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The Average Librarian Salary, Jobs, and Careers in 2022

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– Librarian Salary –

Librarian salary ranges from $34,810 and $97,460 depending on experience and talent. An average librarian receives compensation of sixty-three thousand five hundred and sixty dollars on a yearly basis.

Librarian Salary

It is worthy of note that librarian salary varies depending on a range of factors, including your qualifications, experience, location, the size of the library you work at, team structure, the local authority you work for, etc.

However, in this article, we shall bring you updates on the salary structures of various library professionals.


Librarian Salaries

Like we had said earlier. Salaries for library professionals vary depending on several factors.

Including the type of library (i.e. public, school, academic, etc.). Therefore, the population of community served, region of the country, years of experience, etc. 

However, salaries are usually higher in metropolitan areas than in rural areas.

Also, we shall divide this discussion into three parts, each providing expository information on the salary of a particular category of a librarian.

Categories of librarians that we will provide salaries information on are:

1. School librarian salary

2. Average librarian salary

3. Medical Librarian Salary

4. Public librarian salary

5. Library assistant salary

6. Academic librarian salary.

School Librarian Salary

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that librarians in elementary and secondary schools earned a median annual wage of $60,780 in March 2022.

Librarians in college and university libraries earned a median annual salary of $64,130 in the same year.

However, the salary for school librarians can vary widely; salaries are higher in larger libraries and frequently differ from state to state.

School Librarian Salary by State

The average national salary for a school librarian is $54,995 per year. The school librarian salary according to state is:

1. Alabama: $57,947 per year

2. Alaska: $58,281 per year

3. Arizona: $53,512 per year

4. Arkansas: $46,629 per year

5. California: $103,958 per year

6. Colorado: $48,817 per year

7. Connecticut: $52,353 per year

8. Delaware: $54,017 per year

9. Florida: $53,934 per year

10. Georgia: $47,559 per year

11. Hawaii: $57,677 per year

12. Idaho: $19,000 per year

13. Illinois: $48,027 per year

14. Indiana: $46,071 per year

15. Iowa: $29,993 per year

16. Kansas: $43,566 per year

17. Kentucky: $48,759 per year

18. Louisiana: $47,925 per year

19. Maine: $47,324 per year

20. Maryland: $59,082 per year

21. Massachusetts: $62,990 per year

22. Michigan: $40,435 per year

23. Minnesota: $55,068 per year

24. Mississippi: $34,523 per year

25 Missouri: $45,635 per year

26. Montana: $48,095 per year

27. Nebraska: $38,979 per year

28. Nevada: $53,479 per year

29. New Hampshire: $48,434 per year

More Details School Librarian Salary by State

30. New Jersey: $51,828 per year

31. New Mexico: $46,104 per year

32. New York: $55,284 per year

33. North Carolina: $56,388 per year

34. North Dakota: $49,287 per year

35. Ohio: $50,194 per year

36. Oklahoma: $56,300 per year

37. Oregon: $53,414 per year

38. Pennsylvania: $52,810 per year

39. Rhode Island: $55,349 per year

40. South Carolina: $49,308 per year

41. South Dakota: $46,437 per year

42. Tennessee: $43,882 per year

43. Texas: $46,684 per year

44. Utah: $32,032 per year

45. Vermont: $38,750 per year

46. Virginia: $60,550 per year

47. Washington: $60,587 per year

48. West Virginia: $45,673 per year

49. Wisconsin: $52,874 per year

50. Wyoming: $43,061 per year.

Average Librarian Salary

The national average salary for all librarians is $60,760. This average reflects careers in the many specific work environments available to librarians.

In this context, the average salary covers jobs in schools, private institutions, hospitals, and public libraries.

The pay for librarians varies significantly, but they found the highest and lowest average salaries for librarians in the following states:

State Average Librarian Salary (Top 5)
California $76,940
Maryland $71,440
Alaska $70,920
Virginia $70,490
Connecticut $70,230


State Average Librarian Salary (Bottom 5)
Mississippi $46,100
Oklahoma $45,090
South Dakota $41,490
West Virginia $41,240
Idaho $40,450

Medical Librarian Salary

Medical librarians are specialized reference librarians who work in hospitals, medical schools, and insurance companies.

