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Music Scholarships for Intending Students

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– Music Scholarships –

Music Scholarships provide a pathway for students who have a strong interest in music. For some students, music is such a strong passion that they wish to create a profession out of it.

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About Music Scholarships

Undergraduate students are granted music scholarships, grants, and bursaries based on their musical skills, whether as a vocalist or a musician. These, unlike student loans, do not require repayment.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be pursuing a music degree to be eligible for a music scholarship or bursary; many institutions and colleges provide them to students of many disciplines.

So, if you’re a budding scientist who knows your Bach, you could still be in luck.

If you’re applying for a music scholarship, bursary, or grant, you’ll be asked to show your raw skill, as well as how you’ve applied it at a higher level, as part of your application.

Have you ever performed in school, in your neighborhood, or in competitions?

A university or institution will also want to know how you plan to use this to give back to the musical community. We go through the obligations that successful recipients must take on in more detail below.

Top Music Scholarships for Students

Continue reading to find out more about our best music scholarships, including eligibility requirements, award amounts, and application dates.

1. Ocean Awareness Contest

The Ocean Awareness Contest gives young people the chance to learn about ocean concerns through art and creative expression.

While exploring their personal ties with our planet, young people can become environmental activists.

Visual art, cinema, music, poetry, writing, and interactive multimedia are just a few of the art forms available.

In other words, if you like art, this contest has you covered. All you have to do now is put your imagination to work. 

Eligibility Requirement:

1. Students ages 11 to 18 who create a work of art in their chosen genre, including visual art, film, music, poetry, prose, and interactive and multimedia.

Amount: Scholarships worth from $100 to $1,500

Deadline: June 13, 2022

CLICK HERE to Apply.


2. $500 Chang Heaton Scholarship for Music Excellence

A vibrant culture, a strong economy, and a creative society are all dependent on the arts.

Unfortunately, many students are deterred from following their hobbies because of a lack of funding for programs like music and theater.

Because of a lack of mentoring and financial means, first-generation and minority students confront unique hurdles while studying the arts.

This award aims to help first-generation BIPOC students who want to pursue professions in music or theater succeed in their endeavors.

This grant is open to any first-generation, BIPOC undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a degree in theater or music.

Eligibility Requirement:

1. First-generation, BIPOC undergraduate or graduate students pursuing theater or music degrees.

Amount: $500 scholarships are awarded.

Deadline: June 25, 2022

CLICK HERE to Apply.

3. Berklee College of Music Presidential Scholarship

Besides holding auditions in Boston, Berklee travels to over 50 cities throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America in search of talented artists who are pursuing a college education in music, theater, or dance.

While the vast majority of awards are partial-tuition, a few full-tuition awards are available to exceptionally qualified applicants.

Eligibility Requirement:

1. Students showing the highest musical merit and the highest financial need are eligible. Audition required.

Amount: Tuition, on-campus housing, and a laptop.

Deadlines: Fall (September) EA: November 1; Fall (September)Regular Decision: January 15; Spring (January): July 1; Summer (May): December 1

CLICK HERE to Apply.

4. Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Performing Arts Scholarship

For over three decades, the CBCF has granted scholarships to brilliant and deserving students in collaboration with CBC Spouses.

Every year, we give out over 300 scholarships to students who have showed leadership potential via outstanding community service and academic achievement.

Our scholarship programs help current and future college students in a range of fields.

Eligibility Requirement:

1. African-American college students majoring in the performing arts

Amount: $3,000

Deadline: April 2022

CLICK HERE to Apply.

5. NAMM President’s Innovation Award

College students that succeed in the field of music are recognized with the NAMM President’s Innovation Award.

Winners have demonstrated a commitment to a career in music, including music performance, music education, media, sound engineering/audio, event technology, production, administration, management, and/or marketing, as well as product development and innovation.

Eligibility Requirement:

1. Minority students who wish to pursue their passions for singing and musical performance.

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: Varies

CLICK HERE to Apply.

6. Henry And Aleida Segger Music Scholarship

International and domestic students are welcome to apply for the Henry and Aleida Segger Music Scholarship at King’s University in Alberta, Canada in 2023.

The scholarship covers Undergraduate level programs at King’s University in the subject of music. 

Every year, a full-time student at King’s University receives a $1,000 scholarship.

The student must be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in music or a performance or artist diploma program in music. The Scholarship is supported by Henry and Aleida’s Estate.

Eligibility Requirement:

1. Students must have an average of 80% or higher on high school entrance marks or maintain a 3.00 or higher grade point average (GPA).

