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The 16 Best Computer Science Scholarship programs provide exceptional opportunities for aspiring students in the field of computer science, offering financial support and valuable resources to help them pursue their academic and career goals.

16 Best Computer Science Scholarship

The 16 Best Computer Science Scholarship

If you’re searching for the top scholarship opportunities in the field of computer science, look no further.

Here, we will unveil the 16 Best Computer Science Scholarship programs available, each offering unique benefits and financial support to deserving students.

1. AISES 3M Scholarship

AISES, the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, offers a variety of scholarships to support students pursuing STEM fields. In collaboration with the 3M Company, they have created an exceptional opportunity known as the 3M Scholarship.


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Eligible applicants must belong to a recognized American Indian Tribe or Alaska Native Village, be a Native Hawaiian or descendant, be a Pacific Islander or descendant, or be an Indigenous person of Canada.

2. AISES Aristocrat-VGT Scholarship

In collaboration with Aristocrat Technologies Inc., a prominent provider of gaming solutions for Native American casinos and emerging markets, the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) presents a scholarship program focused on fields related to casino gaming.

AISES has a long-standing history of granting academic scholarships, totaling nearly $12 million since its establishment in 1977.

The AISES Aristocrat Scholarship is specifically awarded to AISES members with the aim of expanding and supporting the STEM workforce.

3. AISES Chevron Scholarship

The AISES Chevron Scholarship, sponsored by Chevron, a leading global petroleum company that values the contribution of its employees, has been established in collaboration with AISES.

This scholarship aims to support the education of students from indigenous communities in North America who are pursuing STEM degrees at accredited institutions.

Eligible applicants must belong to indigenous communities, be full-time undergraduate or graduate students in accredited four-year STEM programs, provide proof of tribal citizenship, and be current members of AISES during the application period.

4. Cyber Security Scholarship

The Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association Educational Foundation (ACFEA) offers several scholarship programs tailored to various individuals.

Among them is the Cyber Security Scholarship, designed for students with an interest in cyber security, computer science, and related fields, providing them with an opportunity to pursue their desired undergraduate degree programs.

The scholarship is open to all U.S. students, regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity, who are either currently enrolled or planning to enroll in a four-year undergraduate program at an accredited university or college.

The chosen recipient will receive $5,000 to support their educational expenses. To be eligible, applicants must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 and submit an essay, recommendation letters, and their grade transcripts for consideration.

5. Intel Scholarship Program

The Intel Scholars Program fosters a vibrant community of ambitious and talented students in the STEM field, propelling them towards successful careers.

Within this community, scholars harness the benefits of fellowship and diversity, paving the way for a promising future.

Notably, several scholars go on to join Intel Corporation, where they become catalysts for pioneering technologies within the company.

6. Jasin Graduate Scholarship

The Jasin Graduate Scholarship recognizes and supports outstanding students with a $5,000 award to alleviate their educational costs.

This scholarship specifically caters to individuals presently engaged in or aspiring to serve in the U.S. government.

Those pursuing studies centered around national security are strongly encouraged to apply.

7. TEC Scholarship

TEC, a prominent global player in the vertical transportation industry, acknowledges the significance of education and the financial challenges students face in pursuing their degrees.

To alleviate this burden, TEC is offering a scholarship program.

In today’s world, engineering is advancing at an unprecedented pace, with modern systems replacing outdated ones.

Vertical elevator technology is no exception, rapidly evolving to meet customer expectations. TEC takes pride in its global leadership in this field and seeks to engage brilliant technologists to join them on this journey.


8. Papa John’s Scholarship

Originating in Kentucky in 1984, Papa John’s is a prominent American pizza restaurant chain. It has expanded over the years to become the third-largest pizza delivery company globally.

In collaboration with the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), the Papa John’s Foundation sponsors scholarships for Black college and university students.

UNCF has successfully raised more than $5 billion to assist underprivileged students in accessing higher education.

The Papa John’s scholarship specifically targets students with a passion for business administration and STEM fields, providing them with opportunities for academic advancement.

