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Download Nigerian Prison Service (NPS) Past Questions and Answers in PDF

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 – Nigerian Prison Service (NPS) Past Questions

Download Nigerian Prison Service (NPS) Past Questions. Do You want to Work with the Nigerian Prison Service?


Download Nigerian Prison Service (NPS) Past Questions and Answers in PDF

If you have been Shortlisted for the NPS Job Recruitment Test or You Intend to apply for a Job at NPS, Then You are at the Right Place. We currently have the Nigerian Prison Service updated past questions. 

This E-book we are giving out for a token is an Updated and Comprehensive version of Nigerian Prison Service (NPS) Past Questions and Answers, This past questions consist of English Language, Mathematics, and Current Affairs which normally cover a wide range of area including the History of Nigeria.

NPS Past Questions has a great advantage towards students preparing for the examination such as follows;

Benefits of  Nigerian Prison Service Past Questions

1. Firstly, It enlightens you on the scope of the examination

2. Hence, you won’t be in the dark about questions to expect in the examination.

3. Therefore, you won’t need support rather you’ll be confident in yourself

4. Furthermore, You won’t develop examination fever as a result of not knowing where the questions will be coming from.

5. Additionally, Equips you beforehand.

6. Also, it Guides you on how to answer exam technical questions

Important Tips about Writing the Examination

1. Firstly, Do not spend too much time on any question. Thus, answer first, those questions which you know well as quickly as you can.

2. Also, always read a question carefully. Make sure that you understand exactly what is required before setting out to answer it

3. Furthermore, listen to all the instructions given by the Supervisor of the examination. And do exactly what he tells you to do. Also, start when he tells you to start and stop when he tells you to stop,

4. Also, plan how to answer questions as quickly and carefully as you can.

5. Furthermore, mark (or shade) your answers clearly on the answer sheet. If you find out you have made a mistake, erase your first mark completely then make a new mark.

6. Additionally, remember to fill in the details required on your answer sheet. And these are the examination, year, your name, your index number, and the subject If you do not write your name or your index number you will not receive any credit for the work done.

7. Also, if you have more answer spaces than you need, just leave the extra spaces blank.

8. Additionally, when you have finished one page, go on straight to the next page without wasting time or waiting to be told.

9. Also, keep calm on the examination day. Your chance of doing well is high if you keep calm than if you are worried and restless.

What do the Nigerian Prison Service’s duties entail?

The CAP P29 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 give the Nigerian Prisons Service complete operational authority. This law gives the Nigerian Prison Service the authority to perform the tasks mentioned below.

1. Firstly, To place all those in lawful custody who have been accredited as such by courts of competent jurisdiction.

2. Also, To present defendants in court when they are due to appear.

3. Furthermore, To find out what triggers convicts’ antisocial behavior.

4. Additionally, To put in place structures for convicts’ care and training in preparation for their eventual reintegration into society as law-abiding people after their release.

5. Lastly, To develop and manage prison farms and industries in order to rehabilitate convicts while also generating revenue for the federal government.

Sample Questions.

1. Early childhood education as practiced today, began with?

(A)  Wole Soyinka

(B) Tai Solarin

(C) Florence Nightingale

(D) Dr. Maria Montessori

Answers: D

2. Vertical Sub-System of Curriculum is concerned with these except?

(A) Classrooms

(B) Grade Levels

(C) Forms

(D) Classes

Answer: A

3. One of the following is not an area of psychology covered by educational psychology?

(A) Psychometrics

(B) Abnormal Psychology

(C) Intellectual Psychology

(D) Experimental Psychology

Answer: C

4. Which of the following is the basic communication model in teaching?

(A) S-M-D Model

(B) S-M-R Model

(C) S-M-T Model

(D) S-M-S Model

Answer: B

5. The following are the basic classifications of Psychological tests except?

(A) Achievement Test

(B) Intellectual Test

(C) Aptitude Test

(D) Physiognomic Test

Answer: D

6. The Prisons Arms Training School is located in

A. Owerri

B. Kano

C. Kaduna

D. Minna

7. The Ministry that oversees the activities of the Nigerian Prisons is the

A. Federal Ministry of Defence

B. Federal Ministry of Interior

C. Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism

D. Federal Ministry of Youths and Sports

8. How many directorates do the Nigerian Prisons have

A. 6

B. 5

C. 4

D. 3

9. The Prisons is the …. the arm of the Criminal Justice system, after the police and courts

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4


10. The two major convict prisons operational in Nigeria today are

A. The maximum and minimum prisons

B. The maximum and medium-security prisons

C. The ordinary and execution prisons

D. The trial and convict prisons

11. The intermediate prison camps set up mainly in areas with courts that are far from the main prisons are called

A. interiority prisons

B. transit prisons

C. tentative prisons

D. Satelite prisons

12. Prison camps set up to train inmates on agro-based skills so that they can be self-employed upon discharge are called

A. Agricultural settlements

B. farm centers

C. vocational centers

D. Skill prisons

13. Which of these is not a paramilitary agency in Nigeria

A. Nigerian Police Force

B. Nigerian Immigration Service

C. Federal Road Safety Corps

D. National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control

14. The Nigerian police belong to which arm of government

A. Executive

B. State

C. Judicial

D. Legislative

15. Choose the odd one out

A. Shilling

B. Pounds

C. Naira

D. Pence

How to Get NPS Past Questions and Answers.

The cost of the newly updated Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment Past Questions is 2,500.00 naira only

See the Payment Detail Below.

In order to get the material delivered to your mail box, you are entitled to make a bank deposit of 2,500 naira to United Bank for Africa (UBA) @ TMLT PRO SERVICES with Account Number 1022564031.

After Payment, Send the following

  • Depositors Name
  • Teller Number
  • Amount Paid
  • What You Paid For

And your favorites Email Address to the Agent number 08082284439.
Please you can call him to verify before and after payment to avoid confusion.

Also, You can send us a message on WHATSAAP on 08082284439 or call: 08082284439.  @ Ascom Marketing Company Nig. No. 54 Abak Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

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