Their average salary is $55,329 annually. As a medical librarian, you might help healthcare professionals or the public access a range of information on medical treatments and care.

Specializing in a particular area, like consumer health information or disaster information, might also offer a salary boost.


Public Librarian Salary

There are more public librarian jobs than any other type since nearly every city has a public library.

Responsibilities include choosing and selecting materials for the library holdings, helping patrons with research questions, and coordinating library programming.

As city employees, public librarians working for the local government earn an average of $54,560. Depending on your state, you may need certification to work as a public librarian.

Library Assistant Salary

Library assistants earn an average wage of $28,170.

Like other library jobs, location makes a big difference in earnings, with library assistants in Alaska and Nevada averaging over $37,000 a year.

However, those in Mississippi and Missouri earn an average salary of less than $23,000.

Factors that Influence Librarian Salary

As we had earlier said, not all librarians earn the same amount. Some receive higher than some, while some get low or average pay.

Below are the top reasons lawyers do not earn the same salary:

Level of Education

Individuals armed with a bachelor’s degree only are often eligible for clerical and assistant jobs in library systems, as it is commonly required to hold a master’s in library science.

For those looking to advance their knowledge, Ph.D. programs in library science also exist but are not required for most positions in a run-of-the-mill library.

Work Environment

Salary in library science will often depend on where you are practising your craft.

For example, the BLS reports they can find the highest earnings in university settings, while the lowest-earning potential exists at the public library level.

Years of Experience

It is relatively standard in any profession for increased tenure in the field to result in higher pay, and this is also true in the world of library science.

As you advance within whatever system you are practising in. Also, supervisor and higher-level administration positions may become available to those with extensive experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about librarian salary. We have provided the answers to the questions, too.

Please kindly study them carefully.

1. Can a librarian make a six-figure salary?

The answer is yes. Librarians earn higher pay and can be into the 6 figures depending on the area and the type of library.
Specialized librarians and tenured librarians also make more than the rest of the group. So if you’re wanting to be a librarian with a 6 figure income.

2. Does library science have a big salary?

Librarians who specialise in universities and colleges will usually be better paid than those who work in primary or secondary schools, with a median salary of around $61,000 per year.
Colleges usually have endowments and have larger budgets than many school systems.

FAQs About librarian

3. How much does a librarian earn?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a Librarian can earn anywhere from $34,300 per year (in the bottom 10th percentile) to $91,620 per year (in the top 90th percentile).

4. Is it possible to become a librarian if I don’t have an MLIS degree?

Yes, even if you don’t have an MLIS, you can work as a librarian. The employer will assess your suitability and qualifications to work as a librarian in their company.

5. How can I know if I am being paid fairly as a librarian?

How can I tell whether I’m being appropriately compensated as a librarian?

6. Can I earn an MLIS degree online to become a librarian?

They can earn an MLIS degree online, depending on the college that offers the program.
Students who have other commitments outside academics can complete the degree entirely online.

More Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

7. How do I get a job as a librarian?

The following are the ways you can get a job as a librarian:


1. Find out the type of library you want to work for.
2. Offer your services on a part-time or a volunteer basis to gain experience and to network with people in the industry.
3. Earn an MLIS degree as this will increase your chances of getting a job with most employers.
4. You should also carry out field researches in your area to find out what the requirements are to get employed as a librarian.

8. How do I effectively network with other professionals as a librarian in my area?

The following are tried and true methods for efficient networking in the industry:
1. Get employment in a local library either on a part-time basis or as a volunteer
2. Start attending professional events in the industry
3. Join special groups in the industry online
4. Get out and talk to local library staff, asking them important questions and getting to know them.
Over the next ten years, they predict the number of librarians employed they predict the number of librarians employed to rise by 6%.
Libraries are increasingly being used by the general public for a variety of services and events.
Over the next ten years, they predict the number of librarians employed to rise by 6%.
Libraries are increasingly being used by the general public for a variety of services and events.

9. What is the job outlook for librarians like?

Over the next ten years, they predicted the number of librarians employed to rise by 6%.
Libraries are increasingly being used by the public for a variety of services and events.

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