Quotes to Make Him Hard in the Relationship

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Sending your partner naughty texts that will make him hard will work wonders the moment he thinks of you. You can send these quotes to make him hard for your partner to read.

Quotes to Make Him Hard

Whether you’re just sleeping with him, dating him, or in a committed relationship with him, you can use these texts. As long as the atmosphere is right and you tease him, they always work.

1. “I love when I can see how much you want to put it inside me.”

2. Guess what I’m wearing right now.

3. The bed feels so empty without you.

4. I have a special surprise for you tonight. You better come ready

5. I can’t wait to jump your bones!

6. “Your face would look better between my legs.”

7. “I swear to God I won’t stop until you’re shaking.”

8. “Get your ass in my bed”

9. Lying in bed and wishing you were here…

10. Let’s make a dirty movie together!

11. I want you so badly right now.

12. Everything about you turns me on! I can’t help it.

13. I want you on top of me now!

14. “Roses are red, violets are blue, Let’s break the bed, Me and you

15. “Your face would look better between my legs”

16. “Your tongue can do a better job of teasing you than your words can”

17. “I love it when I can see how much you want to put it inside me”

18. “Be naked when I come home”

19. “Be gentle with me. Be sweet and kind, oh hell! Who am I kidding? Flip me over, ride my ass and pull my hair!”:

20. “Push me up against the wall and do dirty things to me”

Quotes to Make Him Hard

21. I just got out of the shower

22. “I want you to taste me on your fingers.”

23. “Weekend mood: Orgasms. A lot of orgasms”

24. “What do you want me to wear in bed tonight?”

25. All I’ve been thinking about is your mouth.

26. “I love your fingers between my legs

27. “I swear to you, I won’t stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name.”

28. “I love the way you explore my body using your hands and the way you call me your girl.”

29. “I licked it so it’s mine.”

30. “I had a rough day, give me a rough night.”

31. “Save water. Shower together.”

32. “I wanna get down on my knees and then taste you.”

33. “I’m dripping wet.”

34. I can’t concentrate on anything today because I’m distracted by thoughts of our last time in bed together.

Naughty Quotes for Him

35. “I love the way you slide your fingers inside of me”

36. I’ve been a very bad girl today. I think I need to be punished.

37. “I love the way you explore my body.”

38. “Can I blow you, right now?”

39. “Can’t wait to feel you inside me”

40. All I want right now is your hands on me. Down there.

41. “Nice pants. Can I test the zipper?

42. “A naked pillow fight? Yes, please!”

43. I can’t stop thinking about what I’m going to do to you tonight.

44. “I am dirty and going to have a shower. But when I return, I want you to make me dirty again…”

45. “What if I offer you three wishes and grant them all? What would you like to do in bed tonight?”

Bed Intimate Love Quotes

46. “It’s about time to try out the new position you were talking about.”

47. “Did you jerk off lately? If not, maybe I can help.”

48. “I would rather be with you. In bed. Right now.”

49. “I had a wet dream last night. Can you guess who was in the dream? A small hint, I am sending him a text right now.”

50. “I want you so badly… Can you come over right away?”

51. “You’re so strong and big down under and I can’t stop thinking about you…”

52. “I wouldn’t mind giving you a love bite today.”

53. “I love sitting on your …” Open-ended sentences spike up the imagination of your man.

54. “I’m sitting on the kitchen counter thinking about you between my legs.”

55. “I wish you could sleep with me tonight to keep me warm cause all I have are my panties.”

56. “All I want right now is your hands on me. Down there.”

57. “I just had the naughtiest thought about you. But it’s much too dirty to send in a text.”

58. “I’m imagining you making love to me by pushing me against the wall..” Imaginations can make things much more creative.

59. “Currently, I am sending you texts using one hand because the other one is busy somewhere else. Guess where it is?”

60. “Give me a ‘hard’ surprise between my legs tonight…” Invite him to dinner and then between those curved thighs of yours.

Quotes to Make Him Hard

Hard I Want You Deep Inside Me Quotes

61. “I was just thinking about you and me… and suddenly, I found myself completely undressed and wet down under.”

62. “Just a reminder. Don’t let your hips stop tonight.” In this context, hips signify pumping between your legs.

63. “I’ll give you a clue. Tonight, I want a special guest between my legs.”

64. “I would like to invite you to go out with me this weekend. But, I can’t guarantee that I can keep my hands to myself…”

65. “Even after I am covered in blankets, it’s freezing in here. Should I put some clothes on as well?”

66. “I am imagining your hands on my body… your mouth on my body… and finally, your body on mine…”

67. “What turns you on? I want to try it next time I’m with you…”

68. “I made a big mess today. I think you’ll have to give me a big spanking tonight.”

69. “I am laying on my bed right now thinking about your hard ‘world engine’.”

Kinky Quotes to Make Him Hard

70. “I had the dirtiest and wettest dream last night. Want to hear it over text or at home?”

71. “Hey babe, would you like me to wear my sporty or lacy thong tonight?”

72. “Next time when I see you, I want you to make me as dirty as you can.”

73. “What can we do tonight…in bed?”

74. “What’s your favorite memory about our lovemaking?”

75. “Nothing gets me wetter than thinking about you, baby.”

76. “It sounds weird, but I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about us last night. It kept replaying over and over again…”

77. “You’ll have to help me get all my straps and snaps off my body tonight.”

78. “Kiss burns calories. I can help you burn all of them off your body.”

79. “Here is a confession. Sometimes I turn myself on just thinking about you. And I can’t help it.” Touching in this context means masturbating, and it is something everybody knows. 

80. “I need to change my underwear from thinking about you just now.”

Quotes to Make Him Hard

81. “The bed feels empty without you…” Since most of the action takes place in bed, the bed has been renowned for lovemaking. 

82. Can I practice my lap dance skills on you tonight?

83. “I get distracted at work, especially, especially when I am thinking about you and your…”

84. I miss having you inside of me.

85. I can’t believe how well our bodies fit together.

Hot Flirty Quotes for Your Man

86. “I can’t help but think about the intimate encounter with you when I hear this song. Would you like to make it a ‘reality’?”

87. “Next time, you can help me put on sunscreen. I’ll return the favor by taking off my bikini after.”

88. I’ll give you a reward tonight if you can guess where I’m touching myself right now.

89. “Just to make things clear… If you were here right now, we wouldn’t be hugging or kissing, or even cuddling. You know why?”

Tease him by making him guess what you would be doing with or “to” him instead of kissing or hugging.

90. Name a body part and I’ll send you a photo

91. “What was the wettest dream you had of me?” Ask him about his wettest dream with you.

92. “Meet me in bed, right when you enter the house.”

93. “Do you have any fetishes or fantasies that need completing?” Give him the charge to complete his fetishes and fantasies in bed.

94. “I like it when you are in charge. It makes me wet.”

95. “Guess where my tongue could be on your body?”

96. “Thinking about you touching me, literally, turns me on.”

97. “Whenever your name pops up on my phone screen, my knees weaken.”

98. “I feel like something is missing. It’s you between my legs.”

99. “I’m sucking on a blow pop… Guess what I’m thinking?”

100. Can I stop by for lunch?

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