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Nigerian AirForce Salary Structure: Are you earnestly expecting to join the Nigerian Air force? If yes, the information we are about to spill out now will be very important to you. Why not spend this minute and read through it.

Nigerian Air Force Salary Structure

Those of you who dream about becoming a part of the Nigerian Air Force should explore all the possibilities of this profession long before choosing to become a soldier.

Just think about this, the whole structure combines about 10,000 people, both men, and women. Nigerians respect their military service, and many citizens wish to join Airforce Nigeria.

What is the Salary Structure of the Nigerian AirForce?

The Nigerian Airforce has many ranks for its workers. And the salary structure depends on the rank. Also, the higher your rank is, they paid the more you.

Here is an example of ranks used in the system:

1. Aircraftman

2. Corporal

3. Flight sergeant

4. Cadet

5. Pilot Officer

6. Flight Lieutenant

7. Group Captain

8. Air Marshal

There are many other ranks you can get while building a career in the air force in Nigeria. However, you can learn more about the rank structure if you wish to.

Therefore, In this post, we would like to focus on the monthly salary you can earn as an official employee.

The salary is different for commissioned and non-commissioned officers.


Nigerian Air Force Monthly Salaries

We would like to list two groups of salaries. Therefore, these are approximate numbers we have found and are happy to share with you.

Salaries of Non-Commissioned Airforce Employees per Month

1. Trainee – this person usually earns over 10,000 Naira

2. Cadet – this person usually receives over 44,000 Naira

3. Aircraft person – the average salary is over 53,000 Naira

4. Lance Corporal – this person receives up to 56,000 Naira

5. Corporal – this employee earns over 58,000 Naira

6. Sergeant – this person’s salary is over 69,000 Naira

7. Flight Sergeant – this employee gets over 87,000 Naira

8. Warrant Officer – this officer receives about 102,000 Naira

9. Master Warrant Officer – this employee earns over 165,000 Naira

10. Air Warrant Officer – this officer is usually paid approximately 172,000 Naira

Salaries of Commissioned Airforce Officers per Month

1. Pilot Officer – this employee earns over 187,000 Naira

2. Flying Officer – this member’s salary is approximately 218,000 Naira

3. Flight Lieutenant – this person is paid about 232,000 Naira

4. Squadron Leader – this employee’s salary is over 248,000 Naira

5. Wing Commander – this member is usually paid over 342,000 Naira

6. Group Captain – this employee earns over 352,000 Naira

7. Air Commodore – this employee’s salary is up to 678,000 Naira

8. The Air Vice-Marshal – this member’s salary is over 1,376,000 Naira

9. Air Marshal – this employee receives over 1,486,000 Naira

10. Air Chief Marshal – they paid this rank the highest salary of over 1,724,000 Naira

The salary structure described above looks attractive. Also, you can see how much rank influences the monthly salary of Air Force officers in Nigeria.

Choosing the Air force as your future job can be an awesome idea when you are young. Also, strong, hardworking, and with a real desire to build an impressive career in your home country.

We cherish your opinion, and we look forward to it. Hence, If you have questions as regards this update, kindly scroll down to the comment section and we will respond in no time.

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