200 Most Interesting Man in the World Quotes

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One of the most known faces in beer promotion is Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who played “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”

Most interesting man in the world quotes

Most Interesting Man in the World Quotes

1. “I don’t always talk about mental health, but when I do, it’s to erase the stigma and educate.”

2. He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels.

3. The commercials are narrated by Will Lyman of Frontline


4. If he were to punch you in the face, you would have to fight off the urge to thank him.

5. The song being played is Brett Fuchs Berwyn

6. “He was on a recent archaeological dig and came across prehistoric footprints that lead out of Africa into all parts of the world. On close inspection, it turned out that the prints were his.”

7. “When I drive a car off the lot, its price increases in value.”- Jonathan Goldsmith.

8. “When I go to Spain, I chase the bulls.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

9. “When I met the Pope, the Pope kissed my ring.”

10. His business card simply says “I’ll call you.”

11. “If I were to visit the dark side of the moon, it wouldn’t be dark.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

12. He has won the lifetime achievement award, twice.  “Most interesting man in the world quotes”

13. “His organ donation card also lists his beard.”

14. Only he knows why the mariachi band never stops smiling

15. “I don’t always play a red shirt on Star Trek but when I do, I survive the whole episode.”

16. When he holds a woman’s purse, he looks intimidating

17. Mosquitos refuse to bite him purely out of respect.

18. He can speak Spanish in Russian

19. “The Holy Grail is looking for me.”- Jonathan Goldsmith.

20. His two cents is worth $37 and change

21. On multiple occasions, he has vouched for himself

22. “He has never walked into a spider web.”   “Most interesting man in the world quotes”

23. He can play Chopin on the drums

24. He lives vicariously. . .through himself

Great Men in the World Quotes

25. “His wallet is woven out of chupacabra leather.”

26. Regardless of the temperature you can never see his breath

27. “His legend precedes him the way lightning precedes thunder.”

28. “I don’t always accidentally, but when I do I accidentally do the whole thing.”

29. “I once turned a vampire into a vegetarian.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

30. He once ran a marathon because it was on his way

31. His small talk has altered foreign policy

32. On every continent in the world, there is a sandwich named after him. His hands feel like rich brown suede.   “Most interesting man in the world quotes”

33. “He once got pulled over for speeding, and the cop got the ticket.”

34. He divorced his wife because he caught her littering.

35. He’s won trophies for his game face alone

36. “Once a rattlesnake bit me, after five days of excruciating pain, the snake finally died.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

37. “In museums, I am allowed to touch the art.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

38. “Bigfoot tries to get pictures of me.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

39. “He doesn’t believe in using oven mitts, nor potholders.”

40.”He once won a fist fight, only using his beard.”

41. Sharks have a week dedicated to him.

42. Once, a rattlesnake bit him. After five days of excruciating pain, the snake finally died.

43. When he has a 50/50 shot, the odds are 80/20 in his favor.

44. “I don’t always question myself, but when I do, I like my answer.”

Most interesting man in the world quotes

Quotes and Saying of Great Men

45. His tailgate parties have been known to cause game delays

46. He is left-handed and right-handed.

47. “His garden maze is responsible for more missing persons than the Bermuda triangle.”

48. “Whatever side of the tracks I am currently on is the right side, even if I cross the tracks I’ll still be on the right side.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.   “Most interesting man in the world quotes”

49. He once went to a psychic… to warn her

50. The police often question him just because they find him interesting.

51. Panhandlers give him money.

52. At museums he is allowed to touch the art

53. “My passport has no photograph.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

54. “I don’t always have a chopper, but when I do, I get to it.”

55. “If he were to say something costs an arm and a leg, it would.”

56. The New Yorker has a nice piec The New Yorker e on Goldsmith

57. His shadow frequently appears on multiple best-dressed lists.

58. He can make orange juice out of apples.

59. “I don’t always use Internet Explorer but when I do, it’s to download a different browser.”

Jonathan Goldsmith Sayings and Quotes

60. His blood smells like cologne

61.”Mosquitoes refuse to bite me, purely out of respect.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

62. It has never been his bad

63. He has never filled up on chips

64. His pronunciation is impeccable, even underwater

65. “I don’t always watch Netflix but when I do, I spend 20 minutes trying to find a movie I’ve already seen that I’m willing to watch again.”   “Most interesting man in the world quotes”

66. He has won the lifetime achievement award, twice.

67. Eskimos have seven different words to describe his beard

68. He can steal thunder’s thunder

69. “He once won the Tour-de-France, but was disqualified for riding a unicycle.”

