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Professors’ Salary in Nigeria It is often said that the academic system is where the best profession lies. You might wonder how much they paid a professor for lecturing.

Overview of Professor’s Salaries in Nigeria

Choosing to pursue a degree in Education and a career as a lecturer is highly subjective. But, if it is right for you, you have the opportunity for a highly rewarding career.

Lecturers have the freedom to pursue their own research. Also, they become experts in their field and share their knowledge with students.

This article will satisfy your curiosity as it will inform you with information about Professors’ Salaries in Nigeria University, read through carefully.


It is often said that the academic system is where the best profession lies. Meanwhile, you might wonder how much they paid a professor for lecturing. Truth being said, university lecturers’ salary in Nigeria isn’t that bad.

Although, start as a graduate assistant before you attain such heights in the education sector.

Who is a Professor?

Professors are teachers who lecture or teach academic and vocational subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students. However, they work in universities and higher education colleges.

Also, they are called professors and not teachers because they give out lectures, seminars, tutorials, and practical demonstrations to classes that are bigger than an average classroom.

Skills Needed to Become a University Professor 

In order to become effective in a career as a university professor and perform your job duties with competence, you need to possess a certain set of skills.

Someone typically gains these skills because of years of study in a chosen field of study, as well as work experience as a student teaching assistant.

1. High level of knowledge in instruction and/or research

2. Excellent verbal communication skills, both for lecturing and communicating with colleagues

3. The Excellent writing skills for publishing research and analysis

4. Excellent organisational and time management skills

5. An aptitude for research

6. Able to effectively evaluate student progress

How To Become A Professor in Nigeria

Becoming a professor in any Nigerian university is what most lecturers or academicians want in life.

Although the career path of becoming one isn’t easy. Also, the benefits attached and the respect you get in society aren’t something to be taken for granted.

We see a professor as an expert in any course of study. Also, it’s like a teacher’s final rank one attains at any academic institution or university, be it in the arts, sciences, or any department.

Levels of Professors in Nigerian University

Levels of Professors in Nigerian University

Finally, we have highlighted the classification of ranks and titles for University Professors so that you can understand the career progression.

There are 4 major titles of university professors and we have also included the criteria needed to earn them.


Typically, instructors hold a minimum of a Master’s degree or equivalent. In addition, they must have completed most or all of the requirements for the doctorate or equivalent, and we expect them to show effectiveness as a university teacher.

Assistant Professor

An assistant professor has earned a doctoral or professional degree (such as a law degree) or equivalent. Therefore, they must also show a commitment to teaching and scholarly or professional work of high calibre.

They typically expect associate professors to take part in university affairs at least at the department level.

Associate Professor

However, the difference between an associate professor and an assistant professor. Threfore, is that the association must also have a national reputation as a scholar or professional.

They are also expected to show public, professional, or university service outside. Aside from their departmental responsibilities.


Professors must typically meet the requirements for an appointment as associate professors. In addition, they must have a distinguished record of accomplishment.

that leads to an international or national reputation in their field of expertise.

Salary of Lecturers and Professors in Nigerian University

Below is the breakdown of the monthly salary of lecturers and professors in Nigeria;

1. Lecturer II earns N137,459 to N164,970 monthly,

2. Lecturer are been paid N173,333 to 223667 per month,

3. Senior Lecturer earns N257,625 to N371,292 per month,

4. Reader earns N314,018 to N417,062 monthly,

5. A Professor in Nigeria earns N381,695 to N501,680 per month.

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