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Psychology Scholarships Application Portal 2022 for Global Students

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– Psychology Scholarships Application Portal –

Psychology Scholarships aims at providing financial support for students. This support is to help students facing financial challenges to achieve their academic dreams, hence the Psychology Scholarships Application Portal.

Psychology Scholarships for International Student

There are lots of scholarships available for psychology students to assist offset high tuition and living expenses, among other costs.

1. Benton-Meier Scholarships

➢ Application Deadline: June 1st

Each year, The American Psychological Foundation supports two annual $2,500 scholarships named the Benton-Meier Scholarships.

These scholarships are available for graduate students in neuropsychology. In order to be eligible candidates must have:

➢Completed doctoral candidacy.

➢ Demonstrated research competence and area commitment.

➢Institutional Review Board approval must be received from the host institution before funding can be awarded if human participants are involved.

American Psychological Foundation

750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 336-5843
Fax: (202) 336-5812
E-mail: [email protected]

Scholarship Link

2. Central Intelligence Agency Undergraduate Scholar Program

➢ Application Deadline: October 15th

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Undergraduate Scholar Program was originally developed to assist minority and disabled students, but the application is now open to all students who meet the requirements.

The program offers work sessions during each summer break, increasing your knowledge and job responsibilities while assisting intelligence professionals and applying your academic skills.

Selected students are given an annual salary; a benefits package that includes health insurance, life insurance, and retirement; and up to $18,000 per the calendar year for tuition, mandatory fees, books, and supplies.

Central Intelligence Agency
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, D.C. 20505
Phone:(703) 482-0623
Fax:(571) 204-3800

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3. Gallagher Health Careers Scholarship Program

➢ Application Deadline: May 16th

The Gallagher Health Careers Scholarship Program is open to college students entering their junior and senior year of Undergraduate study.

The scholarship program has seen steady growth in both the number of scholarships offered each year and the amount of each scholarship.

Recipients are selected by the Scholarship Program Board of Directors, and each recipient must demonstrate and exceed the program standards, which include: a strong motivation to pursue a healthcare career, academic excellence, a dedication to community service, and a need for financial support of their education.

➢ Contact Information: 
Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk
Attn: Scholarship
500 Victory Road
Quincy MA 02171

Scholarship Link

4. The Jack Kent Cook Scholarship Fund

➢ Application Deadline: November 7th

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation reviews each application individually with assistance from a panel of education experts. Among the criteria used in the selection process are:

Exceptional academic ability and achievement: Strong academic record, academic awards and honors, and substantive assessments by educators providing confidential recommendations. We consider:

Un-weighted cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above, consisting of most As and no Cs or below in core academic subjects (English/language arts, math, science, social studies/history or foreign language)

Contact Information: 
The Jack Kent Cook Scholarship Fund
44325 Woodridge Parkway
Lansdowne, VA 20176
Phone: (703) 723-8000
Fax: (703) 723-8030
E-mail: [email protected]

Scholarship Link

5. Jewish Community Centers of North American Graduate Scholarship Programs

➢ Application Deadline: February 1st

The Jewish Community Centers (JCC) of North American Graduate Scholarship Programs purposes are threefold:

1. Through a competitive selection process, identify those with potential to be “future stars” in the JCC movement and invest money in their education.

2. Through JCC internship/placement, contact with JCC Association staff, and professional development opportunities prepare scholars for what to expect during the professional commitment period.

3. Provide JCCs with entry to mid-level professionals, armed with an advanced degree, a developed understanding of the JCC movement, and a commitment to the JCC.

➢ Contact Information: 
Scholarship Coordinator
JCC Association
520 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10018
Telephone: (212) 532-5114
Fax: (212) 481 – 4174
E-mail: [email protected]

Scholarship Link

6. Marie Newton Sepia Memorial Scholarship Fund

➢ Application Deadline: March 1st

Scholarship program for graduate students preparing for a career helping children with brain-related disorders or disabilities. Applicant must have a visa or green card. Minimum 3.25 GPA required.

