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FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions and Answers Free PDF Download

Filed in Past Questions by on March 22, 2020

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FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions and Answers Free PDF Download.

FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions: Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun (FUPRE) Post UTME past questions and answers is now available on our website for download. This page will give you a comprehensive guide on how to download the POST UTME success past questions online. Follow the given instructions carefully.

Are you an aspiring Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun (FUPRE) candidate?

FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

Are you searching for FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions? Search no more!!! FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions and Answers PDF is available for Download on our websites.

Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun (FUPRE) aspirants who has passed the FUPRE Departmental Cut Off Mark requirement of 200 and above in the just concluded JAMB examination can further use FUPRE post UTME past questions to achieve success on the forth coming post UTME examination.

Download FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions in PDF Format Now.

This article will cover the following:

  1. Why you possibly might have chosen Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun (FUPRE) as your school of choice
  2. Reasons why you need FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions and Answers pdf
  3. Key features of FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions

Relax and let’s get you well informed!!!


The Federal University of Petroleum Resources is a highly competitive university. Only a little portion of the total number of students who apply to the university gains admission. The secret to the selection of the successful student is the Past Questions.

We have discovered that over the years, the Federal University of Petroleum Resources repeats their past questions. If you get this past question and answer, you will be better equipped to pass the FUPRE Post-UTME in one sitting and be among those selected for admission.

We have gathered past questions and answers dating as far back as the year 2010 and have discovered that most of the questions are repeated. So, we are assuring you that the questions you get when you purchase this FUPRE Past Questions and Answers are real past questions that you will likely encounter on the exam day.


Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun Post UTME Past Questions and Answers are the questions that have been set over the years for admission of students into the university after their success in JAMB.

It is a collection of questions from each year since the inception or start of the POST UTME in the Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun.

However, we have been able to gather FUPRE post UTME past questions this in order to help prospective students into FUPRE.

Once you Purchase our POST UTME past questions we will follow you up with tips and essential updates in other to make sure you get admission into the Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun with ease.

Reasons Why You Need FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions

Some students may ask, why search for FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions and Answers, when i had a very high score in the JAMB Exams? Getting the FUPRE Past Questions and Answers, gives you a glimpse of how the Post UTME exam is like and also to know the FUPRE Post UTME Syllabus.

– HIGHLY COMPETITIVE: Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUPRE) is a recognized University in Nigeria. As such, a huge number of students apply to study in this Institution each year.

Each year, the minimum of 50,000 students seek admission into FUPRE but just a few gains admission. This is enough reason for you to get the FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions and Answers.

As we know FUPRE is competitive both in terms of their academics and also their admission process. So, do not seat on your buttocks, thinking that your 200+ score in JAMB will get you admission into the Institution.

To stand a better chance, you need to start preparing for FUPRE Post UTME screening right now without delay.

You can do these by studying the FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in PDF, to help you prepare for the Post UTME Examination. You will get familiar with the questions and understand the area of concentration for your exams.

– NO JAMB SCORE GUARANTEED: Sad to say, a good number of students who scored high in the JAMB examination might not gain admission.


Reasons being that admission into any University in Nigeria is not guaranteed by JAMB Scores alone, but with the combination of your WAEC Result, JAMB Score and the University Post UTME Exam. These three forms the basis for admission.

The requirement in the Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUPRE), is that any candidate that will be considered for admission into the University must have scored 200 in JAMB and at least 50% in the Post-UTME before the JAMB and Post UTME score of the person will be added to check if the person has passed the cut off mark for the course of choice.

So, for those students that had high JAMB score, they must also hit a high score of 80% in the Post UTME to stand on a higher ground to be considered for admission.

Meanwhile, for those who had a low JAMB score, what is their fate? They can still increase the chances of gaining admission into University by studying extra hard using FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions and Answers.

Key Features of FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions

– No of Pages: 31 or above
– From 2010 – 2019 – Past Questions and Answers
– For All Courses (Post UTME Subjects).

Sample Screening Past Questions and Answers (Use of English)

FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions for English

Choose the option opposite in meaning to the word(s) or phrase in italics.

1. Common sense requires that one should be decorous at formal gatherings. (A) courteous (B) careful (C) impolite (D) incurious

Ans: C

2. The string was taut (A) stretched (B) loose (C) firm (D) tight.

Ans: B

3. The diminutive figure bounces over the track with unfathomable lightness. (A) irresistible (B)predictable (C) invigorating (D) impressive.

