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Sydney University Scholarships: 2022 Current Application Portal Update

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– Sydney University Scholarships –

Sydney University is now accepting applications from suitably qualified students into their Sydney University Scholarships for students. It is a fully-funded scholarship for all students.

Sydney University Scholarships 2020 Application Portal Update

Some Amazing Sydney University Scholarships

There are a lot of  University scholarships. However, the following are some that top the chart:

1. David Clarke Memorial Scholarship

This is one of the Sydney University scholarships. The David Clarke Memorial Scholarship is for students who are Australian citizens or permanent residents.

And it is for those who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and prospects. Also, it is for those who intend to become Sydney University rugby players with ambitions for higher achievements in the sport of rugby.

Also, the scholarship will meet tuition expenses and course fees. Additionally, please note. Applications will be assessed on the basis of excellence.

This is both in academic and Rugby Union achievements. Furthermore, this scholarship is worth $15,000 for one year.

However, for further information:CLICK HERE 

2. Science scholarships

Also, this is one of the Sydney University scholarships. And it helps you to focus on what matters most. Also, it aims at supporting commencing and current undergraduate students, Honors students, postgraduate students, and research students.

Furthermore, some scholarships are automatically based on your ATAR or equivalent. While others you will need to apply for.

However, for more information, visit the scholarship website HERE  to view the full range of scholarships available.

3. Vice-Chancellor’s Academic Excellence Postgraduate Scholarships

Also, this is one of the Sydney University scholarships. And no application is necessary. All new applications to the University will be automatically considered for a scholarship.

Also, short-listing will be carried out by a panel of officers from the University. However, applicants are requested to provide a statement in support of their application.

Thus, indicating how they believe the scholarship will assist them with their studies and in their future career.

Also, successful applicants will be notified via email by the University. Also, it covers fifty per cent (50%) of the tuition fees per session.

And this is for full-time enrolment for the duration of the degree not exceeding two years.

However, for more details click HERE.

4. Buildcorp Rugby Scholarship

Also, this is for the Sydney University scholarships. The Buildcorp Rugby Scholarship is administered by Sydney University Sport & Fitness. And it is a part of its Elite Athlete Program.

However, the player must be studying building or engineering-related disciplines. Also, while the successful candidate will be playing rugby at the University of Sydney in 2022, note.

He or she will not need to be studying at the University of Sydney. However, the preferred applicant will have completed at least the 2nd year of their degree.

Also, or be engaged in postgraduate study. And this is with either their undergraduate or postgraduate studies relating to work at Buildcorp.

However, for more details, click HERE.

5. University of Sydney International Scholarships

Also, this is one of the Sydney University scholarships. And it covers both Masters and Ph.D. Degree courses. The University of Sydney International Scholarship (USydIS) is funded by the University of Sydney.

University of Sydney International Scholarships

Additionally, it provides tuition fees offset and stipends. However, this is for high quality international postgraduate students. Also, it is for those who wish to enrol in or are currently enrolled in a research degree at the University.

Also, the host nation of this scholarship is Australia. Furthermore, for the 2022 awards, the scholarship is valued at $35,000 per annum.

However, for more information CLICK HERE

6. Australian Government Sydney University Scholarships

Also, this is one of the Sydney University scholarships. Applications are open to apply for the University of Sydney Scholarships 2022 for International students.

This is for enrolled students to pursue a Master & Post-Doctoral Degree in Sydney. Also, applicants having any academic background from any nationality can apply for the University of Sydney Scholarships. 

Furthermore, tuition fees with a monthly stipend will be covered by the Australian Government Scholarship 2022.

Additionally, note that applications are open all year round for this scholarship. Also, to be eligible applicants must be willing to start study at Sydney University or be enrolled as an international student.

However, for more information click HERE


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7. Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship (RTP)

Also, this is one of the USYD scholarships. And this scholarship value covers tuition and a yearly stipend of $35,000. Also, this scholarship’s application is accepted throughout the year.

Furthermore, to be eligible you would need to submit an online application to the Masters or Ph.D. program. And there is no separate application except checking a box stating that you are interested in this scholarship.

However, for more information about eligibility and application procedure, please log on to this PAGE. 

Also, the University of Sydney Admissions Page explains clearly the application procedure for international undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctoral Students.

8. The Grace Frazer Award: Sydney University Scholarships

Also, this is one of the USYD scholarships. And it is an academic entrance prize. Also, it is given to the student or students who enter the College in their first year of tertiary study directly from school with the highest ATAR in their College fresher cohort.

However, no application is required for this award. But, proof of ATAR along with evidence of Australian citizenship or a Commonwealth Supported Place at the University of Sydney is required.

For more information please click HERE.

9. The Women’s College Scholarship

Also, this is one of the Sydney University scholarships. However, it is not awarded at mid-year (Semester 2) entry. Also, be informed that the 2022 academic year scholarship is now open.

Please download and submit the application via email or post by 5 pm on Tuesday 6 October 2021. Also, instructions for returning documentation are contained in the scholarship application form.

For further information, please email the Registrar or phone +61 2 9517 5018. Also, you can visit the scholarship application website HERE

Sydney University scholarships are amazing. As a matter of fact, ensure you do not allow this opportunity to slip off your hands.

However, before applying, ensure that you meet the requirements as stated in the links provided before you apply. Be that as it may, feel free to share this article with your friends.

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