Restricted to students studying Child and Family Studies, Nursing, Psychology, Health and Medical Sciences, Special Education, or Therapy/Rehabilitation

➢ Contact Information: 
Jennifer Overbay
Foundation Services Director
PO Box 4844
Macon, GA 31208-5600
Phone: (478) 743-7403
Fax: (478) 474-7229
E-mail: [email protected]

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7. Michael Sullivan Diversity Scholarship Fund

➢ Application Deadline: Varies Annually

The Michael Sullivan Diversity Scholarship Fund is named after Dr. Michael Sullivan, former Assistant Executive Director for State Advocacy in the American Psychological Association (APA).

While serving in this position Dr. Sullivan managed the Practice Directorate’s program of making funds available to sixty affiliated psychological associations in every state in the country as well as several Canadian provinces and US territories.

➢ Contact Information: 
The Michael Sullivan Diversity Scholarship Fund Review Committee
c/o Michael Ranney 
395 East Broad Street, Suite 310
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (800) 783-1983
E-mail: [email protected]

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8. National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarship

➢ Application Deadline: March 3rd

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Undergraduate Scholarship fund supports elected applicants up to $20,000 per academic year in tuition, educational expenses, and reasonable living expenses to scholarship recipients.

Scholarships are awarded for a period of one year, and can be renewed up to 4 years. For each full or partial scholarship year, students must commit to two NIH service obligations.

➢ Contact Information: 
Undergraduate Scholarship Program
National Institutes of Health
2 Center Drive, Room 2E24, 
MSC 0230
Bethesda, Maryland 20892-0230
Phone: (888) 352-3001
Fax: (301) 480-3123
E-mail: [email protected]

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9. Psi Chi Scholarship Fund

➢ Application Deadline: Rolling Deadlines

The International Honor Society of Psychology Students, also known as Psi Chi, funds a number of scholarships available to both undergraduate and graduate students seeking degrees in the field of Psychology.

Psi Chi awards and grants: Total over $350,000 in funds available annually, Offer a smaller pool of competitors than many other programs because the majority are open only to members, are available to undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty members.

➢ Contact Information: 
Psi Chi
825 Vine Street
PO Box 709
Chattanooga, TN 37403
United States
Phone: (423) 756-2044
Fax: (877) 774-2443
E-mail Form:

Scholarship Link

10. Scott and Paul Pearsol Scholarship Fund

➢ Application Deadline: October 1st

The Scott and Paul Pearsol Scholarship Fund provides $10,000 to one recipient each year in order to support work that seeks to increase the public’s understanding of the psychological pain and stigma experienced by adults who live with physical disabilities.

The Program Goals include: Encouraging talented students to dedicate their career paths to understanding the psychological effect of stigma on people with disabilities.

Contact Information: 
Samantha Edington, Program Officer
E-mail: [email protected]

Scholarship Link

11. AAUW International Fellowships

➢ Application Deadline: December 1st

For nearly a century, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) has gifted International Fellowships for $20,000 apiece to female graduate students from over 140 nations who are pursuing a master’s, professional, or PhD degree in the United States.

Eligible women must have attained at least a bachelor’s, not hold U.S. citizenship, plan for full-time study or research, display English language proficiency, have extraordinary academic achievement, and intend to return to her home country upon graduation.

➢ Contact

AAUW International Fellowships
1111 Sixteenth Street NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 785-7700
[email protected]

Scholarship Link

12. Campbell Fellowships for Transformative Research

Application Deadline: November 7th

Offering a stipend of $4,500 per month, the Campbell Fellowships for Transformative Research are awarded through the School of Advanced Research (SAR) for international female Ph.D. scholars who are researching the circumstances of women in global developing nations.

Most applicants are completing a doctorate in anthropology, geography, political science, psychology, sociology, law, history, or economics.

Female scholars from any country who are enrolled at a U.S. graduate school and fluent in English can apply.

➢ Contact

Campbell Fellowships for Transformative Research
660 Garcia Street
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 954-7200
[email protected]

Scholarship Link

13. The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Financial Aid Scholarship Fund

➢ Application Deadline: April 15th

The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Financial Aid Scholarship Fund ranged from $750 to $2,000 and is available for undergraduate and graduate students with good academic standing who have lived through great hardship to accomplish their educational goals.