9. RICOH Scholarship Program

RICOH, in collaboration with UNCF, grants a $2,500 scholarship to support the education of five students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and pursuing specific academic disciplines.

Among the recipients, two scholarships are reserved for female students. The eligible fields of study include computer science, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, marketing, finance, accounting, information technology, and business operations.

This scholarship aims to inspire students in their academic journey and encourage them to seek promising career prospects after completing their education.

10. Chevron Corporate Scholarship

Chevron, a highly respected entity in the global oil and gas industry, places significant emphasis on diversity, inclusion, and community development.

Chevron recognizes the profound impact of education on individuals’ lives and remains committed to supporting communities worldwide through various scholarship initiatives.

The Chevron Corporate Scholarship stands as a testament to this commitment. Given the rapid growth of the oil and gas sector in response to global demand for oil and petroleum, the industry continually requires skilled engineers and scientists.

11. Self Scholarship

The Self Scholarship, introduced by Self Financials in 2015, presents an annual opportunity for students aspiring to pursue careers in accounting, business, or economics.

Upon receiving all the required information, the Self team will carefully choose the recipient of this scholarship.

A single candidate will be awarded $1,000 to support their educational endeavors. This financial aid aims to facilitate their training and development.

12. NETGEEK Pro Scholarship Program

The inception of the NETGEEK Pro Scholarship Program was driven by the goal of inspiring aspiring coders to acquire vital skills that would empower them to make a positive difference in their communities and society at large.

This scholarship is available to all students, provided they are either U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Students pursuing majors in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, computer information systems, information technology, or interdisciplinary programs incorporating computing elements, such as computational science, medical informatics, or gaming and animation, are eligible to receive a $1,000 scholarship.

This financial support aims to alleviate the burden of tuition expenses.

13. Computer Science Scholarship Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh provides the Computer Science Scholarship exclusively to undergraduate students who have successfully completed CS 271 with a grade of B or higher, thus advancing their pursuit of a computer science degree.

This scholarship holds a value of $1,000 and serves to support students dedicated to the field of computer science.

It is an annual award exclusively available to undergraduate students. To be considered, applicants must submit their grade transcripts and provide proof of completion of CS 271, including the achieved grades.

14. ULTATEL Scholarship

This grant is available to high school seniors who are in the process of applying for college admission, as well as students already pursuing degrees in communication fields.

To assess their eligibility, potential applicants must submit an application letter and a brief essay. While not compulsory, having good grades can enhance the likelihood of being awarded the grant.

ULTATEL assists aspiring and driven individuals in establishing a strong foundation in various communication disciplines.

The financial assistance provided by this grant can be utilized to cover tuition fees, books, housing, and other academic-related costs.

15. Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship

Amazon, a prominent leader in the technology industry, is at the forefront of shaping a prosperous future through initiatives like the Amazon Future Engineering Scholarship.

This program not only provides educational support but also offers the opportunity for a rewarding career at one of the world’s premier multinational companies.

Open to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and individuals authorized to work in the United States, the scholarship targets students pursuing degrees in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, and related fields.

Financial need is taken into consideration, and applicants must provide evidence of their financial circumstances to be eligible for consideration.

The application period typically opens in November each year, with the final announcement of recipients made in May of the following year.

16. Boren Scholarship

The Boren Scholarship program provides financial assistance to undergraduate U.S. citizens who wish to pursue studies abroad.

Recipients of this scholarship can receive up to $25,000, which can be used to cover various expenses such as tuition fees, living costs, visa fees, airfare, and other related expenditures.

To be eligible for this award, applicants must incorporate a Boren-recognized language into their academic studies and complete their degree program abroad.

Applicants should be majoring in one of the designated fields of study specified by the scholarship program.

They are required to submit an essay outlining their language plans with the Boren-approved language and their career goals following graduation.

Additionally, applicants must provide their academic transcripts from their current educational institution and provide a self-assessment of their proficiency in the chosen additional language of study.

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