTME Result and also how to Check the FUGUS Admission List. Consequently, We will keep you fully updated with FUGUS Admission News.

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