To be eligible for this one-year, one-time only award, the applicant must:

➢ Contact Information: 
Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation, Inc.
5656 South Stony Island Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: (800) 653-6528 or (773) 947-0026
Fax: (773) 947-0277
Email: [email protected]

Scholarship Link

14. American Psychological Foundation Graduate Student Scholarships

➢ Application Deadline: June 30th

The American Psychological Foundation (APF) Graduate Student Scholarships is a pool of 16 annual scholarships for graduate student research including the following:

➢ $5,000 Charles and Carol Spielberger Scholarship.

➢ $5,000 Harry and Miriam Levinson Scholarship.

➢ $5,000 William and Dorothy Bevan Scholarship.

➢ $3,000 Ruth G. and Joseph D. Matarazzo Scholarship.

➢ $2,000 Clarence J. Rosecrans Scholarship.

➢ $1,000 William C. Howell Scholarship.

➢ $1,000 Peter and Malina James and Dr. Louis P. James Legacy Scholarship.

➢ In conjunction with the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology, APF awards nine additional $1,000 scholarships.

Students complete one application and are then eligible for all 16 scholarships. The purpose of the scholarship program is to aid graduate psychology students with research costs associated with completing a master’s thesis or a doctoral dissertation.

➢ Contact Information: 
APA Science Directorate
Graduate Research Scholarships
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242

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 College Freshman Scholarships

 SMU Cox MBA Scholarships

15. Grawemeyer Award in Psychology

➢ Deadline: February 28

The Grawemeyer award is open to nominated candidates with original and creative ideas that are intended to significantly impact the field of psychology.

The purpose of the award is to recognize and celebrate an innovative and insightful idea in regards to psychological medicine, as opposed to a large scope of work or research in the field. Candidates must be nominated by someone other than themselves in order to be eligible.

University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292
Telephone: 502.852.0430
Fax: 502.852.8904
Email: [email protected]

Scholarship Link

16. Annette Urso Rickel Foundation Dissertation Award for Public Policy

➢ Deadline: October 1

This scholarship offered through the American Psychological Foundation is specifically for dissertation research on public policy and psychosocial issues affecting children and their families.

Applicants must be a current graduate psychology student in good standing at an accredited college or university in the U.S. or Canada.

American Psychological Foundation
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242

Phone: (202) 336-5843
Fax: (202) 336-5812
E-mail APF

Scholarship Link

17. Scott and Paul Pearsall Scholarship

➢ Deadline: October 1

This American Psychological Foundation scholarship was created to support graduate psychology students who are researching public stigma surrounding physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy and the psychological effects of social stigma in adults.

Applicants must be graduate students in good standing at an accredited U.S. college or university.

Scholarship Link

18. Violet and Cyril Franks Scholarship

➢ Deadline: May 15

This scholarship offered by the American Psychology Foundation supports study at the graduate level of the limitations created by the societal stigmas of mental illness, and the ways in which reducing such stigmas can help aid in the psychological recovery of those living with mental illness.

Applicants must be full-time graduate students in good standing at an accredited U.S. college or university, with demonstrated experience in this topic.

Scholarship Link

19. Stephanie Nicole Ross Foundation Graduate Scholarship

➢ Deadline: April 15

This foundation offers two annual scholarships to graduate students studying psychology, cognitive or behavioral science, or a related field at a college or university in the state of Florida.

Scholarships are intended to further education and understanding of the human brain, in honor of the namesake of this scholarship, who lost her life pursuing this cause.

[email protected]


Scholarship Link

20. AP-LS Award for Best Undergraduate Paper

➢ Deadline: June 30

This annual award recognizes an exceptional research paper written by an undergraduate student on an interdisciplinary topic exploring psychology and law (Division 41 of the APA.).

Applicants must submit their manuscript or thesis in less than 20 pages of text, along with a letter of support from their faculty supervisor.

Award recipients are encouraged to take part in a presentation at the annual AP-LS conference.

2019 APA Div. 41: American Psychology-Law Society.

750 First St. NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242

Telephone: (202) 336-5500. TDD/TTY: (202) 336-6123

Scholarship Link

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