Applicant must submit a short video (3-5 minutes) and/or attend an in-person audition demonstrating their music performance ability.

2. Students must be international students.

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: Varies

CLICK HERE to Apply.

7. Therle Drake Postgraduate Scholarships 2022

The Therle Drake Postgraduate Scholarship was established in 2013, via the Victoria University of Wellington Foundation, through a bequest made by John Drake, in memory of his wife, Therle.

Eligibility Requirement:

1. The applicant must be enrolling or have enrolled for postgraduate study at Te KĹŤkÄ« New Zealand School of Music at Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington, and remain in good academic standing.

Amount: Varies

Deadline: 15 November

CLICK HERE to Apply.

8. Against the Grain

We believe in empowering future Asian American artists and leaders to Go Against The Grain.

Through our Against The Grain Artistic Scholarship and Groundbreaker Leadership Scholarship, ATG proudly provides scholarships to a select group of outstanding Asian American high school seniors each year.

In 2015, we established the #LiveLikeLyly Memorial Fund, a new scholarship for ambitious fashion and graphic design students, in honor of Lyly Koenig Mendez, an aspiring fashion designer who lost suddenly from cancer in January 2015.

In 2016, we established the Lily Pabilona Emerging Entrepreneur Scholarship, which honors students who are pursuing an entrepreneurial degree or emphasis.

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Thear Sy Suzuki R.I.S.E. Scholarship in 2022, which will be awarded to students who have demonstrated the ability to rise above adversity, demonstrated the ability to lift others, and demonstrated exemplary servant leadership in the Asian American community and beyond.

Eligibility Requirement:

1. Several scholarships for students who are at least 25% Asian and/or Pacific Islander ethnicity.

Amount: 64 scholarships totaling nearly $100,000.

Deadline: May 31, 2022

CLICK HERE to Apply.

9. Great Value Colleges Music Scholarship for Black Students

Great Value Colleges has created a scholarship for black undergraduate or graduate students who are studying music as a major or minor.

We welcome you to apply for our twice-yearly $5,000 grant whether you are studying music performance, music education, music therapy, or any sort of music major.

Eligibility Requirement:

1. Attend or be admitted to a recognized post-secondary institution in the United States (undergraduate or graduate)

2. Music can be majored in or minored in.

3. Being a black American citizen

4. Maintain a high GPA.

5. The scholarship application form must be printed, completed, and submitted.

6. Submit a 1500-2000 word essay or a 5- to 10-minute video summarizing your musical experience and describing your future musical ambitions (while in college and beyond)

Amount: $5,000 

Deadline: July 30

CLICK HERE to Apply.

10. Leslie Richardson Memorial Swan & Sparrow Scholarship

Leslie Richardson devoted her life to singing to bring joy to people. Leslie, a Howard University alumnus, and classically trained soprano, performed in beautiful and historic settings all around the world, frequently alongside world-renowned performers.

Leslie was committed to her family, friends, Howard University, and the D.I.V.A. Inc. Society, which has the swan as its symbol.

The scholarship named after her is named after the wonderful singing of the sparrow, a bird that also represents joy and protection.

Eligibility Requirement:

1. For a high school senior with a 2.5 or higher GPA

2. Must come from Virginia, D.C., or North Carolina accepted into a historically black college or university (HBCU) to study musical performance, jazz studies or choral conducting.

Amount: Varies

Deadline: May 2022

CLICK HERE to Apply.

11. Chopin Foundation of the U.S.

The Chopin Foundation Scholarship Program’s goal is to help and encourage young, outstanding American pianists as they prepare for the National Chopin Piano Competition of the United States, which takes place every five years in Miami, Florida.

Outstanding young American pianists who display a specific aptitude for the interpretation of FrĂ©dĂ©ric Chopin’s work are granted renewable $1,000 scholarships on a competitive basis each year.

In addition, the Scholarship Committee may offer approved applicants half-awards in the sum of $500.

Eligibility Requirement:

1. The Scholarship Program is open to all qualified American pianists (US citizens or legal residents) not younger than 14 and not older than 17 years of age on May 15 of their first year of application.

Amount: $1,000 

Deadline: May 2022

CLICK HERE to Apply.


12. The Gates Scholarship

The Gates Scholarship (TGS) is a highly selective, last-dollar scholarship for outstanding, minority, high school seniors from low-income households.

Each year, the scholarship is awarded to 300 of these student leaders, with the intent of helping them realize their maximum potential.