70. “I don’t always diet and exercise, but when I do I expect the results to be instant, dramatic, and spectacular.”

71. A few fun facts about the commercials:

72. “I once won a fist fight only using my beard.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

73. “He tips an astonishing 100%.”

74. “Panhandlers give him money.”

75. “The star on his Christmas tree is tracked by NASA.”

76. “He has been known to cure narcolepsy just by walking into the room.”

77. The ad campaign started in 2007 and has been wildly successful

78. He lives vicariously through himself.

79. “I don’t normally like work but when I do, it’s on Fridays.”

80. When it is raining, it is because he is thinking of something sad.

81. His blood smells like cologne.   “Most interesting man in the world quotes”

82. He tips an astonishing 100%.

83. “If I were to punch you in the face you would have to fight off a strong urge to thank me.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

84. His beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man’s entire body.

Dialogue Quotes by Jonathan Goldsmith

85. “I don’t always shit in a public restroom but when I do it sounds like a Michael Bay film.”

86. He is the life of parties he has never attended

87. Presidents celebrate their birthday

88. His passport requires no photograph.

89. “He is allowed to talk about the fight club.”

90. “When he dines at a fine restaurant the waiter tips him.”

91. “I don’t always travel to the sun, but when I do, I go at night when it’s cooler.”

92. Even his nod sounds like a plan

93. He has once parallel parked a train.

Most interesting man in the world quotes

94. “Even his tree houses have fully furnished basements.”

95. “A bird in my hand is worth three in the bush.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

96. “Roses stop to smell me.”

97. He has written piano concertos on the Ukulele   “Most interesting man in the world quotes”

98. “My Cinco de Mayo party starts on the 8th of March.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

99. “I once went to the psychic, to warn her.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

100. “My feet don’t get blisters, but my shoes do.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

101. “I once made a weeping willow laugh.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

102. Once while sailing around the world, he discovered a shortcut.

103. “I don’t always have a birthday, but when I do, I don’t make wishes. I grant them.”

104. “He once caught the Loch Ness Monster….with a cane pole but threw it back.”

105. He once challenged his reflection to a staring contest – on the fourth day he won

106. “I don’t always do sit-ups but when I do, I immediately check in the mirror to see if my six pack has arrived.”   “Most interesting man in the world quotes”

107. If opportunity knocks, and he’s not home, opportunity waits.

108. He has never relied on mistletoe

109. “Once while sailing around the world, he discovered a shortcut.”

110. “Time waits on no one, but me.”

111. “He’s never lost a game of chance.”

112. “I don’t always go to Starbucks but when I do, I refuse the ordering etiquette and order a large black coffee.”

113. “Respected archaeology my name its fight over his discarded apple cores.”

114. “My friends call me by my name, my enemies don’t call me anything because they are all dead.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

115. He has inside jokes with complete strangers

116. Cuba imports cigars from him. Mosquitos refuse to bite him purely out of respect. In museums, he is allowed to touch the art.   “Most interesting man in the world quotes”

117. His reputation is expanding faster than the universe

118. “He has amassed an incredibly large DVD library and it is said he never once alphabetized it.”

119. If he were to mispronounce your name, you would feel compelled to change it.

Short Quotes by Jonathan Goldsmith

120. “I never wear a watch because time is always on my side.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

121. His words carry the weight that would break a less interesting man’s jaw.

122. He once ran a marathon, because it was on his way.

123. “I don’t always read Yahoo articles, but when I do it’s for the comments.”

124. “He once killed five birds with one stone.”

125. “I don’t always pass slow drivers, but when I do I check to see if they look as silly as they drive.”

126. “I don’t always put the lime in the coconut but when I do, I shake it all up.”

127. If opportunity knocks and he’s not home, opportunity waits.

128. If he were to mail a letter without postage, it would still get there.

129. In a past life, he was himself

130. His shirts never wrinkle.

131. “Elephants visit his dead ancestors.”

