10 Best International Scholarships for Footballers Abroad 2021 Update

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10 Best International Scholarships for Footballers Abroad 2021 Update.

International Scholarships for Footballers Abroad: Having a talent worth sort for is really good but best when there are avenues to improve on those talents imbibed in you.

The ability to take an active part in soccer and have a strong affection for soccer is what it mostly take to enjoy and be a beneficiary of certain scholarships made available in these avenues.

International Scholarships for Footballers Abroad

10 Best International Scholarships for Footballers Abroad

Just before you begin to think you are left out there are countries that are s interested in soccer and are willing to improve and work on your talent to make out the best in you.

1. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Sport & Exercise Medicine at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, 2021

Stellenbosch University is known as one of the four top research universities in South Africa. It takes pride in the fact that it has one of the country’s highest number of postgraduate students of which about ten percent are international students.

ISEM renders different courses in Sport and Exercise Medicine while undertaking ground-breaking research and translating this awareness back to the community and the medical field:

Scholarship details:

  • Applications Deadline: September 30, 2021
  • Study Subject: Fellowships are offered in Sport & Exercise Medicine.
  • This fellowship is offered to international students.
  • Number of Scholarships: not specified
  • The scholarship will be taken in South Africa

Qualifications to this scholarship: Applicants should have gained a Ph.D. degree in the past 5 years and have an active background in exercise science, physiology, or molecular and cellular biology.

Good knowledge of exercise interventions in chronic disease states would be an added advantage to the applicant. Good knowledge of exercise interventions in chronic disease states would be an advantage, English Language Requirements.

2. Leeds Beckett Funded Double Degree Ph.D. Studentship at Carnegie School of Sport in UK, 2020

Applicants are invited for a Fully Funded Double Degree Ph.D. Studentship between Carnegie School of Sport and the college of Copenhagen.

UK, EU and Overseas students are eligible to apply for this studentship. Their values, which guide the way we do things, are that we should be: Student-focused, Excellence, Inspiration, Creativity, Professionalism, Enterprise, and Integrity.

Scholarship details:

Applications Deadline: October 28, 2021

Course rank: Studentship is offered to pursue a Ph.D. program.

Study Subject: Studentship is offered within the Carnegie School of Sport.

Scholarship worth: The studentship provides a bursary of £14,777 per annum (pro-rata into 12 monthly payments) and UK/EU Fees paid for a period of three years. We also support travel to Copenhagen to the value of £500 per year.

Nationality: UK/EU and Overseas students are qualified to apply for this studentship.

Number of Scholarships: Numbers not specified.

The scholarship will be taken in the UK

Qualifications to scholarship: UK/EU and Overseas students are qualified to apply for this studentship. We are looking for a highly motivated and passionate student who willfully engages in the dynamic and lively research environment offered by both universities.

Applicants should possess (or be near completion of) a Master’s degree and obtain a First or 2:1 Honours degree (or equivalent) in an important subject, the English Language is required.

3. Coventry University Sports Scholarships for UK, EU, and International Students in the UK

This is a Full-time Scholarships for the 2021 session. UK/ EU and Overseas students are eligible to apply for this scholarship program.

Scholarship Description:

Applications Deadline: August 31, 2021

Course Level: This scholarship is offered to undergraduate as well as postgraduate students to study Sports.

Study Subject: Scholarships are offered to study any of the subjects offered by the university.

Scholarship worth: In 2021 there would be 40-50 new Sports Scholarships offered and they will be offered competitively at either of two levels of support as well: £1,500 or £3,000 per year based on your level of performance.

Number of Scholarships: In 2018/19 there will be 40-50 new Sports Scholarships are offered. The scholarship will be taken in the UK.

Scholarship requirements:

Eligible Countries: UK, EU, and Overseas students are qualified to apply for this scholarship program.

Entrance Requirements: To be eligible for one of these scholarships you must be challenging in a sport which is known by Sports England, but you may be an undergraduate or a postgraduate, from the UK, the EU, or overseas, and studying in any year of your course, English Language Required.

4. Bill Jameson football game Scholarship: UNSW, Australia

This football scholarship allows international students with outstanding football talents to school at the University of New South Wales in Australia. Students should take part in a very regular academic degree program that’s a minimum of 2 years long.

Throughout the 2 year program, students should keenly take part within the university’s football game team–UNSW. The scholarship is accessible to men and girls players.

The University of current South Wales state capital Naval Special Warfare, 2052 Australia 9385-1078 scholarships.online.unsw.edu.au

5. Pride Foundation Varsity Athletics Scholarship

This award is targeted at citizens of the United States who’ve been living in Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, or Alaska for a few numbers a year. Students are needed to have a history in participatory athletics and the first choice given to the ones at the college level.

Preference is also offered to self-identified LGBT students, members of LGBT families, and direct allies who have been helpful to the LGBT community.

Total: $4160 Awards:  1

6. Craig Gowans Soccer Scholarship: Stirling University, Scotland

This scholarship started in 2005 to credit native player Craig Gowans. In his name, the University of Stirling joined with Falkirk FC (Football Club) and awards up to sixteen male players a full football scholarship. International candidates have constantly been welcomed to join the program.

Besides proving their football/soccer talent, potential students should show their dedication to the game. They have in addition met all general necessities for a program at the University.

The scholarship covers the price of tools and lodging. The football game program gives a high level of coaching, facilities, and coaches. The university, in addition, has similar international football game scholarships for girls.

7. Talented Jock Scholarship Scheme: University Of Cambridge, England

The University of Cambridge awards a scholarship that is available to international students ages sixteen to twenty-five. Though substitute sports would be thought of, practiced football players are eligible.

As an extremely rated university, the program and coaching square determine command at premier multi-sport facilities. This variety will augment the performance and talent of all athletes.

8. Daniella Altfield-Moreno Scholarship

This scholarship is available to persons aged below 25 years old that are Hispanic with unique consideration given to those who make LGBTQ commitments and in athletics.

Award worth: $4160

Awards:  1

9. Donald S. Groves Scholarship Fund

This award is given to USA high seniors concluding from Nicholas County High School that are athletes and currently living in West Virginia. The student is required to own a 2.5 GPA or more with  an ACT score of 20 or more to be considered

Award worth: $2800 Awards:  1

10. Lynch Family Legacy Scholarship (Hillsborough)

Lynch Family Legacy Scholarship (Hillsborough)

This scholarship is offered to seniors within Hillsborough County high school, Florida that is currently in school. Students are needed to be part of a university sports team, with a GPA of 2.5 or more.

Award worth: $2500 Awards:  2 .

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