Eligibility Requirement:

Students must meet the following criteria in order to apply:

1. A senior in high school

2. At least one of the following ethnicities is represented: African-American, American Indian/Alaska Native*, Asian & Pacific Islander American, and/or Hispanic American are some of the ethnic groups represented.

3. Pell-eligible

4. a citizen, national, or permanent resident of the United States

5. In good academic standing, with a cumulative weighted GPA of at least 3.3 on a scale of 4.0. (or equivalent)

Amount: Varies

Deadline: April 2022

CLICK HERE to Apply.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some frequently asked questions from our users that you might find useful.

1. How to Get a Scholarship for College with Piano Certificates?

You begin by visiting the website of the institution or college to which you wish to apply. Then you go to their scholarships area and thoroughly examine each possibility.
If you meet up with certain requirements, then you can go for it. Keep your hope alive and be optimistic.

2. Can You Get a Scholarship for Orchestra?

Yes, sure you can. All the main youth orchestras offer music camps. They’re not cheap, but I’m sure there are scholarships available for talented young musicians who can’t afford them.

3. How Can I Get Scholarships to Study Music in India?

You may attempt the NCPA-National Center for Performing Arts scholarships, to be honest. “Through our unique Scholarship Scheme, the NCPA awards scholarships to promising young musicians,” according to the website.
The NCPA–CITI Scholarship for Indian Music is given out every year to promote the greatest developing talent in Hindustani vocal music.
Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music is another option (SAM). “Applicants for Merit Scholarships and Should-Based Grants need simply complete the regular Diploma Program application form, which will require them to identify which of the two they are applying for.
There are a few more, such as the Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships: Inlaks Scholarships allow young individuals with remarkable talent in any subject to widen their horizons and develop their talents by allowing them to go overseas.

4. How Hard Is It to Get a Full/half Tuition Scholarship to USC?

That is difficult. It’s unusual to come across pupils who have received scholarships.
The most well-known sort of scholarship at USC is the athletic scholarship. Our athletics program is outstanding (USC has 135 gold medals, 87 silver medals, and 65 bronze medals in the Olympics).
However, this is not USC’s primary source of financial help. (Citizens or permanent residents of the United States) One alternative is to look into need-based university aid, loans, and government financial help.
There’s a lot of information about it on the USC financial help page: Financial Aid at USC
(Students from other countries) Unfortunately, the only way to get financial help for overseas students attending USC is to apply for merit-based scholarships.

5. Is There Any Artist More Philanthropic Than Michael Jackson?

Certainly, I don’t believe so. Michael held the Guinness World Record for being the most philanthropic artist, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.
His estate continues to support organizations, and his followers give and raise cash in his honor for a variety of causes.

6. Will My Music Career Go Far if I Attend a Music School?

Maybe. We know several folks who have graduated from some of the country’s most prestigious music institutions. In conventional orchestral, operatic, and music theory positions, several of them have achieved the pinnacle of their careers. Others had successful careers in medicine, law, and other fields.

7. I Got into Berklee but I Can’t Afford it. What Should I Do?

1. Seek a sponsor. From a family member, relative, or someone prepared to put their money into you.
2. Collect FAFSA and CSS scholarships, grants, and student aid. Full-tuition scholarships are available for new students, but they are extremely competitive; only a small percentage of your class will be awarded one.
3. Get a loan. The maximum loan amount will cover only a portion of the tuition. 6 months after graduation, you must begin repaying your debt plus interest.
4. Attend courses at Berklee Online. It is a less expensive solution that requires fewer resources.

8. Can I Ask for A Scholarship After I Get Into College?

You certainly can. All you have to do now is learn the rules of that specific scholarship.
Most institutions ask you to pay for your first semester or year of attendance before enrolling. So you’ll need money upfront for that.
Some colleges require you to apply for financial help every year, even if your circumstances change, otherwise you would be disqualified for aid in future years.
As a result, even if you don’t think you’ll need it, applying for scholarships or financial help as an entering freshman may be beneficial. Later on, you may or may not request a scholarship from the college.

9. How to Get Into the Manhattan School of Music?

With a GPA of 3.55, Manhattan School of Music requires you to be around average in your high school class. You’ll need a mix of A’s and B’s, and very few C’s. If you have a lower GPA, you can compensate with harder courses like AP or IB classes.

10. Does Drexel University Provide Full Ride Scholarships?

Drexel University has several scholarships and grants available for potential undergraduate students. Merit scholarships, athletic scholarships, ROTC scholarships, and Sister City scholarships are among the financial aid opportunities available to students.

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