Ans: B

4. The teacher announced that the class would be making a fleeting visit to the Zoo. (A) long (B) routine (C) brief (D) guided

Ans: A

5. We intend to make the reception a diurnal event. (A) an annual (B) a weekly (C) a nightly (D) a short.

Ans: C

FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions for Mathematics

1. The second and fifth terms of a geometric progression are 21 and 567 respectively find the first term and the common ratio of the progression. (A) 3, 7 (B) 7, 3 (C) -7, 3 (D) -3, 7

Ans: B

2. Tunse bought a house for =N=1,250,000 and spent =N=350,000.00 to renovate it. He then sold the house for =N=2,000,000.00. What is the percentage gain? (A) 40% (B) 65% (C) 35% (D) 32%

Ans: D

3. List the integral values of which satisfy the inequality -2 < 7 – 3x≤ 10 (A) -1, 0, 1, 2 (B) -2, 0, 1 (C) 1, 2, 3 (D) 0, 1,2

Ans: A

9. In a class, 120 students speak English or French or both. 70 speak English and 55 speak French. How many speak English but not French. (A) 45 (B) 50 (C) 55 (D) 60

Ans: C

10. The lengths of the sides of a right-angled triangle are ym, (3y – 1)m and (3y + 1)m, find y. (A) 12 (B) 9 (C) 8 (D) 4

Ans: A

FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions for Biology

1. Daughters receive their X-chromosome from their ___ (A) father (B) mother (C) relative (D) siblings

Ans: A

2. In bony fishes, the swim bladder is used for (A) adjusting the weight of the fish when swimming at different levels. (B) extracting oxygen from water which enters the mouth of the fish. (C) equalizing fluid pressures between the fish and the surrounding water. (D) absorbing more water when the fish is about to descend to a lower level

Ans: A

3. The theory that new organs or characteristics develop in organisms when there is a need for them was postulated by (A) Charles Darwin (B) Wallace (C) Lean Lamarck (D) Gregor Mendel

Ans: C

4. Ribosomes are found in all living cells. What is their function? (A) cellular respiration (B) synthesis of proteins (C) excretion of waste products (D) intracellular transport 

Ans: B

5. Which of the following is NOT a function of the nucleus of a cell? (A) It controls the life processes of the cell (B) And it translates genetic information for the manufacture of proteins (C) It stores and carries hereditary information (D) It is a reservoir of energy for the cell

Ans: D

FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions for Physics

1. Starting from rest a car of mass 1000kg accelerates steadily to 20m/s in 10 sec, what is the average power developed? (A) 0.2kw (B) 4.0kw (C) 10kw (D) 15kw (E) 20kw

Ans: E

2. A gun of mass 0.1kg has a bullet of mass 0.1kg , the bullet leaves the piston when fired at a velocity of 200m/s , find the final velocity (A) 20m/s (B) 23m/s (C) 30m/s (D) 45m/s (E) 15m/s

Ans: A

3. Which of the following pairs has one vector and one scalar quantity? (A) displacement, acceleration (B) potential energy, work (C) speed, power (D)kinetic energy, force (E) velocity, momentum

Ans: D

4. If p is the momentum of an object, then the expression P2/m has the same units as(A) acceleration(B) Energy (C) force (D) impulse(E) power

Ans: B

5. A ship floating in the clear water of density 1000kg moves to sea-water of density 1050kg where it floats, the upthrust on the ship then (A)stays constant (B) decreases (C) increases (D) increases by 0.05 times (E) decreases by 0.05 times

Ans: A

FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions for Chemistry

1. When a solution of silver (I) nitrate is saturated with hydrogen sulphide, a black precipitate forms which is (A) H2S (B) Ag2S (C) PbS (D) HNO3 

Ans: B

2. 0.0075 mole of calcium trioxocarbonate (iv) is added to 0.015 mole of a solution of HCl. The volume of gas evolved at S.T.P is (A) 224cm3 (B) 168cm3 (C) 112cm3 (D) 100cm3 

Ans: B

3. The weakest attractive force that can be observed between two molecules is (A) ionic (B) covalent (C) coordinates (D) Van der Waals forces

Ans: D

4. Which quantum number divides shells into orbitals? (A) Principal (B) azimuthally (C) magnetic (D) spin

Ans: B

5. The major source of oxides of nitrogen is from the burning of (A) coal (B) wood (C) fuel (D) chlorofluorocarbons.

Ans: A

How to Get FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions

The price is ₦2,000

In other to get the material delivered to your mail box, you are entitled to make a bank deposit of 2000 naira to United Bank for Africa (UBA) @ TMLT PRO SERVICES with Account Number 1022564031. For any question or Inquiries, contact us at [email protected]

Payment procedure for the FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions and Answer are as follows:

  1. Payment to the following bank account sent to your SMS or Whatsapp Number, either by bank deposits slip or online transfer
  2. After payment, candidate is expected to:

Send FULL NAME ON TELLER or BANK ACCOUNT which the payment was made from + AMOUNT PAID + PAST QUESTION IN DEMAND +FACULTY or COURSE, as mail to or SMS to +2348082284439.


  1. Name on Teller or Bank Account You Transferred From.- Frank Andrews
  2. School e.g: FUPRE
  3. Faculty or Course E.g : AGRICULTURE
  4. Email Address or Whatsapp Number

The PDF Past Question and Answers will be sent to your email on confirming payment.

Successes as you get into the exams hall and come out smiling with excellence.

For any question or Inquiries, contact us

Stay updated with FUPRE Post UTME Result and also how to Check FUPRE Admission List.

We will keep you fully updated with FUPRE Admission News.


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