132. He is fluent in all languages, including three that he only speaks.

133. “I don’t always find music I like but when I do, I listen to it continuously until I don’t like it anymore.”

134. “I don’t always go to the dentist but when I do, I brush and floss the heck out of my teeth the night before.”   “Most interesting man in the world quotes”

135. His morning breath has notes of saffron and a hint of lilac

136. He is the only person to ever find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

137. “I don’t always play Starfox, but when I do I barrel roll.”

138. “When he holds a lady’s purse, he looks manly.”

139. “Batman watches Saturday morning cartoons about me.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

140. He is the reason those nine ladies are dancing

141. Aliens have asked him to probe them

142. “I don’t always go to the gym, but when I do, I tell Facebook.”

143. The police often question him just because they find him interesting

144. “I don’t always post on your Facebook but when I do, it must be your birthday.”

145. “I don’t always read the directions on toothpaste but when I do, it’s because I forgot my smartphone when I went to the bathroom.”   “Most interesting man in the world quotes”

146. “I once brought a knife to a gunfight… just to even the odds.” – Jonathan Goldsmith.

147. “I don’t always carry all the groceries on one arm but when I do, my keys are in the right pocket.”

148. If he misunderstood a word, the oxford dictionary is compelled to change its meaning.

149. If he ever slapped you, you’ll thank him for touching you.

150. Men who know him are compelled to become the creature that he is.

151. After creating him, God started overestimating his ability to create a human.

152. Lays gives him a packet filled with chips.

153. If you had a competition with his shadow about looks, you’ll lose.

154. Ironman has his autograph.

156. He once owned a husky in Siberia and now it is called Siberian husky.

157. Batman wears t-shirt of his logo on chest.

158. His coffee never gets cold because he is around.

International Treasure

159. He ones kicked a ball with his foot; they made a sports out of that. Football.

160. You can’t always get what you want unless you are him.

161. Early birds wait for his permission to catch the worm.

162. He keeps his friends close and his enemies… nah. None of them survive to be closer.

163. Fortune is his bitch. ‘

Most interesting man in the world quotes

164. He isn’t the squeaky wheel. He is the finest one. Still he gets all the grease.

165. When in Rome, do as the Romans. When he is in Rome, Romans do it like him.

166. Time and tide wait for none. But for him they do, they don’t have a choice.

167. When he orders a coffee in barista, they name it after him.

168. You try to impress her father. Her father tries to impress him. You guys are not the same.

169. He is requested not to smile publically by the government. It becomes difficult for them to handle the crowd.

170. When he smiles during his troubles, troubles fall in love with him.

171. People have been falling in love with his smile.

172. When they talk about perfection, they think of him.

173. If cats had nine lives, they’ll like to spend all of them worshiping him.

174. He can even make a leopard change his sport.

175. All good things might come to an end but for him, they stay constant.

176. Even the Queen bows down in front of him and addresses him as – His Royal Majesty.

177. All is fair in love and war or when he does it.

178. He may put his any foot forward, both of them are gonna be the best.

179. If he were a doctor, you’d just like to keep the apple away.

180. Sherlock contacts him to solve the mystery of his life.

Reversing Authority

181. He does not need a visa to enter a country. It is their honour.

182. He may sow anything. He always reaps well.

183. His beauty isn’t just skin deep. He is the epitome of beauty.

184. His attitude is next to godliness.

185. Clothes he rejects after wearing are kept for auction.

186. Even if he blows his own trumpet, people will still call him humble.

187. He judges the book by its cover and his judgement becomes the cover.

188. Every dog has a day but his dog is lucky for a lifetime because he belongs to him.

189. Every man has a price but no one can afford his.

190. Destiny takes his suggestions before changing its path.

191. Car companies ask him to test drive the new car before the launch so that they can increase its market price.

192. If he jokes about you, you are an interesting person.

193. He can wear a woman’s dress and still look manly and intimidating.

194. His  fanclub has a fanclub.

195. He does a thing. It is called what he wants and he does it beautifully.

196. Character. Strength. Style. Intelligence. They don’t define him. He defines them.

197. He doesn’t go through airport security. Airport has to go through security check from his team before his arrival.

198. World does not affect his morals. He affects the world’s.

199. In the world full of men, he is a gentleman.

200. Women apologize to him after a fight even when they are not wrong.

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